More Interesting AIDS Denialists Comments

  • HIV is a scam, never get tested for HIV. If you test positive, they will start you on harmful drugs that will slowly kill your cells and your life. Most drugs prescribed by doctors will hurt your body in the long run, better try natural remedies and eat healthy so you can have a strong immune system. The Drugs companies and the government want people to be sick, not healthy. I t is a huge business. If you are healthy, you will never buy  their drugs an they won’t make money….
  • So…your big deal is to “debunk” an investigative journalist, an MD Director of an institute of human virology research, an MD molecular biologist ,and…a young and smart movie maker that already achieved what you never will in a thousand year , with….a “service manager “of  a kiosk that offer home kits test…ok, now I go and check your next big  “masterpiece”.
  • atacking the person instead of the arguments is the oldest falacy of the world, sorry dude but you are full of shit.
  • Peter Duesberg, Kary Mullis and yes, Luc Montagnier are all HIV “denialists” and they each have a Nobel Prize for their scientific research. I will put more credence in what they say than Myles Power and this  laughable kiosk man any day of the friggen week.
  • Myles is a complete Idiot. He tries to sound smart but when it comes down to it he knows absolutely nothing about ANYTHING He Talks about. Hes a “Chemist” That knows nothing about Chemicals. I would not believe a damn word this idiot says.
  • Does HIV really exist? or it is a big scam of the Drugs companies and the government to make huge profits selling antivirus drugs? I just learned that HIV doesn’t exist  and does not cause Aids, and that the HIV test is about 96% inaccurate, which means you can test positive even though you are negative… Therefore the “HIV” won’t kill you, but the harmful drugs you will be prescribed by your doctor sure will.. They will kill you more slowly now than before, so you can believe it is the virus and not your medication….unbelievable!!!
  • It would be interesting to know who the guy who made this “documentary” works for.
  • Not knowing about Ayurveda shows how thick this guy is. I quit all treatments more than a year ago and I do GREAT, no infection at all, not even a cold, in fact my test results (so-called HIV test results Ha Ha a pile of bullshit) are showing an improvement, the T4 cells keep going up. Got a dowser to clean my home of all bad energies from the ground + electromagnetic energies. My home now vibrates at a very high level, no virus can resist it..Eat Monsanto’s vegetables contaminated with round-up and you are all dead in just a few years. This is all about depopulation!, making people sick in all ways, even through treatments. Let the narrow minded people believe in that HIV bullshit, media brainwash is all they know.
  • What a Boring documentary, I hate the british accent…
  • I like how this guy mocks “imagery” yet Magic Johnson claims a positive state of mind is a big factor in him remaining healthy
  • You will wake up in ten years and realize you made a shitty arrogant documentary that actually hurt people. At least Robert Gallo was getting paid to spread this bullshit, you’re just doing it to be cheeky.
  • oh! and your denialist failure of a mate should have been a fucking cartoon Myles, he’s the laughing stock of the UK…
  • This is indeed a slick denialist piece of garbage by Myles. Nothing scientific about his opinion and his intentional slanderous comments.  By calling it an “AIDS Denialist Movie” people are catching on immediately. Myles should be exposed, you injected yourself into this debate, the world needs to know who you really are.
  • Well, Myles Power, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and you have had your free speech here, but you did not prove to me that you can put together a good video (like you said you could).  All you did here is talk yourself for the entire time against all of the points YOU don’t agree with.  I would like to see more proof and less of your opinions.  I am not convinced by this video that HIV causes AIDS.  Since I am familiar with the way the CDC, IDSA, pharmaceutical companies, need for funding, etc works, I believe that it is very possible for them to have created a quick answer to the phenomena that happened all of a sudden (which was not the truth) and kept it going in order to keep getting a paycheck.  You are focusing on 3 people who died at the end – they may have died of AIDS, but you failed to convince me that it was the HIV virus that killed them.  They are just pawns in a much bigger game.  We still don’t have the answer.  I DO know by experience that the EULISA and WESTERN BLOT tests are outdated and mostly useless. 
About Myles Power (757 Articles)
Hello Internet! My name is Myles Power and I am a chemist from the North East of England, who loves to make videos trying to counter pseudoscience and debunk quackery in all of its various forms! From the hype around GMOs through to Atrazine turning the freakin’ frogs gay, I’ll try to cut through the nonsense that’s out there!

10 Comments on More Interesting AIDS Denialists Comments

  1. HIV doesn’t exist AND the test is 96% inaccurate?
    I think that it’s one or the other…


  2. These people just keep sounding crazier and crazier. On the one hand, you have a camp of denialists who claim to have some sort of scientific justification for their beliefs. On the other, you get the New Age nonsense about “energies” and “vibes.” Both shout “conspiracy!”


  3. That Ayurveda comment has to be a Poe, right?


  4. “atacking the person instead of the arguments is the oldest falacy of the world, sorry dude but you are full of shit.”

    Oh the irony!


  5. And some of these people wonder why you won’t debate them…


  6. “Peter Duesberg, Kary Mullis and yes, Luc Montagnier are all HIV “denialists” and they each have a Nobel Prize for their scientific research. ”

    ♪ ♫ One of these things is not like the others…♪ ♫ One of these things is not the saaame ♫ ♪

    Of course, I’m sure Duesberg THINKS he has a Nobel.


  7. Hahahaha! I didn’t catch that.


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