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My name is Myles Power, and I run the educational YouTube channel, powerm1985. I spend what little free time I have sharing my love of SCIENCE! through home experiments, visiting sites of scientific interest, and angrily ranting at pseudoscience proponents. I am also one of the founding members of the podcast 'The League of Nerds' - which I co-host with James from 'The History of Infection'.

3 Comments on Questions & Answers #3

  1. It’s been several days now and I still can’t find this video on your youtube channel. I found out about it through facebook.


  2. Yeah very strange. No way can I browse to it or search & find this video through youtube. I’ve tried different devices and browsers. Yet I can click the “Watch on YouTube.com” link on the video above and see it on youtube.com.

    Could something be FUBAR after the DMCA fiasco?


    • This video is marked as “unlisted”, meaning that you can only view it if you follow a link (or if it’s embedded, as it is here). This is what the little padlock icon under the video’s title on Youtube means. It’s a reasonably ordinary thing to do if you want to control a video’s audience, so Myles likely marked it this way deliberately.


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