Update and yet more DMCAs

There seems to be a little bit of confusion after I posted the video "AIDS denialists file DMCAs against me" about the exact number of DMCAs I had received. This is understandable considering at the time I had three active strikes against my account which usally results in loss of ability to upload videos and channel deletion. However for some unknown reason my channel was still up and I still had the ability to upload. I don't know if this was a glitch or the lovely people at YouTube helping out, but this protection did not last very long. As soon as Martin Penny and Knowledge Matters LLC found out, they filed yet another DMCA. With four active DMCAs against me, I was told that my channel would be deleted within a week and that all my hard work over the past three years would vanish into the ether. I asked for help from the fine people of the internet and I was truly overwhelmed by the response. I had people getting me in contact with lawyers in both the UK and the USA, people contacting their MPs and others writing blogs, posting videos & tweeting about this inexcuable censorship. One of the organisations I was put in contact with was the EFF who began to help me counter the DMCAs. Just over a week after the first DMCA was filed all my videos were put back online which is very strange considering there is usually a two-week counter notice period. It turns out that YouTube intervened in this situation and put my videos up as soon as possible. 20 internet points for you there people of YouTube!!!! This sound like the best outcome, however, now is not quite the time for celebration as the AIDS denialists have decided to take another approch to silence me. They decided to attack me in the real world.

I first became aware of this when I received an email from linked-in informing me that my profile has received unusually amount of traffic from a man named Dejorn Goldsmith. I thought this was a little bizarre as I never used my linked-in as its not a finished profile as it does not contain all my qualifications or all my previous employers. In all honesty I don't even know why I had it, so I decided to remove it that night. Soon after I received a message from a reporter saying that Liam Scheff (the star of part 5 of my mini series and the first person to illegally file a DMCA against me) had found it necessary to shoehorn my personal information in a email he wrote to him. By the way if you want to see what a nasty venomous man Liam is I have posted excerpts of the messages he has sent me here.

The flood gates then opened and I received a torrent of messages saying that people from the Facebook fan page “Rethinking AIDS” were not only posting my information on their wall; but also going through all the people who follow me on Facebook and PM-ing them my details. Although multiple people did this by far the most prolific was a woman called Anna Li. A possible reason for why Anna took it upon herself to do this is that she may see me as a threat to her livelihood. You see Anna works as a nutritionist with osteopathy doctors at the hippocrates health centre where apparently she gets AIDS patients off their meds. And she is not the only one – a man named Rodney Dodson also claims to be affiliated with the hippocratic health centre and also boasts about the people he got to stop taking their AIDS meds. I think the fact these people are having to resort to trying to find my personal information shows how little they have to bring to the table. I welcome people who find mistakes in my videos, but as it stands these people have found nothing!!!


On Saturday just gone I was DMCA’d once more, bringing the total filed agains me in the last three weeks to six. This time it was from Larry Cook who filed it against the video “Holly Riley – Cure For Autism Caused By Vaccinations” which was published just under two years ago. In my video I was critiquing a video made by Larry in which a mother of an autistic child was encouraging parents to not vaccinate their children. As evidence she hinted at the paper “Delayed acquisition of neonatal reflexes in newborn primates receiving a thimerosal-containing Hepatitis B vaccine: Influence of gestational age and birth weight”, which apparently shows a link between thimerasol containing vaccinations and development disorders. However, she destroys her own argument by saying in the video that thimerasol is no longer in vaccinations in America. As I said previously the video is just under two years old and Larry was aware of it and removed the ratings and monitored the comments to convince more poor parents of his bollocks. What boils my blood the most is that after filing a false DMCA against me Larry decided to gloat about it on Facebook as well as admitting that my video was a critique of his. This, as you can imagine, left Larry wide open to legal action – especially considering I was already in contact with EFF. Larry cowardly decided to back down without an apology for breaking the law, and my video was put back online.


For those of you who are interested, yes I am still working on my House of Numbers mini series but it’s a little delayed as most of my free time that I dedicate to YouTube has been spent defending free speech against these cretins of the internet. And as for Larry, to be honest I forgot about him, but after this little stunt I think I will have to pay more attention to the crap he has been publishing over the past two years.

About Myles Power (763 Articles)
Hello Internet! My name is Myles Power and I am a chemist from the North East of England, who loves to make videos trying to counter pseudoscience and debunk quackery in all of its various forms! From the hype around GMOs through to Atrazine turning the freakin’ frogs gay, I’ll try to cut through the nonsense that’s out there!

14 Comments on Update and yet more DMCAs

  1. File a complaint through the EFF to Facebook for harassment. They are posting your personal information and encouraging others to harass you. This should get the page deleted and all of the admins banned.


    • Couldn’t agree more. These people need to be silenced from spreading their nonsense. You actually (Miles) have the power to make a different type of difference and get these idiots off the internet.
      Hang on a second, then I wouldn’t get to watch your awesome debunking video’s hmmmm I will still take option A. Fuck those guys.


      • While I agree they should be punished for harrassment, if we do it to “silence” their ideas, we are just as bad as they are. Motives are important. If their ideas are not being spread on the internet, who will openly combat them?


  2. I would also file a complaint with LinkedIn and get his profile dumped.


  3. anna even posted the info on his wall, i asked if myles powers was his name (due to a sonic video i just had seen that reminded me that tals has that name too) or if it was a nod to tails (thinking i would get a yes or no answer, i dont care what his real name is, why would i? i just wanted a bit of nerd trivia to see if he likes sonic

    and the website she got his info from should learn from this and hide people identity better


  4. These people are vermin. They are afraid Myles. Keep up the solid work.


  5. You’ve obviously got them running scared with this kind of response Myles. Keep up the good work!


  6. Why are people, who are so far down the rabbit hole, so vile? Anti vaxers, chemtrailers, AIDS deniers, climate change deniers all of them, around the world, in so many different fora through the internet, there is no level to which these people will not stoop to attack those who disagree with them. Whilst right thinking people play nicely and follow the rules, these revolting people attack, attack, attack.

    Good luck to you Myles – sadly you are dealing with people whose moral compass is shattered.


    • Because they all suffer persecution complex.

      Some people genuinely believe they are being persecuted by “they” (often meaning a shadowy but grand conspiracy), and some charlatans play the “I am being persecuted” card just to sell merit-less products. If they are unaware of their on incompetence, their bad understanding of science makes them believe that their product is being suppressed because it works, not because it doesn’t.

      As for the other simpleton believers, they are simply scared and afraid. It’s extremely common that they suffer government and authority phobia, so their conviction is 99% feels and 1% actual facts.


  7. You’ve got a lot of support out there Myles; keep it up and you’ll succeed :)


  8. Thanks for the update, Myles. Your videos teach a lot to us non-scientists and we apprciate all your efforts. Good to know that the DMCA threats are behind you and that you can proceed with your other aims on Youtube. Sending lots of good wishes your way.


  9. Malicious Bloke // February 27, 2014 at 2:27 pm // Reply

    Pseudoscientists, woo peddlars and lying twats of all stripes never learn, it seems.

    Keep it up, Myles. Nil carborundum illegitimi and all that :)


  10. Happy it’s working as well for you as it is.

    Back when I had a YouTube and I mirrored a video all the person from YouTube said was “you shouldn’t break YouTube’s rules if you don’t want sanctions” paraphrasing extremely. BTW the original video was restored and the filling channel was taken down for fraudulent activity (in the videos he posted not in relation to take down notices) but my channel never had the strike taken off or the mirror restored.

    Hate to sound cynical but yeah YouTube service seems to be proportional to the size of your audience.


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