#143 – Cupping

The League of Nerds

Cupping, seriously… the American olympics team turned up covered in big red circles after having embraced the practice of cupping. Cupping; the alternative ‘treatment’ of using low pressure cups to give people hickies that are claimed to help treat muscle pain. Suffice to say there is no evidence that the practice works and media outlets ate it up, often reporting with no concern of effective treatments.

About Myles Power (751 Articles)
My name is Myles Power, and I run the educational YouTube channel, powerm1985. I spend what little free time I have sharing my love of SCIENCE! through home experiments, visiting sites of scientific interest, and angrily ranting at pseudoscience proponents. I am also one of the founding members of the podcast 'The League of Nerds' - which I co-host with James from 'The History of Infection'.

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