The foul-mouthed Liam Scheff

Liam Scheff House of Numbers

About a month ago I published part 5 of my mini series debunking the AIDS denialist film House of Numers. In this video I was critiquing a short one minute clip where Liam Scheff was claiming that the paper 'Heterosexual Transmission of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) in Northern California: Results from a Ten-year Study'  was proof that HIV can't be transmitted through Heterosexual sex. Liam was not very happy with my video, and to silence my criticism, he filed a false DMCA against it, but removed it a few days later - presumably so his friends Martin Penny and the people at Knollege Matters LLC could file theirs. Over the next two weeks Liam constantly spammed my Facebook page with insults and legal threats. Below are snippets of just some of what he published which I think give a fair represention of what kind of person Liam is.

  • Hey deathhead. How long before your groomers start writing pieces for you - that you publish? Brian Deere, Seth Kalichman, John Moore. You meet any of these deathheads yet? Their arms way up your arse, princess?
  • Myles, you look really small. Is that where your hatred comes from? I'm not picking on you, I'm just asking.
  • Listen - about that study that you misunderstood because you're retarded
  • I will retract my claim against you for stealing. You're a cunt, but that's your business.
  • Okay? Little bitch? Hopefully you'll stop whining and crying soon and get back to lying and bitching. And, yeah, I'm really glad to meet you - because you're such just excellent fodder, and people are going to love watching you squirm.
  • Every week we'll be visiting Myles to see what the little dumpster is puking out. He's so entertaining, I don't know how I missed it. It's like the nazis hired Michael Sheen to write propaganda for them.
  • I'm older than you are, so I'm not familiar with the spoiled little arrogant entitled destroy-everything-and-care-about-nothing school of thought that seems to be de rigeur among yourself and your horrible, trashy, servile fans...
  • Muthufuckahh!
  • I don't think it was false if it was upheld. And you can reply, contest it, and claim fair use. You just have to make the argument, I believe, which you've decided you won't do, because you have to reveal who you really are in print. Who your channel belongs to, who runs it, and maybe who owns you.
  • You're free to argue with me, or anyone. But you're libeling, slandering, and lying.
  • Thanks - you could have just asked to use some of the video. I would have said no, because it's not for 'educational' purposes. You're doing propaganda.
  • And what about those statistics from the 'retrospective' bit that Myles is so hard for? I mean... .0009%. Nine out of 10,000 good, hard screws with an 'hiv positive'
  • He's a shill. He's paid. He's got his day job, and someone thought he'd be a good front for the "pro-science" crowd, which is just a pro-disinfo arm of the petrol/pharma conglomerate.

And when he is not insulting me online he is calling for others to do so.

Liam ScheffWhat a nice man

About Myles Power (763 Articles)
Hello Internet! My name is Myles Power and I am a chemist from the North East of England, who loves to make videos trying to counter pseudoscience and debunk quackery in all of its various forms! From the hype around GMOs through to Atrazine turning the freakin’ frogs gay, I’ll try to cut through the nonsense that’s out there!

12 Comments on The foul-mouthed Liam Scheff

  1. I was going to write something intellectual and relevant to his grievances but instead I hope he chokes on a bag of dicks.


  2. Liam is obviously one pissed off bottom feeding CT’er, and as they generally do, end up wasting everyones time with insults that do nothing to prove a point. .. I personally make it a point to ignor people with this type of personality.


  3. Wow, such an immature prick this Liam is. I would expect this kind of behavior from an adolescent teenager.


  4. CloudOfBefuddlement // February 27, 2014 at 5:32 pm // Reply

    Not sure quite how to respond; I didn’t realise people like this really existed


  5. Sabine Hiller // February 27, 2014 at 7:01 pm // Reply

    Yikes – this is terrible! Pointless arguing with somebody as irrational and unhinged as that…


  6. SheffieldsPark // February 28, 2014 at 1:56 am // Reply

    Wow… Seriously, you have knack for attracting the crazies, Myles. My sympathies.


  7. I’ll offer this once, though I’m sure it either will not be posted, or not be read. But, for the record, I didn’t ‘send’ these, I posted them publicly on long, unanswered threads on Facebook. I didn’t post them early in the conversation – but late, days into being attacked, hacked, threatened, slighted and insulted. My polite entreaties were unanswered by Mr. Powers over many days. He’d accused me of “lying” about a study – I answered in detail, explained where I thought his error lay, explained my position, and invited him to debate on air. He didn’t respond. I lost my temper – and devolved into more argumentative language. It seems this is part of a tactic.

    It’s also worth noting that after the blush of anger, I deleted most of these, I went through and found off color language and deleted it. It, or almost all of it – what I could delete – was deleted – by me. Apparently Mr. Power saved it for this purpose.

    I then did send a private note to Mr. Power on Facebook, and apologized for my ‘foul’ language. He did not respond. These many weeks later, he’s posted this. He doesn’t acknowledge any of the above.

    I think when accusing someone of getting data wrong (The initial argument, now long buried under dramatic distractions), it is required to be willing to bring that debate up publicly – ie, to respond to the person who you’re defaming. Nevertheless, I apologize. Cheers.


    • I think you should get some help Liam. Too many underestimate mental issues.


    • Some fool no one cares about // May 4, 2014 at 4:05 am // Reply

      For the fact that you posted those things, you have no one to blame but yourself. I’m sorry for the brutal honesty, but it was very immature and childish of you to post such things in the first place. Losing your temper is no excuse: I think that by this point in your life, you should have already mastered controlling your temper at least to such a point that your anger won’t cause you to do incredibly stupid things that you would soon regret. The fact that you say “it seems this is part of a tactic” is also immature: if I understand correctly, you are implying that Myles deliberately did not reply to you so that you would get angry and post the things you did, at which point he saved what you said to make you look bad. If you honestly believe that it is to be expected to lash out in anger because someone is not responding to you, then there is probably a larger problem that you need addressed.
      Your claims that you politely sent messages to Myles that he did not respond to are interesting, however. I would certainly like to see what Myles has to say about this, because one cannot be sure that what you say is, indeed, how it happened, based on your word alone. I do hope that Myles addresses this soon, perhaps in another post or in his next video. Truth be told, I don’t really have much reason to believe you, especially since you mention nothing of the false DMCA claim you filed against him, but I am curious.


      • @SFNOCA, Liam’s histrionic and abusive reactions whenever his HIV/AIDS denialist crackpottery is criticised are legendary. See for example here:

        There is probably no point trying to “debate” him even in a fully neutral public space, because he has repeatedly shown himself to be incapable of reasoned argument. (This latest episode is only the most recent of many examples).

        Liam’s “polite entreaties” to Myles were for him to appear on radio shows editorially controlled by his own friends. You would have to be crazy to agree to that kind of set-up.


    • Its easy to get drunk and angry and post things! Well done for deleting it.


  8. Hurrah! After all I got a blog from where I can truly get useful data concerning my study and knowledge.


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