A Brief History of Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS)

American pastor, Robert Baldwin, financially backed by British former clairvoyant, Sam Little, is running a network that has given up to 50,000 Ugandans a “miracle cure” sent directly from God. The panacea in question is made from an industrial bleach used in the textile industry, known as chlorine dioxide, but is marketed in the extreme alternative health world as ‘Miracle Mineral Solution’ (MMS). Baldwin, however, out of fear of legal ramifications, calls the toxic fluid “healing water” and instructs his victims that under no circumstances are they to call it a medicine, but instead a “gift from God”. Using purposely flawed methodology, Baldwin and his cohorts have performed unsanctioned human experiments, where they conned hordes of vulnerable people into consuming relatively large quantities of this bleach. All of this would have gone under the radar if it weren’t for the vanity of Sam, who began gloating about the experiments to people like myself, which has eventually led to the Uganda Ministry of Health becoming involved. However, before we talk about the events currently happening in Uganda, it’s important to understand not only what MMS is, but the events that led to these new series’ of human experiments.

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My name is Myles Power, and I run the educational YouTube channel, powerm1985. I spend what little free time I have sharing my love of SCIENCE! through home experiments, visiting sites of scientific interest, and angrily ranting at pseudoscience proponents. I am also one of the founding members of the podcast 'The League of Nerds' - which I co-host with James from 'The History of Infection'.

3 Comments on A Brief History of Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS)

  1. Anonymous // June 4, 2019 at 9:41 pm // Reply

    The MMS issue is going to escalate from there.


    For proof


  3. Joshua Robertson // April 24, 2020 at 9:39 pm // Reply

    Trump is a fan of MMS I guess. The chances that he saw his dumb cult followers pushing this garbage is not zero.


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