Biting the Hand That Feeds You – Those Who Oppose The Green Revolution

I started off with the intention of recording an eloquent video about those who oppose the green revolution? but it turned into more of a rant. I am lucky enough to live in a part of the world in a time where I would have to go out of my way to experience the physical sensation of hunger. It is a luxury that few in history have had, and one that I have never taken for granted, however, some do. There are people out there who view their high standard of living, where they have easy access to relatively cheap nutritional food, as the baseline. They have no appreciation, in fact I would go as so far as to say that some have a disdain, for the very technology that is allowing them to live so well. They fetishise the past and yearn for a time when everything was grown organically, without fertilisers or pesticides and there was no hunger… a time that never existed! Despite having a child-like understanding of food production, they believe they have the right to dictate how the less fortunate grow their food, all the while safe in the knowledge that no matter what they do/say, it will not affect them. These are the people who oppose the technological advances made during the Green Revolution and who, if they ever got their way, would be responsible for the death of over a billion people and the malnutrition of many more.

About Myles Power (760 Articles)
Hello Internet! My name is Myles Power and I am a chemist from the North East of England, who loves to make videos trying to counter pseudoscience and debunk quackery in all of its various forms! From the hype around GMOs through to Atrazine turning the freakin’ frogs gay, I’ll try to cut through the nonsense that’s out there!

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