The League of Nerds

The League of Nerds (TLoN for short) came into existence around october 2013 when long time Youtubers Myles Power (powerm1985) and James Gurney (jimtheevo) decided to set up their own podcast. List of episodes Youtube Twitter [...]

Homemade Pulse Jet Engine

In this video you are shown how to make a simplified version of the pulse jet engine that propelled the V-1 flying bomb from the second world war using a jam jar and ethanol. Pictures from this [...]

Growing Manchester Bacteria

For fun myself and Laura my housemate went around Manchester swabbing it. We then grew our samples on agar to see what disgusting things we could get to grow and who was more disgusting out of the two of us. I filmed this mid thesis writing and you can really see how tired and fat I look. Pictures [...]

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