Is Glyphosate “Probably Carcinogenic to Humans” ?

In May 2015 a body within the World Health Organisation (WHO) called the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) declared that Glyphosate (the key ingredient in Roundup) was probably carcinogenic. In this video Myles is joined by James, fellow co-host of the podcast The League of Nerds, to critique the findings of the IARC.


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Intro Music by Michael ‘Skitch’ Schiciano

About Myles Power (760 Articles)
Hello Internet! My name is Myles Power and I am a chemist from the North East of England, who loves to make videos trying to counter pseudoscience and debunk quackery in all of its various forms! From the hype around GMOs through to Atrazine turning the freakin’ frogs gay, I’ll try to cut through the nonsense that’s out there!

2 Comments on Is Glyphosate “Probably Carcinogenic to Humans” ?

  1. Thank you for your detailed video.

    There is a 1991 EPA memo that provides data that is more relevant than the mouse study you mention in the video.

    I’d like your feedback on this.

    You can see in the table on pancreatic adenomas that the control group had 1 case, while the three dosed groups had 8, 5, and 7 out of about 45 rats per each case (about 180 rats total). This *is* significant…. in every sense of the word. p=0.018 for the most significant one. (Btw, which fitting algorithm was used for that p value?) But they explain it away because there’s not a positive linear trend, but…. if you know some basic toxicology you know that this response is entirely possible if the mode of action has a threshold that’s lower than the lowest dose, which is probably is. So there is some pretty solid evidence for carcinogenicity.

    Did the IARC monograph mention this data? If not, why not? Does this make a difference to your assessment?

    Thanks — please, if you would, email me at if you have a comment for me. I’ll try to check back here but might forget…

    Click to access 103601-265.pdf


  2. Claus Hansen // December 11, 2015 at 3:18 pm // Reply

    Nice analysis. But please check the way you pronounce glyphosate :-)


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