#016 – Seeds of Death!

The League of Nerds

This week Myles and James and Featuring our returning guest Quad error discuss the abomination of a ‘documentary’ Seeds of Death!.


About Myles Power (751 Articles)
My name is Myles Power, and I run the educational YouTube channel, powerm1985. I spend what little free time I have sharing my love of SCIENCE! through home experiments, visiting sites of scientific interest, and angrily ranting at pseudoscience proponents. I am also one of the founding members of the podcast 'The League of Nerds' - which I co-host with James from 'The History of Infection'.

3 Comments on #016 – Seeds of Death!

  1. I find it interesting that spend so much time trying to scare people.Does anyone really think or look at what happened in our history when we did not have way to have better crops? Do they really want people to starve to death. It seems to me people jump on a band wagon for many different causes without really understanding them. I think you need to have a section called the rest of the story like Paul Harvey in the USA. He would fill in the gaps that other people didn’t publish.


    • The only people who actually read your crap are sellouts like you who work in the biochem industry. If caring about the planet is too hard for you, please opt out.


  2. A link to the rap you guys talk about at the end of the video:


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