Interesting AIDS Denialists Comments

  • why did the cdc take hiv down from the list of communicable diseases that are considered any kind of health risk to the public, where gonorrhea & syphilis (curable diseases) remain?
  • fucking smurf why you dont put your face of goblin in the asshole of your mother!!!
  • How do you research AIDS extensively, listen to both sides of the argument, and still believe the HIV causing AIDS hypothesis??? This guy is gonna wake up one day and regret the time he has waisted supporting absolute corruption. AIDS is a 300 billion dollar industry. It has literally killed millions, and devastated an entire generation with "sex paranoia." If a person has any kind of STI (sexually transmitted illness) they are experiencing a compromised immune system due to the three components; toxic over load (which is what happened to gay men in the early 80s) lack of micro nutrients and/or acidic blood composition. Both degenerative and infectious disease are PREVENTABLE AND CURABLE. This video is so very tragic…
  • You're a little COCK Miles!
  • you're the idiot if you actually believe HIV causes AIDS. It's a well known fact that its genome is to primitive to be cytotoxic, and not one scientist has ever won a Nobel for proving it yet. Not one!
  • Repeating all the propaganda and lies - please do the research, this video is pathetic.
  • Myles,after the result i thought i heard you say "even though im not in a high risk group" i'm sorry but you know being GAY is a high risk group? i'm also surprised you didn't test positive, furthermore most gay 'advocates' like you who do this kind of debunking have tested + and are very angry and jealous (that's why you and your guests always have this embarrassing laugh of glee when you talk about those who've died,like Christine. WHY WOULD YOU LAUGH AT SOMEONE"S DEATH? IS THAT FUNNY TO YOU?) at those who aren't positive and who don't believe and trust the 'Experts',the Gov't,the FDA,the Drug companies and the Doctor's and Scientists who's business and livelyhoods depend on it's existence and validity. why not do a video showing all the millions of straight heterosexual 'WHITE' men and white women all over the world who have HIV and who've know all those straight ACTOR'S and MUSICIAN'S and ROCK STARS and SPORTS STARS who've had thousands and thousands of sexual partners,unprotected sexual partners. Myles can you name me just ONE heterosexual actor,musician,athlete,movie star who's DIED.(not Rock Hudson or Brad Davis) and not Magic Johnson who's alive and his wife and 2 kids are negative. HOW IS THAT?and not a bisexual or a drug addict. WHERE ARE THEY MYLES? BLACK'S and GAY'S isn't that curious why those groups were targeted and still represent 90% of the cases of who tests + since the early 80's???? I was in theater for 22 years (73-95) and have had 44 friends die-ALL GAY MEN, who supposedly or allegedly died from HIV. (no one after 95)not one female in 32 years,not one straight heterosexual dancer with HIV/AIDS in 32 years. same as Hollywood,same as Professional sports,same as the Music industry. My 44 gay friends who died in the 80's and early 90's were doing a lot of drugs,poppers,special K,antibiotics,XTC. a lot had hepatitis and most all where put on bactrim,high doses of AZT and other toxic drugs. My best friend when he died was on 18 different drugs most to combat the side effects of the other drugs AZT and bactrim. lots of my gay friends who did the same thing as my 44 friends who died are still alive,never took any meds,bottoms and tops,whores who've had thousands of thousands of mysterious sexual partners in bars and gay bath houses, still alive. how many gay men did Rock Hudson and Liberace infect?Myles I'll make it simple,explain away my story, the fact that in 32 years the NYC B'Way scene which stretches out across America,has not had one single straight heterosexual male or female dancer/actor die from AIDS. debunk that starting NOW> GO! i'm waiting for your intelligent articulate expert response.

  • AIDS – no sex virus – drug test for marijuana – pharma death penalty for sex
  • The narrator in the video laughs and scolds at the idea that imagery can influence.  If imagery has no influence then why doesn’t someone let the advertising industry know this so they can save $400 B annually I think I’ll stick to real scientists rather than apologists for my information.  Are you afraid to air Montagnier’s information on this issue, or does his having a Nobel prize intimidate you?  Does the inventors opinion of these tests matter in this debate?  Of course it does
  • All disease, both degenerative and infectious are preventable and curable. And they are caused by the SAME components. Toxic over load, lack of micro nutrients, acidic blood composition, and/or oxidized stress. Which are voluntary. If you are experiencing an STI (sexually transmitted illness) you have a compromised immune system due to one of the three components. The notion that illness and disease are uncontrollable and caused by your “genes” or “unsafe” (natural) sex… are preposterous lies perpetuated by the CDC (center of disease control) and pharmaceuticals, so that people will run to the doctor and use expensive treatment, drugs, and vaccinations. NEWS FLASH people, if you are sick, its because you have been brain washed to voluntarily poison yourself. Via food, air, and water!
  • Um i am a nutritionist and have gotten two people OFF HIV medications. And put them on an organic, raw foods regiment. They were suffering from illness while using the HIV meds. Now they are completely healthy. One tested positive 7 years ago. Why aren’t they dead? This is a “killer” virus correct? HIV is a giant disease paradigm fraud. The only tragedy is that people continue to believe that AIDS was caused by a virus. HIV was never isolated nor purified. And when you actually observe HIV under an electron microscope, it is HARMLESS! The person who posted this video is either extremely ignorant or a sociopath perpetuating lies for Big Pharma
  • Note that none of the trolls who defend Myles use their real names or explain which pharmaceutical company or gay activist group pays them to promote propaganda for AIDS Inc.  Until they identify themselves by name and post their contact info, nothing of what they say has ANY credibility.  That leads us to this question – are all AIDS propagandists felons and drop-outs like SNOUT (aka Kevin Kuritzky)?
  • Myles Power’s thoughtless and inhumane AMBITION quells and quashes whatever reasoning he may have. It’s also quiet clear he’s more interested in editing techniques than going on a genuine journey of research and honest evaluation. Oh no, Myles could not do that, he could never show signs of uncertainty, but the very fact he defiles the lifes of other human beings shows that he’s not just a bully but a coward. Brent leung’s film may swing to the dissident side overall, but if any of you unthinking fools bothered to watch it from start to end you would see that Leung has a much firmer grasp of reason and possesses a genuine intent to explore and research the glaring inadequacies and inconsistencies that exist outside of the aids organisations/establishment public relations version of the ACTUAL SCIENCE. I dare ANYONE of you to involve yourself in the process of reason and truth and not be so sure of the dichotomy you have been bred and raised upon. Have any of you got the balls or the patience?
About Myles Power (757 Articles)
Hello Internet! My name is Myles Power and I am a chemist from the North East of England, who loves to make videos trying to counter pseudoscience and debunk quackery in all of its various forms! From the hype around GMOs through to Atrazine turning the freakin’ frogs gay, I’ll try to cut through the nonsense that’s out there!

4 Comments on Interesting AIDS Denialists Comments

  1. Those “comments” (a.k.a. hate mail and online threats) are a perfect example of why people with mental disorders should have their online activities restricted.


  2. As some said. The internet has given all of the crazies a soapbox and a megaphone


  3. Very entertaining.


  4. It’s interesting how most of the HIV supporters get very emotional. Having done days and hours of research, follow the money trail ……
    Albert Einstein wrote ” always question and keep questioning ”

    I conclude and predict the following
    1. They will never find a cure for so called HIV and aids
    2. Even when I researched terrance Higgins trust, shock horror where is most of the funding coming from? Even look at Terrance Higgins, so called partner, still alive after all these years apparently HIV poz
    3. Good people like Joan Shenton tv and documentary maker to name a few, career destroyed because she dare to question. Many doctors , chemists , virologist, but being slated as idiots …
    4.multibillion dollar companies getting funding to keep the HIV idea alive …… But truth will always come out , and money is the route of all evil !!
    5. I think the defining moment was listening to a debate from doctor Andrew mcmichael in Glasgow to his students about HIV , he was unaware that he was being recorded , he starts off by asking is there anyone who does not think HIV does not cause aids ? To which there is no reply . He them goes through a list of aids denialist including professor duesberg who questioned HIV many years ago …..
    I google Andrew mcmichael to discover he is researching HIV vaccines

    As I said before follow the money


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