Another Illegal DMCA

Looks like Psychic Sally has joined the ranks of Liam Scheff and Larry Cook and is responsible for an illegal DMCA filed against the podcast (The League of Nerds) that I cohost. For those who have not listened to the podcast in question, it’s just myself and James having a conversation about Psychics and Sally’s performance in Middlesbrough…nothing else. The DMCA was filed by a company ‘Web Sheriff’ who apparently are the “one-stop solution” for celebrities who want to optimise and protect their internet presence. There is no doubt in my mind that Sally is behind this and it just goes to show the level to which some people will go.




We have contacted Web Sheriff and they have informed us that they are indeed working for Sally. They say that they filed the DMCA because of the image of Sally we used on YouTube. Both myself and James still believe this falls under fair use, and have passed this information on to our legal advisers. 

In the meantime we’ll re-upload the podcast with a different image and contact people who may have an interest in what’s happened here.

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