A Rather Embarrassing Night for Psychic Sally in Middlesbrough

I recently went to to see the 'psychic to the stars' Sally Morgan at Middlesbrough town hall, and if there was one word I could use to describe my night it would be 'boring'. First off I feel I have to say that I personally don't believe that psychics exist so, as you can imagine, I find people like Sally distasteful. This, however, was not the reason why I found the night boring as I do love this kind of thing and was genuinely excited to not only see her, but to gauge the audiences reaction to her show. The reason that it was boring was because the audience did not respond well to her after relatively early on in her performance, she showed the level of her psychic abilities.

Psychic Sally Middlesbrough

For those who don't know, psychic Sally Morgan is a British television and stage artist who claims to have (you guessed it...) psychic abilities. She believes that she inherited her abilities from her Grandmother who was affectionately known locally as the witch of Fulham. She has been the star of her own show and has an extensive list of clients including celebrities and royalty, and is currently on the road showing off her psychic abilities.

Sally came to Middlesbrough on Friday night and her show started off very well. Even though she was getting the vast majority of what she was saying wrong the audience did not seem to mind and seemed to be having a good time. The point at which the audience became disillusioned with the performance was quite specific. One aspect of the show is that audience members can submit photographs of dead loved ones, in the hope that Sally will select theirs, and give a psychic reading from it. Sally pulled out of a box on stage one of these pictures. She held the picture up to the camera and it was projected on the large screen behind her. The picture was of a middle-aged woman and by the clothes she was wearing and the quality of the image, I guessed it was taken some time in the 1990s. Sally immediately began to get communications from beyond the grave from a man holding a baby named Annabel……or was it Becky. Noticing that no one in the audience was responding, Sally asked the person who submitted the photo to stand up. A rather small chunky woman at the centre of the hall stood up and Sally once again began to get messages from the afterlife. She was informed that this man and baby were somehow linked to the lady in the picture. However the woman in the audience (who was now also projected behind Sally) disagreed and started to look increasingly confused as, presumably, nothing Sally was saying made any sense to her. Sally then decided to flat out ask her if the woman in the picture had any children who passed and, when informed that that she hadn’t, responded by saying “I will leave that then”.

Sally then became in direct contact with the woman in the photo who began to tell her that there was a lot of confusion around her death and that she felt it was very very quick. She later went on to say that the day Wednesday has a specific link to her death and that she either died on a Wednesday or was taken ill that day. As the woman in the audience was not responding to any thing Sally was saying, she decided to ask how the woman in the photo was related to her. It turns out the woman in the audience got the whole concept of submitting a picture of someone you wanted to talk to from the afterlife completely wrong – and for some unknown reason submitted a younger picture of herself.

The hall erupted in laughter, which quickly changed into disapproving mumbles that lasted the rest of the night. No matter how hard Sally tried, she was unable to get the audience back, who were becoming increasingly disgruntled with the number of ‘misses’ she was getting. Not only that, but the audience seemed to become more restrained when Sally was asking them questions. I also don’t think that they reacted well to some of the particularly offensive scenarios Sally was recreating. One involved her re-enacting a dead man flushing narcotics down a toilet to his immediate family, whilst repeatedly saying “flush it down”. Another was when she was talking to a teenage girl whose boyfriend had recently committed suicide by hanging himself. Sally told the girl that she can feel him hitting her leg and that he was, infact, re-enacting  swinging against a door as he was committing suicide.

I now think that the vast majority of people who walked out of Middlesbrough town hall that night feel as i do – that someone who is psychic should know if the person they are talking to is dead or not and that it’s quite a messed up thing for a person to pretend that they are in contact with a dead family member.

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Hello Internet! My name is Myles Power and I am a chemist from the North East of England, who loves to make videos trying to counter pseudoscience and debunk quackery in all of its various forms! From the hype around GMOs through to Atrazine turning the freakin’ frogs gay, I’ll try to cut through the nonsense that’s out there!

33 Comments on A Rather Embarrassing Night for Psychic Sally in Middlesbrough

  1. There are no “psychics”. These people are cynical conscienceless people who have no issue at all preying on the gullible, the grief stricken and the mentally defenseless people of the world. They are akin to parasites who exploit a weak body or mind. Equip yourself with skeptical armor when dealing with any claim, let alone claims that push your emotions around.


  2. Since time immemorial frauds and charlatans without the slightest vestige of any conscience have exploited people who are emotionally traumatised and vulnerable so as to more effectively relieve them of their money.

    As P T Barnum famously said, there’s one born every minute. Do not encourage them. Do not pay them. Accelerate their bankruptcy and ruination. Do humanity a favour.


  3. Hi there, as someone who has lost a loved one so young reaching out to someone like this is somehow our last hope. It is a longing and pain that cannot be quantified and people like Sally do take advantage of this. I was desperate to reach out to my Sister who died suddenly at 42 leaving 6 children behind and when she came to our town me and my brother decided to go to see her and it was pretty much how it was described above. The saddest thing was if we reach out to each other rather than a self proclaimed psych all of us would of benefited from it rather than walking away thinking we could not reach that person on the other side or feeling so sad that everyone in the theatre was as desperately sad as we were and still are, 7 yrs on. I know everyone has to make a living but if I had a talent to ‘talk’ to the other side I would give it away freely and not make lonely, sad and vulnerable people pay to see me I can honestly say that hand on my heart.


    • There is no other side. Death is a finality.


      • Anonymous // May 21, 2014 at 4:17 am //

        the gospel according to paul – thanks for the heads up!


      • Paul what a horrible thing to blurt out when the person above is expressing her pain of loss. Shame on you


      • Anonymous // May 21, 2014 at 3:59 pm //

        What a disgustingly pathetic thing to say to someone who is grieving the loss of a loved one. Evidently your someone who is haunted by the concept of entropy and need to share your misery with others. Any person who claims to have any understanding of scientific or theological progression will know that no evidence does not mean something is untrue, simply that it is not known. Psychics can be empirically disproved, whatever religious or spiritual belief someone holds cannot.


  4. I was at Sunderland empire a month or so again at her show. I’m shocked to see she used the young lad who hung himself on a door again. I really did think she got my son … Perhaps not!


  5. There are two sides to the psychic coin.
    I perform as a mentalist, and can do most of the cold reading that so called psychics employ to convince people they are genuine.
    I use it as part of act that states up front that it is “an act” and at no time have I ever genuinely tried to convince anyone of an ability to contact the afterlife, (apart from when I get my friendly ghost friend “Bob” to tap someone on the arm across the room, a part of my act that is VERY tongue in cheek…)

    And here’s where I have to take exception with a few naysayers…
    There are quite a few “clairvoyants” who do a far better job of helping troubled people through their woes than the professional psychiatrists who claim moral superiority.

    Is it right that they are being lied to?
    Probably not… but if it works when the “proper” method doesn’t, is it really a bad thing.
    It’s easy to judge and say that whatever the reason, lying is wrong. But, perhaps surprisingly, even when made aware that it’s a con, many people still find faux psychic readings better therapy than psychiatry.

    And anyone who tells someone else they are mentally ill for believing in folk who can commune with an afterlife had best keep their pie hole shut in Italy, South America, The Southern States, Ireland, the Middle East, in fact pretty much any where with a strong religious faith.
    Cos in some parts of the word, that outspoken need to tell these folk they are delusionally, mentally, ill will possibly give you a chance to speak with the afterlife fairly directly yourself.

    I’m not trying to defend people like Sally… most of the public psychic shows are run by fraudulent parasites, particularly the ones who won’t admit it’s a show, and maintain it’s real.


    • are you Derren Brown?


    • And here’s where I have to take exception with a few naysayers…
      There are quite a few “clairvoyants” who do a far better job of helping troubled people through their woes than the professional psychiatrists who claim moral superiority.

      Is it right that they are being lied to?
      Probably not… but if it works when the “proper” method doesn’t, is it really a bad thing.

      Yes, this is exactly what many defenders of the John Edwards and James Van Praagh types out there will say. And I suppose there are at least a few preliminary studies in the peer reviewed literature showing that this is exactly so or you would never have made such a claim, right?… Right?

      And I suppose such methods never cause harm, right? Because you surely carefully weighed possible harm against possible good before endorsing these frauds, right?… Right?


    • It is rather unconscionable to suggest that people actually get help from clairvoyants. It is a fine line to walk, and you should provide evidence for review, or back your claims with a MD and research. It is the same claim these frauds make , “Im not hurting anyone , Im making people feel better”. Shamans in africa do that too. Placebo effect much ?

      And what kind of a threat is that about religious people ? By definition a man that will threaten or end a mans life based on difference of opinion IS mentally ill … What you are saying is actually “dont tell the mentally ill that they are mentally ill , or they will behave like mentally ill” Valuable advice …


    • Just because people willingly, and violently defend delusions does not make ignoring it the “right” or the “better thing” to do.

      Lies and incorrect information are like a cancer… benign maybe as a single cell..but they spread and metastasis everywhere. Those people that will send us to the afterlife themselves that you mentioned wouldn’t exist if someone called bullshit the first time the lie was told, instead of nodding their head and letting it continue on.


    • No offense, but your grammar and spelling speak volumes.


  6. That is madness. I wonder how she feels about it.


  7. The lady who submitted the picture of her younger self seems to have made the sane mistake as you have in your article: thinking Sally was offering a psychic reading.

    Sally’s show is based on mediumship. A medium connects with people who have passed over. A psychic will offer guidance and clarity, often making predictions based on the current set of circumstances. Some psychics cam do mediumship but not all. The same as some mediums can give you, what is coined as a psychic.

    It’s not my place to dispute your claims regarding Sally’s authenticity as a Medium. But, maybe get your facts right and use the appropriate terminology if you pass judgement next time. It certainly give your article and opinion more credibility.


  8. I went to see sally in march.at Stockport Plaza and I put in a “love letter” and she picked mine out and I have to say she was spot on with everything she said regarding the people in my letter. I would happily go and see her again!


  9. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Haha, didn’t see that one coming, did she?


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