Klaas Proesmans Responds to My Email

Over the past month, I have been investigating a video of a pseudo-clinical trial held in Uganda investigating MMS’ ability to cure malaria. The video is called “LEAKED Proof the Red Cross Cured 154 Malaria Cases with MMS” and starred Klaas Proesmans, the CEO of the Water Reference Centre, and Leo Koehof, who is said to be the “author and publisher on health related topics” in the blurb. The video was shown to me as proof of MMS’ miraculous properties by a man trying to circumvent eBay, who forbids the sale of MMS on its platform, by contacting me directly via email. Since then, I have tried to get in contact with the people and organisation involved with the “trial” and had limited success. Both the Ugandan Red Cross and Klaas’ Water Reference Centre have failed to reply to my emails however, I successfully contacted the editor of the video. He shed a little light on the subject and was willing to send me the raw footage so long as I got permission from its owner, Klaas. Unfortunately, Klaas declined in an email I can only describe as very telling, and then failed to respond to any of my following emails.

Klaas Proesmans

Klaas Proesmans

That was until, out of the blue, I received an email from Klaas, who seemed to be enraged that I gad made contact with Pepijn Van Erp, a fellow blogger who has done fantastic work uncovering what really happened in this pseudo-clinical trial. Normally I do not publish emails between myself and the people I am investigating, but I think it’s important that people who may be fooled by this dangerous alternative medicine see the calibre of person Klaas is.

Dear Mr Power,

I have put some of my contacts in bcc, from whom I cannot disclose the names, as you may abuse their emails addresses

It came to my attention that after my answer, you felt the need to get to me through other ways, such as Pepijn Van Erp.
I repeat: do the research yourself so you dont have to depend on the opinions of others and hearsaying etc.
If you wish to bring down a certain person, friend or enemy, I will not take part.
If you wish to cure malaria, there is only one way: DO The researchbYOURSELF, I am willing to assist if you get the funding.
But stop reading and repeating stuff from other perrots…

After reading this email, I decided that I had to be more forceful with my reply in an attempt to coax more information from him. I also wanted a quick reply, so I made it seem like the ball was already in motion at my end and if he was to continue to evade the questions and be generally unhelpful, that it would not look too favourably on him or his company, The Water Refrence Centre, which plays a predominant role in the video. I realise now, in retrospect, that when Klass had mentioned ‘BCC’, he didn’t mean an organisation, but the BCC email function…

Dear Klaas,
I dont know who the BCC are and I never asked Pepijn Van Erp to contact you.

The fact of the matter is that both you and your company (The Water Reference Centre) are involved and if you continue to be unhelpful my video (which is going to get sent to 47k people) is going to reflect poorly on the both of you.

I know how the data was manipulated to make it look like you cured all those people of malaria. All I need is for you to accurately answer to the best of your knowledge the following questions or to give me permission to use the footage.

1) Can you let me know which blood tests were performed, how many were performed, and the time scale of these tests?
2) Why were the Red Cross there? At the end of the video, Leo tell us that you claimed they just happened to be there.
3) In one of the videos said that 11 people tested positive after receiving the MMS but were cured on the third day. Is this true?

Soon after sending this email I received a response from Klaas who, rather than answer my very simply question or give me permission, wrote a rambling response which was over 1000 worlds long.

Dear sir

You still talk about what “you” need and consider yourself as superior to me or others and seem to disrespect the wishes or the “wants” of other people. Superiority because you insinuate I am not helping mankind and you on the other hand with your obscure little group of revengeful people with some unknown qualifications and self-proclaimed “truth police”… without even its own proper lab, only copying from other people…very much like students at an exam copying the answers from their neighbors without checking the results for themselves…, you are ‘the man’, you emphasize my ‘duties’ and not my rights, you are patronizing me.  Good for you, I take note, nothing more… I owe you nothing.

You cannot say I am unhelpful: I have explained you in detail why I am not interested, you ignore my arguments and show disrespect for my position as a researcher, because you keep coming up with the same arguments and justifications, as if I have never answered you – very disrespectful. Again:  I have read about possible side-effects of treating water with ClO2 gas and investigated myself. Which I considered to be more truthful than imitating other ‘researchers’, I checked myself if it works or not. The results of that study are not yet conclusive today and are subject to further investigations, it can be done if the funds and interests present themselves. I have not made any public claims and will not do so and I take distance from any publication on the matter. I say again like it says on my websites: we take distance not from ClO2 but from any publication around it. But I feel no duty to share this with some unknown people in its incomplete version.

If I have made any statement so far, it was in my (stolen) private footage and those statements were made before we found out other stuff in our research,and that is why they cannot be public – they are no more valid today. for example: at the time of
the internal statement, we had not yet tested the enzymes in the blood and that is the only secure way of claiming a person is freed from malaria. And so, as we had not yet tested on enzymes, all our findings and claims only deserved an interim statement and not yet a conclusive one. That is why my camera statement are to be considered a reflection of our findings at that point in time, which is now by far outdated. But the results on symptoms and parasites in the blood were at that moment clear and needed further research , that remains.
In the meantime there is no problem with the real issue, being malaria, because I have many natural solutions for that. So, if you seek the truth you can build further on my research if you have the funds, but what I have done so far is not ready for publication or public debate. It is like one would be judging a car solely on its engine performance without checking all components such as tires, fuselage, steering , aerodynamics etc…

You create some wrong assumptions:  “the fact of the matter is that both…” : Peeeeeuuuuut. Wrong, what fact? Where did you check that fact?? it is not because I am CEO of WRC that this  WRC is involved, I am also member of different other associations and they are also not involved…. You see, any good researcher or journalist checks his facts from at least two or three different and objective sources before going public. But not you… I wonder how the US got a president like they have now… ;-) or how the UK got an exit against the will of the majority…

The purpose of what you want to do with my footage does not interest me as no footage can add value to the truth of the core of this file, nor does it bring any enlightment to any cause… you just want to prove mr A or mr B right or wrong. And that does not interest a genuine researcher. You are not interested in the faith of those who are suffering. Because if you did, you would interview and check on those who claim that ClO2 really works like Mr Humble himself (who is very approachable) instead of focusing on the works of other researchers and truthseekers.

It is not because you get a ‘no’ from me on your request that I am not helpful. You just don’t get it. Maybe I am being helpful but you just don’t see it… I have politely answered you. If your mum says no to you, is she being unhelpful? Not necessary… you just think so, because it does not match your expectations…and you become frustrated. But from an objective point of view she may be just very helpful. The understanding of that, makes all the difference between a researcher and a good researcher, between a journalist and a good journalist.

When I said I would not release the footage to you, I asked you why you would not perform the test yourself. You have not answered me. Instead, you throw a whole list of other questions at me and start threatening me with your 47k army…how ironic does that sound… I guess you come from a country like US and you can try to impress me with telling me how such a person can get elected for president, probably mainly through the media and their demonising skills – your field it seems…or you come from UK, where the Brexit is caused mainly by the same demonizing… but not one media in the US or the UK has focused upon the roots of the problem, so tell me, why would I work with a group that needs to convince its 47k army just by some outdated footage and not with some serious self performed research. That would be some real POWER to change…I guess you’re just afraid of the real truth…

Since when is scientific proof based upon some youtube films??? How can you proof if ClO2 works with some footage? It is not possible, at best you can bring down or glorify some persons… that does not concern me.

You can come to Belgium and watch all footage yourself. That would be ok to me. But maybe, you can get to the bottom of this and have a look at the medical reports, the official statements etc etc which have nothing to do with footage but with the core of the question. Does it or does it not work. You, dear sir, are asking the wrong questions to the wrong person. And that can mean only a few things. Or, you are on  crusade against a person, or you don’t know what you’re talking about. Bot for sure you are not interested in the core, “does it cure a body from parasites or not?”, and that is what interested me at the time.

And none of this is personal. In fact the footage was just business, I hired 3 camera –crews and paid for it. If I were convinced that this footage would add to enlightenment, I would surely share it, but, dear sir, I would still charge you for it. Just like I had to pay for it…I am sure you can get a refund in your 47k army by going around with your coin-basket…. Ask me if you can buy the footage from me, why don’t you ask me that or make me an offer?

And I am very thankful to you. You are re-igniting an old fire in  me. I fire that I thought was gone. Maybe I will continue and finish the research on this matter.

Looking forward to welcoming you in Flanders and bring something to eat, there is a lot of footage.

Klaas Proesmans

I think it is important that this email is public because it shows with no doubt what the editor of the video was trying to hide. That Klaas is just like any other quack out there trying to sell his own brand of bullshit and desperately tries to avoid answering basic questions out of the fear that it would expose his “clinical trial” to be a sham.

About Myles Power (763 Articles)
Hello Internet! My name is Myles Power and I am a chemist from the North East of England, who loves to make videos trying to counter pseudoscience and debunk quackery in all of its various forms! From the hype around GMOs through to Atrazine turning the freakin’ frogs gay, I’ll try to cut through the nonsense that’s out there!

1 Comment on Klaas Proesmans Responds to My Email

  1. Sometimes I wonder why journalists are quick to label people they disagree with as quacks! Why not simply present the facts and let your readers, some of whom maybe more informed on the subject than yourself, to draw their own conclusions! I agree with Micky in his summation.
    I think the problem with Myles is that he is writing emotively and not as a scientist. Chlorine Dioxide is NOT bleach. A simple Wikipedia search will help you in this. This kind of approach, labelling or shaming others is used to confuse the uninformed, and shoot or shut down constructive debates. It’s so unhelpful and exposes the investigator as ignorant or with some undeclared agenda. It has put me off from mainstream media! MMS/ CDS is approved by the FDA for use in many ways and licensed for pharma use. Check out frontierpharm.com
    I wonder who you really work for, Mr Power?


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