Fourth DMCA Filed Against Me

Looks like this is goodbye :(
I have received yet another DMCA from Martin Penny and the people at Knowledge Matters LLC. This means that my account will be terminated in 7 days and I will be prohibited from creating a new account in the future.
If you think what is happening here is as disgusting as I do could you please point me in the direction of people who could help.
Could I also ask you to share my story with anyone who will listen – newspapers, MPs, bloggers, youtubers, etc.
Bye guys :(


The DMCA Situation

Over the past two months I have been making a series of videos critical of the documentary House of Numbers. I gave examples of how the documentary edited people mid-sentence to change the meaning of what they are saying, lied about the sequence and dates of a series of HIV tests in order to convince people that the tests are useless, and missed out vital information about the death of a little girl from AIDS related illnesses, but allowed her now deceased mother to tell people the documentary not to take their anti-viral medication. These videos are non-profit and made for educational purposes and fall well within fair use, yet over the past week, multiple DMCAs have been filed against them.

The first DMCA filed against me was from Liam Scheff who starred in part 5 of my video series. Liam believes that my videos are not protected under fair use because they are not made for educational purposes, but instead for propaganda. Over the last week, Liam has been constantly posting on my Facebook and has called me a retard, a cunt, a little bitch and, of course, a paid shill. Yet at the same time believes that I have been slandering him. What is also bizarre is that even though Liam has made it clear of his intentions to drag me through the courts, at the same time he does not think I am a real person but part of Myles Power inc. Liam later went on to remove his DMCA, but by filing it in the first place he has left himself open to legal action.

As soon as part 5 was restored, it was taken immediately down by Martin Penny and the people at Knowledge Matters, who then decided to file 2 more DMCA takedowns against part 1 and 2. I want to take this time to remind people that there are multiple copies of House of Numbers uploaded to YouTube. If Martin Penny and the people at Knowledge Matters truly thought I was infringing copyright, then why are they not going after people who uploaded the entire movie? It is very clear that these people are trying to silence my criticism. For those who don’t know, Martin Penny is the Executive Producer of House of Numbers and a multimillionaire from Leeds who used to be the CEO of GHD. What’s interesting is that Martin is now a chairman at OHS Ltd – one of the leading health, safety and environmental consultancies who have worked for the NHS.

To recap, one of the chairmen for a company that advises the NHS is an AIDS denialist who is actively trying silence me.

If you think this is unacceptable can I ask that you share my story to anyone who will listen.

Thank you


Multiple DMCAs filed against my videos

Multiple DMCAs have been filed against me in order to silence my criticism of the movie House of Numbers. It appears that Liam only removed his DMCA to allow Martin Penny and the people at Knowledge Matters to file theirs.

If these people had anything of merit to say, they would not have to silence a relatively unknown YouTuber.

dmca dmca2 DMCA3

Liam Scheff files a false DMCA against me

A false DMCA has been filed against one of my videos by the AIDS denialist, Liam Scheff.

The videos I have been making over the past 2 months, critical of the documentary House of Numbers, are non-profit and made for educational purposes. They are protected under fair use and thus, by filing a DMCA against one of them, Liam Scheff has opened himself up to legal action.

Unfortunately, the only way to counter the DMCA at the moment is to allow YouTube to send all my information to Liam. As you can imagine, the thought of giving my details to this man is not very appealing. Instead I am going to take this time to re-edit the video and then re-upload it. If Mr Scheff decides to DMCA it again then I will take this further.

Also, the irony of Liam silencing me in order to protect his bat shit crazy ideas – whilst at the same time screaming to the high heavens that people like him are being repressed, is not wasted on me.


Nice Comments from the Internet

  • Thank you so much for your “Debunking 9/11 Conspiracy” videos. They are very well made not only in pace, editing, style, etc., but also in use of science and reason. I was previously very skeptical about the 9/11 terrorist attacks, but your videos completely changed my perspective. I cannot wait to share these videos with others.
  • I don’t think I ever considered myself a “truther”, but I did think there was a another party involved in the collapse of the WTC buildings. Like many others, building 7 was the smoking gun for me. I will admit that before watching your video, there was no doubt in my mind that the building was brought down with a controlled demolition. After having seen your explanation about the core going first, and the “shell” of the building coming down after, it makes perfect sense. I just want to thank you for the videos you have made, and the good you are doing.
  • Thanks Myles, I live in the UK, I should know better, I was going through a phase of conspiracy 911 madness but your video helped break away wow that was close, specifically the video with Charlie Veitch.
  • After researching, I was getting more and more confused about the 9/11 attacks. There were so many theories flying around and some did make a lot of sense (at the time). I am still not 100% convinced that the 9/11 attacks were completely orchestrated by terrorist organisations (simply because there are still so many questions that need answering e.g. why there is so little public footage of the pentagon attacks), nor am I convinced that it was all scripted by the US government (as this would imply that an organisation run by George Bush was somewhat competent) but it was a breath of fresh air to listen to someone rebut the conspiracy theories and help me realise just how weak a lot of conspiracy arguments are. I would just like to thank you for helping me get a lot closer to coming to my own conclusion about the attacks.
  • I just wanted to say that I really enjoy all of your videos. I have to admit that I was on the fence about Building 7 but the explanation you gave definitely convinced me.
  • And to think I was one of these people, I’m really ashamed of myself and how ignorant I was (to my surprise). Thanks for this series Myles, this was the series that for me was the straw that broke the camel’s back and convinced me that i’ve been wrong all these years. Thanks again.
  • Thanks for the videos man. For a long time i was on the fence of what to believe, partly because i was too lazy to do my own research and partly because i think i enjoy reading about crazy conspiracies for fun lol…
  • I just finished watching the 9/11 videos and I just wanted to say thanks for making them. I used to be a borderline Truther myself but the videos really made me see the errors of my thought processes (granted I was much younger at the time). They actually really opened my eyes to how people think and respond to certain situations, and I hate to admit that I used to be like that. I guess all it takes is someone showing you how to think about a situation critically and logically to realize that sometimes things are just the way they are.
  • Greetings Myles! I just finished watching all 7 of your “Debunking 9/11 conspiracy theorists” videos (consecutively) and I’d like to thank you for making them. Everyone that knows me well would quickly say that I’m the biggest conspiracy nut they’ve ever come across but I’m happy to say you’ve helped me free myself of those chains. I’ve been telling my close friends and family members that I’m CERTAIN that the events on 9/11 were an inside job for about 12 years now but you’ve done something amazing…you’ve absolutely convinced me I was wrong. I’ve also decided it’s time for me to start doing my own research on all the other conspiracy ideas that’s been plaguing me for such a long time. Again, thank you so much for sharing the real facts and I can’t wait to watch (and like) the rest of your videos. I happen to be a huge science geek so I’m very excited about this. Good luck on your future endeavors. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER…Myles Power?