Interesting Anti-Vaccination Comments

  • Who the F#ck follows this pathetic excuse of a man. If you think vaccinations are so safe how about we give you the full dose a baby would receive in the first year and see what your motor skills are like then, I think you would need to lie down after that..
  • Wow your STUPID! …. you call this “in the name of science” Shame on YOU” You think eating mercury is the same as injecting? Retard!
  • You are NOT trustworth! I don’t trust You! Misleading Title to this video for one! I DON’T BELIEVE YOU!!! WHO ARE YOU WORKING FOR???? Thanks for the Heads up BUT I will do my own research. I DON’T BELIEVE YOU!, WHO ARE YOU WORKING FOR?
  • An utter nitwit….
  • Dr.Andrew Wakefield is a very credible researcher, just because the makers of the MMR vaccine went after him and tried to discredit his research so they wouldn’t lose money, doesn’t mean it’s not valid research. The two co-authors of his study have had their cases overturned and their medical licenses returned to them. The British Medical Journal is being sued . The real conflict of interest is when the vaccine makers are the ones doing the studies.
  • you’re so full of shit. Fuck you, don’t force anyone to do ANYTHING. That is a NAZI! Are you a Nazi!? Don’t bother fucking answering, because that is simply what you are.
  • Anyone watching this video will become less intelligent for having watched. This future member of MI6 is doing his best to do his part in the BIG PHARM cover up. One look at his haircut should tell you how much experience he has in the medical field. The sun never sets over england – mainly because god doesn’t trust them in the dark
  • Shame on YOU! This video is essentially a compendium of rhetorical misstatements and logical fallacies. You also fail to ignore the corruption of academic and medical journals’ integrity by private (corporate = profit-seeking) ownership. When it comes to disclosing potential conflicts of interests, how about the board-members and writers of the British Medical Journal “Lancet” being heavily involved with the pharmaceutical companies which manufactured the MMR vaccines? Are you a shill?
  • This video is BS.   Obviously paid for and made by BigPharma.   Vaccines harm developing babies DNA and causes wayyyyy more harm that good.   Do the research!
  • Makes me wonder who you are working for? Go ahead get your shots! It doesn’t mean I’m gonna start getting them because of what you say. Your title is missleading and you come across as NOT trustworthy to me. Mercury in any amount is bad! No matter where it comes from.
  • Its not just mercury, its also lots of other crap I don’t wish to pump into my blood stream: polysorbate 80, bacterial DNA, latex,aluminium,butyl phosphate, sulfate, human and animal cells, brain excitotoxins, mycoplasma & viral contaminants, MSG, and other CRAP.  Plus, guess where these vaccines are manufactured for the US?  CHINA!  That’s the same place that put toxins in dog food and killed a bunch of dogs in the US….and the same place that manufactured contaminated baby food!  The Food and Drug Administration has limited access to these FACTORIES, and inspections are once every 13 years, when the Chinese executive gives a “report”.  Nobody actually inspects. YOU CAN HAVE IT!  NOT ME!
  • You are wrong.  Its not just eczema and allergies and mild side effects, its also deadly horrible autoimmune disease like Crohn’s disease, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and maybe Parkinson’s, ALL of which are lifelong conditions, not mild childhood diseases like chicken pox or measles.  You would trade the mild for the horrible. YOU haven’t proved anything either.  She’s selling a book.  What are YOU selling?  What are the pharmaceutical companies making billions of dollars selling??  hypocrite  ps, I had measles, chicken pox, and mumps as a child…so did all the children in my school and guess what?  WE ARE ALL 100% A-OK FINE!
  • Propaganda…
About Myles Power (757 Articles)
Hello Internet! My name is Myles Power and I am a chemist from the North East of England, who loves to make videos trying to counter pseudoscience and debunk quackery in all of its various forms! From the hype around GMOs through to Atrazine turning the freakin’ frogs gay, I’ll try to cut through the nonsense that’s out there!

10 Comments on Interesting Anti-Vaccination Comments

  1. The whistleblower, Bill Thomson, PhD, confirmed that people who post anti-vaccine comments, create anti-vaccine Facebook pages, anti-vaccine blogs, etc. are actually paid by Big Pharma to promote their nonsense. It turns out that Big Pharma wants people to get vaccine-preventable diseases in order to maximize profits. For example, they make a lot more money off treating a child with the measles than they do from the vaccine (and preventing the disease altogether).
    “This has been going on for years if not decades,” said Dr. Thomson. “We have anti-vaccers planted everywhere: Congress, former CBS reporters, discredited doctors, good-looking babes who talk about food, the list goes on.”
    It is a common ploy of the anti-vaccers to call anyone who is pro-vaccine a “Pharma Shill”, the irony of which is not lost on Dr. Thomson. “Haha” he laughs. “That’s one of their proudest accomplishments. Getting people to believe that the pro-vaccine people are the Pharma Shills.”
    Of course the anti-vaccers will never admit to this and the mainstream media will most certainly not pick it up. There is a Twitter party planned for tomorrow night with the hashtag #bigpharmawhistleblower in hopes of getting the word out.


  2. I can only assume these are comments from YouTube, which anyone who has read the comments for any YouTube video knows, is quite literally, the place with the dumbest user-base on earth. (Probably by virtue of having such a wide audience, but that’s conjecture.) I’m not surprised a bit by these, sadly.


  3. What I can’t get over is that people are still willing to defend Andrew Wakefield. The ways in which his famous paper was intentionally fraudulent are well-known and easily checked by anyone who cares enough to look. If anything, they should be trying to distance themselves from him – “Oh no, we’re not like that guy. That guy was a fraud, we want nothing more to do with him”. Instead, they try to defend him. Why?


  4. Hi Myles.
    I would so like to see a video where you and James? actually speak with some of these loonie (the ones that post these comments). It would be rather entertaining I think.


  5. This is pure comedic gold. I guess it says a lot about anti-vaxxers when they can barely spell, let alone use proper grammar and punctuation. I couldn’t help but picture a petulant 5 year old half-screaming these comments and pouting before slamming the keyboard, sticking his tongue out and stomping off.

    These are my favorites:

    “That is a NAZI! Are you a Nazi!? Don’t bother fucking answering, because that is simply what you are.”

    “You also fail to ignore the corruption of academic and medical journals’ integrity…”

    “One look at his haircut should tell you how much experience he has in the medical field. The sun never sets over england – mainly because god doesn’t trust them in the dark.”–Uh, what? O_o


  6. ___123___Interesting Anti-Vaccination Comments – Myles Power___123___


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