Debunking The Holocaust Denial Documentary Judea Declares War on Germany (Part 2)

Boycott of Germany, the Crucifixion of Jews, and Faked Documents

The Holocaust denialist documentary Judea Declares War on Germany is quite possibly one of the most insidious pieces of media I have ever had the misfortune of coming into contact with. I originally watched it for an episode of The League of Nerds – a weekly podcast I do with fellow nerds, James Gurney and Buck Mulligan, where we like to watch scientifically inaccurate documentaries and then rip them apart. For some time, we have been wanting to cover the subject of Holocaust denialism, but put it off as we knew it would be emotionally exhausting. When we did eventually take the plunge (episode embedded below) and saw the depths some will go to in order to justify their bigotry, we were naturally enraged.

TLoN Episode 195

I was so taken back by what I saw that I decided that it would be the subject of my next few videos. I immediately began writing a blog post debunking what I consider to be the star of the documentary, Gerald Fredrick Töben’s strongest and, coincidentally, most misleading arguments. However, because the documentary is so tightly crammed with bulls**t that it runs the risk of collapsing in on itself like a neutron star, I was only able to cover a fraction of what is mentioned in the first 15 minutes.

So, let’s once again continue down the rabbit hole and expose more examples of Töben and the unknown Australian narrator bending time and space. This time, let’s tackle their claims that Nazi Germany was forced to put Jews in concentration camps, and that the allies faked documents to make it look as if they were gassing them.

 Boycott of Germany and Why Jews Were Put in Concentration Camps

As was already mentioned in the first blog post, Töben is a fan of rewriting history for the purpose of expunging Nazi Germany of any responsibility for their actions. After trying to convince us that they had no choice when it came to the invasion of Poland, he next tries to prove to us that Nazi German was forced to put Jews into concentration camps, and that it is in-fact the Jews who are to blame.

Töben begins by talking about the Madagascar Plan, which was a proposal by the Nazi Germany government to relocate the Jewish population of Europe to the island of Madagascar. He states that international Zionists organised a boycott against Germany in response to the deportation, forcing them to not only stop, but send back all those they sent condemning them to the concentration camps.

“The international Zionists fearing their influence in Europe was dwindling fast met in Amsterdam in 1933 and demanded Hitler stop the deportations immediately and take all Jews back. When Hitler defied their demands International Zionists represented by Samuel Untermyer then declared world wide war and boycott on Germany. Hoping to maintains some form of power in Europe the international Zionists managed to sabotage and stop the immigration of thousands of Jews there by condemning these fellow Jews to impairment and concentration camps”

The only problem here is that the Madagascar Plan was proposed in June of 1940 – 7 years after the 1933 Anti-Nazi boycott, and 10 months into the war. Lets also not forget that Madagascar, during the time of the boycott, was a French colony which Germany had no jurisdiction over. It was only after the fall of France that this plan became an option, however, because of the British naval blockade, it was not viable and was eventually shelved in 1942 with the commencement of the Final Solution. So how, I ask you, could a pre-war Germany send thousands of Jews to an island they had no control over? They could not, and they did not, Töben!

“After all the Jews were engaged in a self declared war against Germany and this made them enemies within their own country”

Here Töben quite clearly is trying to vilify the Jews and turn them into moustache-twirling villains by completely ignoring why a worldwide organised economic boycott against German goods took place. It was in response to Hitler’s anti-Semitic policies against Jewish people, and not some “international Zionism that wanted to destroy Germany and Hitler” as Töben stated. It also ignores the fact that not every Jewish person supported the boycott. The Central Jewish Association of Germany believed that the Nazi government was not deliberately provoking anti-Semitic programs, and had fought against the Jewish boycott.

Later in the documentary, the unknown narrator repeats what Töben has said about the anti-Nazi boycott of 1933, before adding his own two cents.

“Hitler hit back by ordering Jews to identify themselves as enemy’s of the Reich by wearing the yellow star. When Hitler marched into Poland to stop the atrocities Britain and France declared war and the Jews who had also openly declared war on Germany were interned in camps, as any nation would do to any enemy”

And what about the homosexuals? Did they declare war on Germany too, and therefore were interned like any nation would do? What about the pacifists, Roma, the mentally ill, and Jehovah’s Witnesses?

The first concentration camps erected immediately after Hitler became Chancellor were to house so-called “enemies of the state.” Most prisoners in the early concentration camps were German Communists, Socialists, Social Democrates, Roma, Jehovah’s Witneses, homosexuals, and people accused of socially deviant behaviour. It was not until Germany’s annexation of Austria in 1938 that they started to imprison Jews in concentration camps. If these people really were enemies, why did they wait 5 years after the boycott to imprison them?

The Crucifixion of Jews Must Stop

Next, the documentary goes a little off-course when it begins to talk about an article published in the American Hebrew title “The Crucifixion of Jews Must Stop”. In the article, the author refers to the poor condition of European Jews after World War I as a potential “holocaust”, and asserts that “six million Jewish men and women are starving across the seas”. What makes this interesting is that it was published in 1919 – 14 years before Hitler rose to power. This section of the documentary is called “How many times can 6 million people die in a holocaust?”

The documentary highlights everywhere in the article it says “holocaust” and “six million”, as if to say “Ah ha! Do you see? DO YOU SEE?”, but what are we meant to see apart from an interesting coincidence? Are we meant to believe Jewish people always had a plan to fake a genocide and, after their first attempt failed, they thought they would give it another shot two decades later? The documentary never says, it simply implies that something nefarious is afoot, and leaves the viewer to connect the dots.

This is such a ridiculous point to bring forward because of the small fact that not everyone calls the Holocaust the Holocaust, and some use the term more broadly to include the millions of people who died in these camps who weren’t Jewish. Lets not forget that about 3.3 to 3.5 million Soviet prisoners of war died in the camps, which brings the total to well above 6 million.

Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler, accompanied by an entourage of SS personnel, inspects a prison-camp for Soviet prisoners-of-war in the fall of 1941.

Lets also talk about the word “Holocaust”. The word holocaust means “a burnt sacrifice offered to a god”, which is why some people have a problem with the term – believing it to be inappropriate to describe what happened. Some prefer the term Shoah, meaning calamity, whilst others prefer the final solution of the Jewish question, or simply the final solution.

However, the term holocaust is here to stay and now has become a synonym for genocide. Even before the second world war, it was being used in this way.  For example, when Winston Churchill used it to describe the Armenian Genocide, or like how Martin Glynn, the author of The Crucifixion of Jews Must Stop, used it in his article.

Faked Documents and No Orders to Kill the Jews

An interesting and surprising fact that holocaust deniers love to bring up is that we have been unable to find a single signed document from Hitler ordering the industrial murder of Jews. There are many reasons for this, such as that the Nazi regime were very secretive about the Final Solution and did not want to leave an evidence trail that could antagonise the German population or the leadership of other countries. Many documents were purposefully destroyed during Germany’s retreat to help hide their atrocities, and there wasn’t one final solution but a variety of operations that evolved over time with the same goal – to exterminate all of the Jews under German control. This is a cornerstone of revisionist movements, and it was only a matter of time before the subject was going to be brought up in the documentary.  However, it goes the extra mile and states that not only do we not have any written instruction from Hitler, but what little paper trail evidence we have has been faked by the allies.

“When Germany was defeated in 1945, the allies captured over three thousand tonnes of written material. But nowhere in this material did any researcher find any orders or plans from the Nazi hierarchy to kill Jews. At the Nuremberg trials, the only evidence presented to the courts as proof that such a plan existed were the so called Wannsee Protocols. Wannsee is a beautiful, wooded suburb of Berlin, and it is claimed that on the 20th of January, 1942, a group of top Nazi officials, under the leadership of SS-Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heidrich, met in a large villa to discuss the the final solution of the Jewish question. The prosecution alleged that the final solution alluded to a plan devised by the Nazi leadership to eliminate as many European Jews as they could get their hands on. Copies of these protocols are on show in various museums around the world, but only native Germans reading them would notice that whoever wrote these protocols had very little understanding of German grammar, or secretarial skills. The so- called Wannsee Protocols are badly done fakes. Of course, after the war, the allies had full access to all official Nazi stamps, typewriters, letterheads, and everything needed to create fake documents that could have been better than originals. But in the case of the Wannsee Protocols, the faking was done so badly that today they would be laughed out of court. So the only document that was ever presented to the world as proof of an official Nazi murder plan is a document made by an amateur crook.”

If you say you can’t trust the authenticity of Wannsee Protocols because after the war the allies had access to rubber-stamps, typewriters, and letterheads, and therefore could have faked it, then what document can you ever trust? The answers from these holocaust deniers should be none because they all can be faked, but they don’t do this – instead, this scepticism is only used to discredit incriminating documents that don’t back up their views on the holocaust. In contrast, captured documents they believe helps prove their warped interpretation of history are are naturally considered authentic.

Wannsee Protocol

When the document says that there are grammatical errors in the protocol, this might have something to do with the fact that the author of them, Adolf Eichmann, was from Austria. Thus, from a linguistic point of view, phrasing and expressions here and there typical of Austrian German are evidence of Eichmann’s authorship of the Protocol, not against it.

At this point I am feeling exhausted and am going to take a break and pick it up in my next blog post.

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  1. Do you believe in the holocaust?


  2. Myles I’m sure u’ve seen this but it will take down some of the technical arguments the neo nazis use to defend the “u can’t gas that many ppl” argument”. Also, be sure to include the reason why so many ppl could be incinerated; It was essentially a concentrated pyre. u didn’t need coal or wood because human remains became the fuel. Very grisly but there it is. Anti Semitism is growing and growing ur doing some very important work here.


  3. David O Ryan // March 5, 2018 at 2:19 am // Reply

    I don’t really care if the German government murdered 1 jew or 6 million jews. It was 63 years ago why do people still argue about this? I’m sure you have your opinion derived from facts that can’t be proven due to the allies interference in the evidence gathered 63 years ago. On the other hand the revisionists have had 63 years to gather facts to disprove what became fact by witnesses who wanted nothing more than to completely destroy the German people and their country at the time. The only real opinion I have against the holocaust believers is the way they interpret the mass killings taking place. There is no way humanly possible that in the 1940’s or even in the 2000’s that a government could exterminate 6 million people in five years and not have left any trace of large amounts of human remains.

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  4. Your article provides no evidence that the alleged Jewish holocaust happened according to the script. What was your point?

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  5. anti-Semite // May 28, 2018 at 3:33 am // Reply



  6. You’ve done a terrible job debunking the documentary.

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