Who are you?

My name is Myles Power, I am originally from Middlesbrough in the north east of England. I had a interest in science from a young age, I was able to continue this interest by studying for a Masters degree in Chemistry at The University of Manchester, with a placement year in Canada at The University of Toronto. Whilst at university I specialised in organic synthesis and also gained an appreciation of Biological Chemistry. In 2010 I wanted to share my love of science online and started making Youtube videos, tackling subjects like nuclear power, anti-vaccination, homeopathy, etc. I have also made videos showing simple home made experiments that you can try at home.


I have been called a geek by nearly every one I have ever met, including my mother! It probably has something to do with my favourite TV show being Star Trek Enterprise, playing several instruments (but most skilled on the saxophone), and owning multiple sonic screwdrivers. It has to be said that I am quite proud of my geek status :)  I love watching movies but have been told that I have a very strong opinion about ones I dislike. For example I don’t think I could eat the amount I wanted to vomit in anger after watching Blade Runner, Inception and the Harry Potter films. This has led to people refusing to go to the cinema with me.

What equipment do you use to make your videos?

I use a Canon PowerShot SD780 IS HD-camera and a Tascam DR-05 microphone, which both save to SD-cards. The only problem with this set up is that they are ever so slightly out of sync, so a lot of work is needed to match up the audio in post production. I edit my videos on a 2007 MacBook 2,1 using Final Cut Pro. Again, the set up is not perfect as an average seven minute episode takes over 24 hours to render. This can become a real pain if a mistake is discovered after rendering.

Where do you get all your chemical from?

Believe it or not I actually get all my chemicals and equipment from the internet. You will be amazed what you can find on Amazon, E-bay and individual company websites. This means that none of you have an excuses for not trying these experiments!

Why does your hoodie have ears?

Some of you may know that in my first video I was sat in front of a projector wearing a red hoodie. I thought the red hoodie did not fit in with my youtube channels green/yellow theme so I changed it to the yellow one. What most of you will not know is that my yellow hoodie had a past life as a halloween costume back in 2010, when I dressed up as Keyboard Cat.

Is there any way we can support you?

Yes there are multiple ways you can help me out. You can make a donation through Paypal by clicking the donate button below. The fun with SCIENCE! videos I have been making have been funded solely by myself. I have paid for chemicals, equipment, hardware and software and although I will continue making videos without support, I will not be able to improve the quality.  I would also like to buy chemicals which would normally be out of my price range to use in future videos.

Leave me feedback, good or bad.  The only way I can improve my videos is to know where I am going wrong.  Do not hesitate to contact me, I promise I  will not take anything personally.

Subscribe to my channel. If you really like what I do and you want to see more, the best thing you can do is to subscribe to my channel to see all my latest videos.

Follow me on social media websites. I have my own Facebook page where I post  all updates related to my videos as well as pictures of future experiments. I also have a Twitter account if you are interested. BUT  if you really want to help me out you can share a link to my channel on your social media website.