Apparently I am not the only one who was disappointed with Psychic Sally

Below are some comments left on my article documenting Psychic Sally’s embarrassing performance at Middlesbrough Town Hall.

  • I went to the Cardiff show last night, waste of money and my time. From what has been wrote here the same stories came up last night with the boy with a baby and the boy that had hang himself. The first 15 minutes you could hear a pin drop because no one could relate to anything. Will never go again!!!
  • I was at Sunderland empire a month or so again at her show. I’m shocked to see she used the young lad who hung himself on a door again. I really did think she got my son … Perhaps not!
  • I went to see Sally in Ipswich and she said that she was getting someone coming through that used to live in a house made of brick!!!! Couldn’t help but burst out laughing at that one.
  • I saw Sally in Bedford and was very disappointed she said I have a male here in stage and gave out information which no one could take then she said oh sorry it’s a female and said the same questions I left with a few others after that she seemed confused the night was a disaster we never got refunds and I know a lot asked.
  • wasnt impressed when I saw her lot of cold readings/guess work real mediums in my opinion dont make a living out of it and charge vast amounts to individuals or audiences, they help , the gift is free and should be given free….that includes healing …always remember the golden rule DON’T FEED THE MEDIUM :) and remember no one knows for sure, spirit communicating has been around since the ancients and ancestors took it for granted so don’t knock it for the sake of a few ego’s who think they are the only ones who can do it at a price
  • As I was there that night I can say she was rubbish at one point she went from alex to alec to al to alice the only readings she got was people who had hung themselves and for two people she hinted at how the person died even before they knew themselves!
  • I saw her in Liverpool this year, and Warrington last year. Wasn’t very good, similar story with the audience not being connected, wrong information that no one understands.
  • I went to see Sally Morgan a couple of years ago when she came to Peterborough, she didn’t really connect with anyone in the audience and was a very ‘hit and miss’ show. I certainly would not pay to go and see her again!
  • She does the same act every time. The hanging boy, the dying children. I’ve had the misfortune of working the show 4 times. It sickens me
  • I also went to see sally a couple of years ago and he lack of professionalism appalled me.She was late coming on early going off and had more misses than a womans singles directory. I would not waste my money on seeing her again it wasnt that she had a bad night it was the way she cut her show short and made no apology for it.
  • I also saw her recently in Dunfermline & she was crap! Pretty much the same as described above. She obviously realises how bad she is as she has now cancelled her contract with the Alhambra Theatre and wont be returning.
  • I’ve been to see Sally to and was so disappointed I’m not a believer in talking to the dead but my mom was overdosed at a hospital in Birmingham 2 years this march just gone and I feel like she was taken away from us to soon I miss her so much so I thought just maybe Sally could pick up on something well I waisted my money she never got anybody’s right I think she is fake x
  • My mum and I went to see Physic Sally on 8th May in Crawley and found her show to be the same, she hardly got any of the stories right and made hardly any connections. So much so at the interval we went home :-)
  • yes my friends son got her two tickets for Christmas and she took me,what a waste of a couple of hours that was, she got everything wrong and the couple of times she did hit on a right name was laughable.She ended up “communicating ” with dead pets anyone here use to own a black and white dog must of applied to 3/4 of the audience biggest fake going save your money I could do better lol
  • My daughter and I went with some friends to see her in Halifax two weeks ago it cost me £24 pounds of hard earned money for a night full of miss readings I went as a believer and came out a non believe must say we laugh all the way home she told one lady she had her husband coming through said his name and another mans name which were rite but when the lady said is my dAughter bev with him Sally said yes he’s said he is caring for her as he did on earth to which the lady replied well I don’t no why as the other man is her dad he is my second husband and she died before we met so you can imagine the hole auditorium erupted ing fits of laughter and Sally never got another right reading all night
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4 Comments on Apparently I am not the only one who was disappointed with Psychic Sally

  1. 5th one down proves hope springs eternal…

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  2. xann marsden // May 28, 2014 at 12:56 am // Reply

    I am a Medium so I know sally Morgan is a cold reader if not a psychic, and asking people to bring photos is not normal in genuine Mediumship. A Medium does not need to use techniques like that, and seeing imitating children voices is disgraceful. Her whole performance. is not disciplined. nor even humble because she is supposed to be conduit. for the Spirit. World. I could say more but will leave it at that.

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  3. Everyone has there off days , even sally, we dnt get it right all the time,,,,,, no ones perfect

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