Golden Rice and Why You Should Not Fund Greenpeace

Without a doubt, Greenpeace has previously been a force for good. Helping to convince governments and the population as a whole the importance of protecting the rainforests and biodiversity, to stress the need for renewable energy, and to condemn the gruesome act of whale hunting – to name just a few things they’ve done. However, is that what they are going to be remembered for?

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3 Comments on Golden Rice and Why You Should Not Fund Greenpeace

  1. Gubulgaria // May 22, 2015 at 12:51 pm // Reply

    I think this is the statement from IRRI, the developers of Golden Rice 2, which explains that they’ve had to go back to the lab due to low yields –

    “The first round of MLTs was conducted using one of the most advanced versions of Golden Rice: GR2 event “R” (GR2-R). This first round took place in 2012-13 to assess how well this version of Golden Rice would perform in different locations in the Philippines. Preliminary results were mixed. While the target level of beta-carotene in the grain was attained, average yield was unfortunately lower than that from comparable local varieties already preferred by farmers.

    An important goal of the trials was to test whether the agronomic performance of the new rice variety would be acceptable to farmers. The initial results indicate that more research is needed, with greater focus on increasing yield. Based on these results, a decision has been reached to move forward from work solely focused on GR2-R to also include other versions of Golden Rice, such as GR2-E and others.”


    • er yeah, it would be better with higher yields but it meets the standard of preventing effing blindness ffs with flying colors. except for the problem that a bunch of rich white people have decided that impoverished people should be waiting for a more ideologically pure solution to come along


  2. Gubulgaria // May 22, 2015 at 12:55 pm // Reply

    And here’s another interesting page on IRRI’s website –

    “The most recent data about vitamin A deficiency in the Philippines comes from the Food and Nutrition Research Institute’s (FNRI) 7th National Nutrition Survey in 2008. Vitamin A deficiency affects 15.2% of children aged 6 months to 5 years, an improvement from the 2003 survey which found 40% of children were suffering from vitamin A deficiency. The prevalence of vitamin A deficiency among pregnant women also decreased. The exact reasons for these improvements have not been determined, but they may be the results of proven approaches to prevent vitamin A deficiency, such as vitamin A supplementation, dietary diversification, food fortification and promotion of optimal breastfeeding.”


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