What can change public opinion of GMO?

By: Anders Ekergård Facebook The issue of tomorrow’s food is more than GM crops, for example are insects often described as an environment-friendly source of protein. However currently I am more interested in GM crops. I’m an undergraduate, I don’t have all answers, I may not be [...]

How genetically modified rice could save the world

By: Anders Ekergård Short, if I Myers can make posts about his carnivorous plants, I think I can share my experiment with hydroponics and unusual leafy vegetables before I move on to the main topic. The smaller plant is purslane and the leaf in the foreground belongs to shiso *. It’s really [...]

Heidi Stevenson Update

Heidi Stevenson has shown her self to be like every other bullshit spewing, anti-vaccination moron on the internet by not been able to stand up to the basic amount of criticism. I posted a comment with a link to my article on her post last night and by this morning it had been removed. Not only was [...]
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