#076 – Question Explore Discover

The League of Nerds

  Myles was asked to go the QED for a panel on communicating skeptisim online he used this chance to nab us some interviews we a bunch of people who were in attendance.

links to the people interviewed
John https://jonsleeper.wordpress.com/2014…
Haley http://hayleyisaghost.co.uk @Hayleystevens
Martin Poulter http://infobomb.org
Michael Marshall and the good thinking societies legal action against NHS http://goodthinkingsociety.org

About Myles Power (757 Articles)
Hello Internet! My name is Myles Power and I am a chemist from the North East of England, who loves to make videos trying to counter pseudoscience and debunk quackery in all of its various forms! From the hype around GMOs through to Atrazine turning the freakin’ frogs gay, I’ll try to cut through the nonsense that’s out there!

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