Interesting YouTube comments left on my 9/11 videos (part 2)

Myles is a homo

Oh please! Give me a break... Stay in England and worship your queen.

This is a very sophisticated video. Who paid for it? It's massively deceptive, but done with polish. Congratulation, Lucifer. You live up to your reputation.

You should be Piers Morgans right hand jerk man.

You have a dumb 15 year old fat kid with cheek blush make-up as the person that debunks fact? LOL, you idiots are too young to even have a clue about what happened on 9/11, especially the decades leading up to it. Sad little faggots working hard to obstruct justice ....


This video is total blasphemy


Wow this guy is a fucking idiot. Im guessing with the lisp & lack of ability to dress himself that hes never going to get a descent piece of ass. He should work on that before trying to tell anyone else, why anyone else, is the way that they are. If anyone believes his shit they are weak minded.

no one should listen to this british kid, he is just a kid and still is dumb, dont blame him cus hes dumb and just believes everything he hears.

The only thing he is debunking is his ignorance of the facts

I can’t believe it took me 5 parts of this incredible satire to again be absolutely convinced that 9-11 was indeed an inside job just as the “Truthers” are saying. This guy sounds to me like either an incredible actor or a pure idiot who is shooting himself in the foot with every word he speaks.

Sometimes you just have to laugh and move on. But this video was so bad i had to comment.

Btw don’t even bother to make a part 6, I don’t feel like vomiting again and hearing your sarcastic know it all stupid accen’t. No offense to the Brits cause I like them. But Myles your an ass.

Could you possibly be more superficial?! Your lack of background knowledge hurts…

your rhetoric is typical of the brainwashed.

your a geek,get a clue


Nearly 500 people voting this video up need to wake the fuck up and step out of that comfort bubble.

Buddy says that the towers were designed to withstand a much smaller plane. Then he says the 707 and the 767 weigh the same. Give him a job at the CIA, talk fast in circles deny the facts and suck ZIONAZI wang. He could get some of that trillion dollars Donald Rumsfeld said the Pentagon lost the day before 9/11. To the maker of this video: Just don’t spit.

Stop spreading BULLSHIT.

You must be completely brainwashed and dumbed down to the level of total inability to think to not see that these were controlled demolitions pure and simple.

You are a fuckhead mate.

About Myles Power (757 Articles)
Hello Internet! My name is Myles Power and I am a chemist from the North East of England, who loves to make videos trying to counter pseudoscience and debunk quackery in all of its various forms! From the hype around GMOs through to Atrazine turning the freakin’ frogs gay, I’ll try to cut through the nonsense that’s out there!

4 Comments on Interesting YouTube comments left on my 9/11 videos (part 2)

  1. constructive and objective, every one >_>


  2. its strange how passionately they insist the conspiracy is true. then when you post a few videos on youtube that suggest maybe its not water tight they start insulting you. HAHA. maybe you should stop believing everything you hear and only believe what THEY say? :P


  3. You got to love how the conspiracy theorists tell people not to believe everything they hear on the internet. Irony thy name is truther. :-)


  4. Haha even more comments of people resorting to personal attacks because they don’t have anything of substance to say.

    Funny how the internet suddenly turns everyone into internet tough guys.

    Keep up the good work exposing truthers and their obvious self indulgent ignorance.


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