A Review of Dr. Judy Wood’s Book “Where Did The Towers Go?” – The Jumpers


Edited by Peter

In the first two chapters of Dr. Judy Wood’s book, she talks about the collapse rate of the twin towers and how she believed it too be inconsistent with the official story. Although she is blatantly incorrect, she never strayed to far away from the 9/11 conspiracy movement. However, in her third chapter “The Jumpers” we get a glimpse at her quite frankly ludicrous hypothesis, and why the majority of the truther movement wants nothing to do with her.

The chapter revolves around the graphic images of the people who were trapped at the top of the Twin Towers and those who fell to their death. Nothing encapsulates the horror of that day more than seeing these images, however Dr. Wood sees something very different. She believes the people in the images are trying to send us a message. She starts off by talking about Richard Drew’s “The Falling Man” picture - which is believed to be the final moments of Jonathan Briley. She then moves onto other images of people falling to their deaths and begins to say some rather bizarre things indeed.

“Someone choosing to jump to their death would likely choose to carry something special with them, perhaps a photo of their loved one or even a briefcase or backpack”

I don’t know about you but if I were in that situation the last thing on my mind would be ‘oh…where is my briefcase?!’ Also we don’t know that they didn’t fall with a picture of their loved ones. She later says whilst referring to the man in the image below

‘He also appears to have a piece of clothing part way off that is dangling behind him. Why would someone begin to disrobe before jumping?”

The man in the picture Dr. Wood refers to was not disrobing before jumping – he was having his clothes torn off from the shear force of the air as he fell to his death. Dr. Wood would have known this if she had done the most basic of research; or even if she stopped to think about it before she put pen to paper. Heck, the only reason we think Richard Drew’s picture is of Jonathan Briley, who she began the chapter talking about, is that other photographers captured his fall and his shirt was ripped off revealing a bright orange T-shirt that he was known to wear to work.

This ‘disrobing’ theme continues for the rest of the chapter, as Dr. Wood believes it is evidence that something underhanded was happening to these people. She believes that those trapped on the top floors of the twin towers were removing their clothes because they were subjected to some sort of energy field making their damp clothes uncomfortably hot.

She later goes on to say that “such a field might be part of what comprises the Active Denial System (ADS). This particular nasty piece of technology is a non-lethal, directed-energy weapon developed by the American military. It works by firing a high-powered beam at a target heating the water and fat molecules in the skin causing pain. The system was deployed in Afghanistan (and was so large it had to be mounted on the back of a Humvee) but was withdrawn without seeing combat. The system was a public relations nightmare as well as not being practical for the environment. For example it has a sixteen hour boot-up time and its potency significantly decreased when it was raining, snowing, or in dusty conditions.

This is the place Dr. Wood’s hypothesis first fails. The smoke coming from not only the twin towers, but adjacent buildings and fires on the ground, would significantly decrease the effectiveness of any such beam weapon. But let’s say such a weapon existed on such a large scale that it could cut through smoke, could it make damp clothes uncomfortably hot? As evidence that it can, Dr. Wood quotes a Wired article that states that damp clothes actually intensify the effectiveness of the beam. This is the American military spinning one of many flaws in its system. Having wet clothes would actually partially shield you from the radiation (0.4 mm of water absorbs 86% of the power). Eventually the water would boil, which would be more painful in the long run, but in the short it would allow for a greater a exposure time. This does not mean that, as Dr. Wood implied, damp clothes somehow attract the radiation – and remember, this only works for areas covered by damp clothes. Any parts of the target that are exposed would get the full force of the ADS resulting in agonizing pain. If some sort of ADS had been fired at these people, none of them would have been able to withstand the pain long enough for their damp shirts to heat up.

The next problem in her hypothesis is this – why would anyone be directing a beam weapon calibrated to heat water on the top layer of skin at a building in the hopes of destroying it? It is true that metallic objects can absorb the radiation from ADS but a study investigating the technology stated that ordinary household aluminum foil could absorb and reflect the radiation providing protection for people behind it. Are we really meant to believe that this system that can be foiled by……foil can somehow destroy the twin towers!

Again, hypothetically, lets say that it was somehow heating up the structure, is there any evidence that contradicts this? Yes! There were many cameras that day pointed towards the twin towers in lower Manhatten and not all where recording in the visible spectrum. Thermographer Carol Ciemiengo pointed her infrared imager and camcorder at the twin towers and saw no heat spots above the impact zones.

Lets not also forget that these people trapped at the top of the towers were not completely isolated. They had mobiles phones, which many used to contact loved ones and emergency services. Not one of them mentioned that for some bizarre reason their damp clothes were all of a sudden becoming uncomfortably hot.

This chapter is nothing but fantasy, and it’s outstanding that people with a straight face tell me that Dr. Wood’s book is nothing but genius.

About Myles Power (746 Articles)
My name is Myles Power, and I run the educational YouTube channel, powerm1985. I spend what little free time I have sharing my love of SCIENCE! through home experiments, visiting sites of scientific interest, and angrily ranting at pseudoscience proponents. I am also one of the founding members of the podcast 'The League of Nerds' - which I co-host with James from 'The History of Infection'.

18 Comments on A Review of Dr. Judy Wood’s Book “Where Did The Towers Go?” – The Jumpers

  1. After reading your article i’ve got lots of questions that I don’t believe you have the answers for.!
    I think Dr Judy Wood has the evidence on her side so i’ve ordered her book this morning and am looking forward to finding the truth at last.


    • No. She doesn’t. The problem with her is you have to believe her because she cannot prove it. That means its not a fact. Facts are knowable. She presents nothing. Where is her evidence for the beam? She cant present evidence because a fucking plane flew into it, not an invisible beam. I guess that works as good as anything. She could just say an invisible herd of unicorns bulldozed it from above. I have just as much evidence for that as she does her bonkers bullshit hypothesis.


      • Find me where Dr judy wood says a beam did anything?

        I’ll help, try and find where Steven Jones (mr thermite) says about “space beams”

        You seem to be accusing the wrong person, shame on you for poor research!

        Your as bad as Myles


  2. Hi Donna
    Did you read the part 1 article? It left me with lots of question, luckily though someone posted a video in the comments that sparked my interest. After watching the video I decided like you that i needed to read Dr Judy Woods book too.

    I’m eagerly waiting the books arrival and in the meantime I’ve been watching many more of Dr Judy Woods presentations available on Youtube and she doesn’t mess in theories she sticks to the evidence.

    We gotta give this Myles character a big thanks for starting this.

    While you are waiting for you book to arrive Donna you might want to check out this video, The amount of evidence will blow your mind.


  3. Harry Twinotter // October 13, 2014 at 2:02 pm // Reply

    I see a couple of book spruikers have arrived on the scene.


  4. Interesting that the invisible hand writing this claims that the clothing dangling from the “jumper” must have ripped off because of the wind. Well, then the invisible hand must be assuming all skydivers are nude before they open their parachute having had their clothing ripped off! :-) Skydivers often reach terminal velocity before opening their parachute. So why aren’t they nude when they land on the ground?


    • Because this:

      Is not aerodynamically and structurally equivalent to this:

      I read this article at a point where I didn’t have a connection to comment, and I wanted to pose the question – is there anything _too crazy_ for these people? Is there any theory too insane for 9/11 truthers to take seriously? But now that I see the sort of intellect we’re dealing with, I’m not surprised. You earnestly believe that the US government used some sort of ray gun to melt the twin towers? Get a life, or failing that, an education.


      • Please show me where Dr Judy Wood Mentions the word “ray gun” or “space beam” I think you’ll find if you educate yourself on the facts you’ll find these term are an invention of a Steven (thermite) Jones


  5. Emmanuel Goldstein: Skydivers wear outer jumpsuits that zip up in the front, and harness-web gear that secures over clothing. Skydiving instructors would nix loose outer shirts because they would fly off and obstruct vision.


  6. I’ll tell you when you I get my book!
    I have come to see through logical research that the articles Myles puts out can be used as a reference for what we should be looking at.
    I think my next book purchase will be the pH miracle, Myles made such an effort to ridicule it I think it is worth my attention.

    Lets check some Testimonials
    Cancer = 37 Testimonials videos

    Diabetes = 11 Testimonials videos

    Other Diseases & Ailments = 56 Testimonials videos

    Now lets compare all of the Testimonials to the Myles book review of the first 30 pages.

    I conclude we should thank Myles for finding these. Even though he certainly isn’t telling the truth he’s pointing us in the right direction so we can at least find the truth for ourselves.


  7. The thermite or micro-nuke bandwagon is an excellent demonstration of just how easy it is to herd public opinion. Magicians don’t need to lie; they just need to charm the audience into making wrong assumptions and the audience will generate the lies themselves. The lies don’t need to last forever. They only need to last until it is too late to undo things and see more clearly. The simple fact, validated by the almost complete lack of commensurate debris on the ground, indicates that the buildings went up, they did not come down. Read WHERE DID THE TOWERS GO? by Dr. Judy Wood and discover the truth on your own.


  8. Tired of the same old cover-up? This is a REAL review of “Where Did the Towers Go?”

    I am delighted to finally see Dr. Judy Wood’s book about the disintegration of New York’s World Trade Center Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, appear in print. It has been a long time coming but well worth the wait.

    Based in large part on her website and on the research she’s been doing for over eight years, „Where Did the Towers Go?” is an exhaustive study of what happened to those two, quarter mile high, 110-storey skyscrapers on that horrible day and how they literally disappeared to dust. A structural engineering firm involved in building the Trade Center estimated there should have been almost 1.2 million tons of rubble. But, because we see mostly dust and unburned paper on the ground and a minimum of debris in the basements, Dr. Wood asks, „Where did it all go?”

    With over 500 excellent color photographs, many charts and graphs, and solid calculations from an expert in mechanical and materials engineering, Professor Wood challenges the official story of 9/11 with compelling evidence that cannot be denied. Her study should convince anyone still skeptical of any alternative explanation as to what happened to the Towers that day that the generally accepted media and government explanation is utter nonsense.

    Step by step, Dr. Wood takes us for an in-depth look at what really happened. She suggests that we have been brainwashed from the very beginning moments of the tragedy into believing the story we were being told on television. She shows us that we did not see what we thought we saw. In fact, she shows us clearly that we have been carefully deceived.

    Dr. Wood starts by examining the free-fall speed at which the buildings began to plummet, but also graphically explains that very little of the huge structures actually ended up hitting the ground. In fact, the seismic data and the very limited ground penetration and destruction proves an overwhelming amount of material of the Towers was quickly turned to a very fine dust that spread both horizontally outward and vertically upward to form large plumes that finally settled on the streets of lower Manhattan and out into the rivers. One by one, Wood dismisses the official explanation as well as some of the alternate explanations from various 9/11 truth movements.

    For me, the lack of a debris pile is the most convincing evidence that the Towers did not topple but were disintegrated on the spot in about 10 seconds each. It does not appear to be action of pulverization but more of what Dr. Wood calls „dustification”.

    She invents new and clever terms to describe what we saw that day and now see in the recorded photos. She does this in order to erase any pre-conceived ideas of what happened, telling us that the human mind always looks for answers by relating what it experiences to events it has observed before and to what is familiar to it. When the brain sees something totally new, it attempts to explain the phenomenon using what is in its memory. For this particular event, we must guard against that tendency, and descriptions using a new vocabulary help us do that. We begin to see what we thought we saw and what we were told to believe we saw in a different way. Only then can we begin to glimpse the truth of what took place.

    Addressed in the book are many unpleasant subjects that most of us do not want to remember. We start to see the people who jumped to their deaths from a new angle. We see vertical circular holes in adjacent World Trade Center buildings that we were never shown before. We see cars blocks away that were „toasted” or flipped over. We see large steel beams and columns bent, twisted, thinned and rusted in peculiar ways that heat cannot cause. We see weird fires and fuming dirt on the ground for blocks…fuming that continues for months. We see WTC Building 7 completely destroyed after 5 pm that afternoon, never having been shown to be hit by an airplane. We see steel turned to „jelly”, metal peeled, fusion of dissimilar materials, strange rounded holes in glass, and thinning and extremely rapid aging of materials in just a matter of hours. And, we read the recorded and documented testimony of dozens of first responders such as firefighters and emergency rescue workers that the debris from two 500,000+ ton Towers was almost non-existent.

    Dr. Wood goes on in the latter chapters of the book to acquaint us with something she calls the „Tesla-Hutchison Effect” and its similarities to what happened in Manhattan on 9/11. She makes a good case for the use of a directed energy weapon based on that method. It involves setting up what’s called a field effect by the interference of different types of energies concentrated on a particular target. There really is nothing new here: genius inventor Nikola Tesla demonstrated such effect a hundred years ago.

    As with Judy Wood, I, too, thought it was very strange that the Towers „came down” on 9/11, but I couldn’t put my finger on what could have really caused their demise. Now, with the release of this groundbreaking volume of work I am beginning to see the truth. I am beginning to see what I did not see before or what I was not permitted to see because of the power of immediate and incessant suggestion by the media and the government.

    I highly recommend purchasing and reading „Where Did the Towers Go?” if you dare to get a glimpse of what really happened on a day that shaped the current history of our world for at least the first decade of the 21st century.

    Alan S. Glassman


    • Mark Colquitt // February 14, 2015 at 9:17 am // Reply

      Dear Mr. Glassman/Goldstein or whoever you are.
      I sit here and wonder what shameful, disgusting and/or depraved pictures Judy Wood have of you that you would so magnanimously defend, support and blather on like a fan-boy who just busted his first nut, in support of her insanity and hack-kneed ideas.

      Many of us who have followed the 911 conspiracy theories and the various splinter groups that all support some version of why the attacks were not what the proof,facts and studies have clearly shown to be, exactly what we all watched happen that day. None of them are even remotely plausible and all are based on assumptions, distortions and outright lies. These conspiracy theories (CT’s) have all been debunked, refuted and shown to be exactly what they are: Paranoid Gobbledygook with a lesson in confirmation bias that is sure to delight sane, critical thinking people everywhere.

      That being said, the one name that has always been farthest out there in koo koo for cocoa puffs land is Judy Woods. Even the bottom feeding no planers understand she is a knucklehead. The No planers actually find someone to be too goofy for consideration. Now THAT is saying something.

      You are obviously drunk out of your mind on Judy-Booze and are unable to climb down off the ledge of this bottomless pit of cognitive failure that you are standing on and I for one want to thank you. I have been reading this material JUST to get to your comments so I can enjoy another deep and rewarding belly laugh from the epic fan-boy image you present and your unfettered support of the most ridiculous nonsense that has ever polluted the minds of the simple folk. I mean I have been laughing (literally) out loud at every sentence you type. Thank you so very much for sacrificing any good sense you once had for this buffoon person that has been commenting so vigorously throughout Myles wonderful study of all things conspiratorial and absurd. He is right on the money and you sir, are a comedian that is of the “Foster Brooks” type – drunk as shit – and for that I am eternally grateful.

      Your Pal,
      Mark Colquitt


  9. dijitalsilence // October 18, 2014 at 3:22 pm // Reply

    The only reason Judy “Wood” is still relevant.


  10. dijitalsilence

    Why emphasize Dr. Wood’s last name in quotes in the text above the back stabbing gif clip? What if this veiled reference to kill Dr. Wood was directed at President Obama? Would you want a visit from the Secret Service? BTW, the dijitalsilence post violates WordPress TOS.


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