A Review of Larry Cook’s Book ‘The Beginner’s Guide to Natural Living’

If there was one word I could use to describe Larry Cook’s book after watching his videos on YouTube, it would be ‘dishonest’.


I recently sat down to read the false-hope peddler Larry Cook’s book ‘The Beginner's Guide to Natural Living’ and it was not what I expected. Yes, the book is full of the same new age, unscientific, potentially dangerous medical advice that we have all heard a million times, but it is also quite (for want of a better word) hippy-ish. For example, the book says that there is a “divine intelligence behind the operation of the body, as well as all of life” and “when given the right conditions, divine intelligence heals, rejuvenates and facilitates vibrant health”. When talking about enzymes, Larry refers to them as “sparks of life” and goes on to say that without enzymes “life would cease to exist. For this reason, they are said to possess life force energy”. This hippy-like view on medical treatments is in stark contrast to the image of the book Larry is trying to portray in his YouTube videos.

The videos, which Larry produces for YouTube, are of high quality - not like those made by your average false-hope peddler you find on the site. They are well lit, have excellent sound quality and have been scripted in a way to ensure that the viewer does not switch off. They often contain medical doctors who, for one reason or another, are promoting pseudo science bullshit like, for example, Dr. Kenneth P. Stoller - who I have previously written about. Nearly all of these videos have a pre-roll ad advertising Larry’s book - implying that the medical doctor and Larry have come to the same conclusions on the subject by the same lines of inquiry. This, I can tell you after reading the book, is not the case.

For example, in one of Larry’s videos, Stoller warns against getting your children vaccinated. He believes that the mercury containing preservative thimerosal (which is no longer in vaccinations…) has the same properties of elemental mercury.  Although this is laughably incorrect, and something you would not expect a medical professional to say, it is ever so slightly based in the real world. Thimerosal does exist, it does contain mercury, some mercury compounds are extremely toxic, and thimerosal can be metabolised into some toxic compounds. Whereas Larry might as well be telling us to use ‘the force’ when it comes to any one of the many subjects he covers in his book.


Larry covers a wide range of subjects in his book – everything from GMOs to how to give yourself a DIY home enema – and believe me, he does not skimp on the details when explaining what he likes to do with something called an anal wand. Like many of these books, there is simply too much to talk about, so I have decided to concentrate on one subject covered in the book……cancer.

Larry begins his chapter on cancer by saying “Did you know it’s illegal to cure cancer” and goes on to say that “Successful alternative treatments for cancer really upset the FDA, AMA, American Cancer Society, National Cancer Institute, hospital administrators, technicians, pharmaceutical empires and medical doctors”. Like all quack crap, nothing is referenced, which is a real shame, as I for one would like to see the law that not only forbids a cancer cure in the United States, but also makes it illegal internationally. As for the comment about the cancer professionals, I think it takes a very special kind of person to think that all the people who have dedicated their lives to working in this field would not want to see a cancer cure created.

The book then goes into tin-foil hat territory when Larry says that there is a cure out there, and that the cure is holistic and is suppressed by the pharmaceutical companies who “stand to lose billions of dollars when holistic cures work”. He then goes on to say that those priming holistic cures are “hounded by the authorities until they are shot down or thrown in jail”. For those who are wondering, this level of paranoia is not just confined to the section on cancer – the majority of the book is filled with equally paranoid ramblings. For example, Larry believes the only reason sodium fluoride is added to water is because industries wanted a way of disposing of this “highly toxic industrial waste product from the phosphate fertiliser industry”.

Later, Larry gives us examples of some of the ways in which he believes cancer can be cured – one of which is ozone therapy. Yep, you heard that correctly – Larry promotes the practice of exposing cancer patients to ozone. As a chemist, I was horrified and disgusted that anyone would do such a thing as, yes it is true that ozone does kill cancer cells, but it also kills all other cells. Ozone can cleave carbon-carbon double bonds through a process called ozonolysis to produce carbonyls – destroying whatever organic compound it was originally part of, whilst simultaneously creating reactive intermediates which also may cause damage. This is chemistry 101 and it would take a fraction of a second to uncover why this is bogus and why it is potentially harmful. Make no mistake – people have died as a result of ozone therapy.


The rest of the section is dedicated to something called Hoxsey Therapy – an alternative therapy that claims to cure cancer through use of a herbal paste. It was developed by a man named Harry Hoxsey, who later went on to develop prostate cancer.  When he failed to respond to his one treatment using the paste, he underwent standard medical treatment. As you can imagine, the practice has been heavily investigated and has been show to be pure quackery. It has even been banned in the United States because of the potential harm it may cause to cancer sufferers. However, Larry claimed that Hoxsey had “successfully treated over 12,000 people” which is in stark contrast to an FDA review of 400 people claiming to have been cured. It was discovered that many of the patients received successful medical treatment before being treated with Hoxey Therapy, or that they never in fact had cancer at all. Those who did have cancer were discovered either to have died as a result of the cancer or to be alive with active cancer. In short, the study found no cases of actual cures amongst those who used Hoesey Therapy, but this has not stopped Larry from promoting this dangerous alternative therapy. He even goes as far in his book to promote a “clinic” in Tijuana, Mexico and gives their website address.

In closing, I think I have shown that Larry is not to be trusted on medical matters, and that he should stick this book the same place he sticks his anal wand

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Hello Internet! My name is Myles Power and I am a chemist from the North East of England, who loves to make videos trying to counter pseudoscience and debunk quackery in all of its various forms! From the hype around GMOs through to Atrazine turning the freakin’ frogs gay, I’ll try to cut through the nonsense that’s out there!

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