Interesting Comments Left on my Video Critical of “Dr” Young’s Book ‘The pH Miracle’

When you make videos on subjects critical of 9/11 conspiracy theorists, fact checking March Against Monsanto protesters, or anything about circumcision, you can expect a fair amount of negative comments. Whilst some of these will be constructive – letting you know if you have made mistakes – the majority will be flat-out insulting or bizarre. It has got to the point now where I can pretty much predict which of my videos will have the most ‘thumbs down’ ratings and negative comments, just based on the subject and anything I say that flirts with being a little on the controversial side. There was a video, however, where the backlash took me by surprise. It was a video were I reviewed the first 30 pages of the book “The pH Miracle” which claims that you can change the pH of your blood through diet, and that this is somehow good for you.

pH Miracle Dr Robert Young

The book was written by ‘Dr’ Young – a man who got his ‘doctorate’ and other ‘qualifications’ from the same diploma mill as Gillian McKeith and ‘Dr’ Bob – the now defunct, non-accredited, distance-learning Clayton College of Natural Health. His ‘doctorate’ was in Naturopathy, which is an alternative medicine based on a belief in Vitalism. This is the belief that special energy called ‘the vital force’ guides bodily processes and discourages the use of medical drugs and surgery. The reason I only made it 30 pages in was that even I have my limits to what quack crap I can read, and 30 pages was about all I could stand before I rage-quit. The book was giving out, quite frankly, dangerous advice based on incorrect information that a GCSE student could correct. For example, ‘Dr’ Young’s medical advice is based on his belief that “bacteria can change into yeast, yeast into fungus, and fungus into mould.”. He also believes that red blood cells can “de-evolve and then re-evolve into any kind of cells the body needs – bone cells, muscle cells, skin cells, brain cells, liver cells, heart cells and so on.” and that pathogens spontaneously generate in your body.

However, unlike Gillian McKeith and ‘Dr’ Bob, Young found out first-hand what can happen when you try to impersonate a real doctor. In 1995, he drew blood from two women, claimed they were ill, then tried to sell them herbal products as a cure. He was charged with a felony for practising medicine without a licence because of this, but that did not stop him. In 2001, Young was again charged with a felony after telling a cancer patient to stop chemotherapy and use one of his products instead. Since the release of my video, Young has received 8 felony charges for practising medicine without a license and for theft. Apparently he was taking up to $50,000 for his quack treatments based on his ludicrous theory from chronically ill patients. Yet, despite all this, there are people in my comments section defending this guy.

  • that’s all belief. ( note the period) unless you have fact to offer that entire video is only opinion
  • Did you even try to eat some of the things that were high in alkalinity? You look pretty acidic plus, your over-all tone vibrates with negatively charged sound. Acidic brain damage. The “real world” would actually terrify you. There are certain ideas/theories you can at least try to experience without actually being able to SEE them in this so called real world you speak of. Your reality seems extremely unfortunate, and there had to be a reason you were drawn to the book. I’m sure it’s because you probably feel how internally imbalanced you are. Good luck!
  • An asshole defending chemo, enoough said.
  • Ha Haaa Ha . Myles Powers = You’re NOT TO BRIGHT are you. I can see why your Mum left you. The CHURCH KICKED YOU OUT .  .  Your HOMO BOYFRIEND KICKED YOU OUT .  .Please get a life . Please call AUSTRALIA and tell them to CALL U BACK. Put another Shrimp on the BAR-B.
  • How can you read only 30 pages of the book and dismiss it. Typical debunker. As I read some negatives comments it really shows the ignorance of the people.  They haven’t tested anything and say it doesn’t work, but knowing people that have tried the approach Dr. Young suggest and it has change their life. People should be more open minded.
  • No wonder you are called Miles, it’s for miles of bullshit! And as far as Powers, I thought I recognized you, Your really Austin Powers shagging your subscribers…
  • buddy, you are either mean or worse. Not to mention about the fact that you make comments on things you are not sure they are true or not. You just want to make money on YouTube. As bad as you say that book is, made people feel better and got rid of diseases doctors said are incurable. So GF YOURSELF
  • I think this presenter needs a pH balance for his neurons. pH does heal many chronic diseases except stupidity. So Dr Young can’t help this guy.
  • He’s 60 and looks more vibrant and alive and younger than you
  • Shut up what are you talking about your voice is so annoying, just give up
  • you should think about how you were created from a sperm an a egg an you evoled into the dumass u r
  • So many drs. are closed down or arrested when they go against big pharma. I was in the natural food industry for many years. The truth…getting our bodies more alkaline is healthier. End of story. Young man…you don’t now what you are talking about…You are dangerous. So many people are being helped by this way of living….Grow up and get responsible.
  • Omg, what are your credentials? This diet has changed my life. You should talk to the people curing/cured stage 4 terminal cancer with an alkaline diet. Along with supplements.
  • Chemo is a killer that is worst than the disease. This guy may just be paid by big pharma who doesn’t want you cured, just feeling better. They want you to keep buying their snake oil over and over again at a very high cost. It’s Rockefeller medicine. If they cured you, you wouldn’t need them any more. Eat healthy and fix the environment so your own body will handle battling disease and germs. Otherwise ask your doctor if you need xxxxxxxx, where xxxxxxxx is any prescription drug. Guess what happens when you use drugs? Side effects worse than the condition. You could even die and 70,000 people do every year from drugs prescribed for them.
  • You are toxic. Needs a lot of Smart water to wash this video out
  • This video is full of bullshit. I’m not talking about the book but this stupid British boring uneducated mumbo crap talking scumbag. Nothing better to do than attacking people who try to help others when the fucking medical industry fucks you up the ass.
  • well this guy is a fucking asshole britt  ( i fucking hate their patato in the mouth accent)because its absolutely true that your blood ph is what cause disease, blood acid is corrosive and over time it slowly burns your tissues and collagen,, i find it vile that whenever something true does make it to the market government hires suppressors now im not saying you can alkalise blood through eating and drinking, but alkalizing chemical  injections absolutely react in blood acids do bring youre ph over 7.35 wich is a non corrosive level and this reverses illness in any human People can also benefit from removing excess stomach bile acids through pumping.. raising pH its basically the only cure out there, obviously is promoted as bunk. – fucking right wing suppressors
  • you can’t change you blood PH? your a fucking moron you obviously know nothing. Myles Powers the Moron
  • Myles, you’re making fun of a guy who’s talking about yeast turning into a fungus and back again. This type of organism is called “dimorphic”. An example is Penicillium marneffei: At room temperature, it grows as a mold. At body temperature, it grows as a yeast.
  • This video is BS ,do you work for the big business of pharmaceutical ,You don’t look like you need to lose weight ? I’ve read this book and tried it weight came off a pound a day.and felt fab. maybe you should read the whole book before you dish it …one more thing if you think the real world is correct then why are we where we are ,people are dying every minute .get a clue Ahole!!!
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Hello Internet! My name is Myles Power and I am a chemist from the North East of England, who loves to make videos trying to counter pseudoscience and debunk quackery in all of its various forms! From the hype around GMOs through to Atrazine turning the freakin’ frogs gay, I’ll try to cut through the nonsense that’s out there!

3 Comments on Interesting Comments Left on my Video Critical of “Dr” Young’s Book ‘The pH Miracle’

  1. I think we have a long way to go Myles.


  2. Wow! A lot of sheep out their. Unable to think for themselves or think crtically. Soon Robert Young will be exposed for the true fraud that he is. Keep up the good work Myles.


  3. Don’t be blinded by science Mr Power because it’s funded by Big Pharma who what to sell drugs!


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