American Pastor, Robert Baldwin, Conned up to 50,000 Ugandans into Drinking Bleach by Telling Them It Was a “Gift from God”

A new series of bogus medical trials, in which desperate Ugandans were fed an industrial bleach by cultists after being told it was a “gift from God”, has been exposed, due in part to one of the organisers. Sam Little from Arlesey in Bedfordshire, who partially funded this new series of human experiments, gloated about what he had done online in the hopes of getting the same admiration as his counterparts. On questioning, Sam revealed the name of the man in charge; an American Pastor by the name of Robert Baldwin, who knew what he was doing was wrong, and went out of his way to hide his actions from the authorities. This is the story of how he was able to hide what he was doing for so long, and how he was able to poison so many people in such a small amount of time.

pastor Robert Baldwin

American pastor Robert Baldwin

Robert Baldwin is an American pastor from Burlington County, New Jersey. He trained as a student nurse, but failed to graduate after becoming disillusioned with modern medicine, favouring alternative treatments instead.

In a phone conversation with Fiona O’Leary, a campaigner against quack medicine who spoke to him whilst posing as a freelance journalist (video below), Baldwin said that he became convinced of MMS’ divine medical properties after watching the 2012 Red Cross pseudo-clinical trial video on YouTube. Soon after, Baldwin took it upon himself to travel to Uganda to both promote and distribute this toxic substance.

Worried about the possible legal ramifications of promoting MMS as a panacea, and not wanting to attract the attention of the Ugandan government, Baldwin took inspiration from the Genesis II cult and formed The Global Healing Christian Mission. This new “church” advertised itself as “using the power of almighty God” to heal the sick with “natural healing techniques”, which Baldwin imported in bulk from China. He told O’Leary that he was “directed by the Holy Spirit” to start his ministry, however, he would later go on to imply that the sole reason for creating it was for legal, rather than spiritual reasons.

“Yeah, low-key. That’s why I set it up through the church, so it’s more a spiritual application. So that’s-, that’s one of the reasons why Jim… Jim and Mark started the church, because they wanted to get the protection of the laws which govern the church. I did not totally agree with calling it a sacrement, so that is why I never became an official member of Genesis II.“

Believing that God told him that he “had enough knowledge”, and that he “needed to go about getting things done”, Baldwin travelled to Uganda where he used his connections with churches in the area to promote MMS. He declined to discuss how a he, a New Jersey-based pastor, became connected to ministers in Africa, except to say that he is part of a network of Christians around the world.

Whilst in Uganda, Baldwin purposely avoided contact with medical professionals, believing that they would contact pharmaceutical companies who would then bribe officials to shut him down.

“We don’t try to engage with the hospitals at all. Because, you see, you have to stay under the radar of the drug company.”

“We don’t want to actively get them involved. We don’t want to seek them out. When you-, when you start reaching out to the hospitals and try to develop partnerships with them, what happens is the drug company finds out, and all they have to do is go bribe the health ministry officials to shut you down.”

This was the same reason why he did not contact the media, despite finding a game-changing magical medical tonic with divine healing properties.

“No because we don’t want to draw any attention. See, when you draw attention to MMS on a large scale, you run the risk of getting in trouble with either the government or the drug companies, or both.”

Finally, to prevent those he was conning from discovering that they were drinking an industrial bleach with no known medical applications, he rebranded MMS as “healing water”.

“They purposely put out disinformation to discourage people from actually, erm, you know, trying it. So, that’s why I don’t call it MMS, I call it healing water.”

This also had the added bonus of avoiding the attention of social media algorithms, where he raised money through online donations.

Fundraising post on the Global Healing Christian Missions Facebook page

Under The Global Healing Christian Mission banner, Baldwin trained roughly 1,200 Ugandan clerics on how to administer the “miracle cure”. Their training on how to cure all of mans diseases lasted aproximately 7 hours, in which they were shown the 2012 Red Cross pseudo-clinical trial video, and testimony after testimony.

Baldwin, knowing the power of testimonials, encouraged those he trained to record as many as they could in the hopes of convincing others who attended his training sessions.  In the video ‘GHCM President Shares the Global Healing Vision’, he talked about the importance of his trainees and how they can be used to “defeat the enemy”.

“Okay, so we’ve heard the testimony. The bible says the way to defeat the enemy is with the blood of the lamb and the power of your testimony. Amen. And not loving your life until death. So when you treat people in your church, make sure you allow time for testimony. Every Sunday, the new people in here would like you to give your testimony so that others can believe. This is very very important. Okay. Now, we’re going to be going over global healing, and the vision God gave me for this ministry.”

At the end of their training, they were given a certificate, bus fair, and told to distribute this cure-all to their congregation.

As an incentive to promote this industrial bleach to as many people as possible, Baldwin gave smartphones to those who were especially “committed” to spreading the bleach cure. In the video ‘Global Healing Meeting with the Pastors’, Baldwin, on camera, pledges a mobile phone to a Pastor who has “treated” 790 people.

“And, um, as a special challenge, what we are going to do is we are going to issue a smart phone for those who are committed. Because we want people who are committed. So, for example, Pastor Julius has treated 719 people since he was trained in November. That is absolutely unbelievable, and a glory to God. So, yes, thank you Julius. So, as a special token, I want to give him a cell phone. So I am pledging to give him a cell phone right now.”

In a later video, Baldwin informs us that Pastor Julius went on to treat 1,500 people using MMS.

This is a good and blessed gift. And you have to-, once you get this information, you have to use it. You have to treat the people. Bishop Wassim has treated over 800 people since February ’18. Pastor here, Julius, has treated about 1500 people since November of last year. The vision of global healing is to have people saved from sickness and disease.”

To hide his actions, Baldwin told his victims that under no circumstances are they to refer to MMS as a medicine, in the hopes of avoiding the attention of the Ugandan Health Ministry.

“The first thing I want you to understand is this is not a medicine. It is not a drug.  Medicine and drugs are made from man. This is not from man. Do not call it a medicine or a drug. Because if you call it a medicine or a drug, the health ministry will demand a license and authority to treat people. This is very important, this is not a medicine. Drugs are made from ma-, drug companies, and they are manipulated by the enemy. The drugs they make you take for the rest of your life. And pay the money, like for diabetes, you have to take insulin for the rest of your life, right? You have to take blood pressure medicine for the rest of your life, so they continue to profit from your suffering. Now, the mineral, you don’t have to take it, but for one week, two weeks, three weeks, and you’re healed! In Jesus’ mighty name!”

MMS is a 28% sodium chlorite solution in distilled water that, when mixed with an acid, generates chlorine dioxide. Sodium chlorite, the compound Baldwin shipped in bulk from China, is synthesised indirectly from sodium chlorate. There is nothing natural about MMS, and contrary to what Baldwin is saying, it is made from man.

To discourage those he was training from seeking medical advice, Baldwin told them that Satan had used his powers to manipulate the drug companies to not heal the sick. He said that they only cared about making money, and encouraged his students to take control of their health from the medical establishment.

“Satan is the god of this world, and he has manipulated the drug companies to not heal disease – they are not concerned about curing disease. All they care about is making money and billions and billions of dollars while we suffer. The bible says that he created the church, and upon this rock, the gates of hell will not stand against him. So, I need warriors. I need fighters. People who are going to fight back. Are you warriors? Do I have any fighters here today? I wanna hear louder than that! Yes!  Fight! Stand up!”

In total, Baldwin’s network gave up to 50,000 Ugandans this bogus cure-all. The reason they were so successful, other than the steps they took to hide their actions from the Ugandan authorities, was down to Baldwin’s genius idea to incorporate MMS into people’s religion. No longer was this toxic substance to be marketed as a powerful drug, it was now a gift from God! Unlike his predecessors, Baldwin did not have to rely on quack misinfomation to sell his panacea, as now he had the authority of God, who personaly told him of MMS’s biblical properties.

“The drug companies and the government do not care about whether or not you live or die. You go to the hospital, they have no medicine. If they do have medicine, can you afford it? Yes or no. So, you get sick and you just suffer. The devil does not want to see people heal. Correct? Who do we get our help from? We get our help from God almighty in heaven. We’d love to heal for him. That is why he has given this gift of knowledge. Because many years, I’ve prayed for understanding because the bible said Jesus came to die for our sins on the cross. But the bible also said that he bore our sicknesses and diseases, so I prayed to the lord, and I said, ‘Lord, why are people still dying?!’ He answered, and said, ‘Becuse Satan is god of this world.’  And I said, ‘I want the knowledge to fight back against Satan because you came to give life, Lord. Abundant life. So, give me the knowledge. Josiah, chapter 6. My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. In Peter it says every good gift comes from God.”

This is why in many of the photos taken on the training days, you will often find a bleach alter.

There is no doubt in my mind that Baldwin knew that what he was doing was wrong. Why else would he go to such extreme lengths to hide his actions from the Ugandan government and medical community. What makes it worse is that, unlike other quacks, Baldwin did not pretend that the science was on his side. He knew there was no scientific evidence to back up his ludicrous claims, but he doesn’t care because he had faith.  

“It’s not so much backlash, it’s just-, People in the United States are more difficult to convince because, you know, it’s not supported through scientific, FDA… it’s not approved by the FDA, and I get a lot of push back from people that say, ‘well if it was really for real, then everybody… then every body would…. they’d never be able to suppress it if it cures all these diseases. So, it’s just a matter of education and belief. You know, you have to believe. you have to actually believe that it’s going to work.”

Baldwin, like all extreme health quacks, spouts the mantra, “pain is healing”, to his victims who are suffering from the effects of ingesting this industrial bleach. He says that the discomfort is not a direct result of your body interacting with this corrosive substance, but from toxins released from parasites within their system after it kills them. Therefore, the more cure-all tonic they ingest, the more parasites will be killed, and the more pain they will feel as their immune system and body become overwhelmed. This explanation is identical to that of Danny Glass and his turpentine therapy, Justine Iannello Haynes and her hydrogen peroxide therapy, and Jillian Mac Thi Epperly and her Jilly Juice.

“No the only side effect is called a herxheimer reaction which is erm. Thoses are for people who are very very because it kills the micro-organisms so fast erm the the the your body is not able to eliminate the toxic micro-organisms dead micro-organisms so it gives you nausea or diarrhea so in order to reduce the nausea or eliminate it you simply refuse the number of drops.”

Despite what Sam would have you believe in his now-deleted YouTube video, there is a reason why bleach pushers keep returning to Uganda to test their quackery on vulnerable people. The first reason is that most don’t have access to technology that would allow them to fact check what these westerners are saying. The second reason is that they know it’s easier to go under the radar of the Ugandan government. Sam himself admitted to a reporter for the Guardian that he would not be allowed to conduct his “field study” in the UK or US, and said something similar in a conversation we had. The third reason is that they know just how desperate these people are.

Sam’s response when asked if he needed permission to test MMS on people

It is not clear how Baldwin was able to fund his bleach-pushing network, as he never charged for MMS. He did accept donations through a Facebook fundraising page, though the sums of money donated seem small. What we do know is that Sam donated $10,000 of his savings to help fund Baldwin’s church and, in return, he got a front row seat to the madness that was unfolding in Uganda.

Personally, I believe that Baldwin and his cohorts saw Sam as nothing more than, for lack of a better term, a useful idiot. He was their cash cow who they kept around so long as he was paying. In Sam’s own video, which was meant to catapult him into stardom, you can see their disdain for him and, at times, you get the distinct impression that they are annoyed by his presence. They have no respect for him, and why would they? Sam was not the one bringing this magical medical cure to the people of Uganda; nor was he the one organising this “field study”. Yes, he was always the one front and center wanting to be the next big thing in the extreme alternative health world, but there was always Baldwin pulling the strings in the shadows. 

Below is a picture of Sam with Robert Baldwin in the background, which is proven by a second image taken at the exact same time.


When several newspapers ran stories about the trials and the poisoning of up to 50,000 people with MMS, the Ugandan government started to take notice. In an attempt to hide the evidence of his crimes, Baldwin removed posts from his Facebook account and disabled his Global Healing Christian Mission website. When questioned why he did this if he had nothing to hide, he said he was “demonised by people who do not understand the science behind the natural medicines”. 

“I had to shut everything down. I’m getting hate e-mail. People are calling me Satan,”

Luckily, I just so happened to take copies of most things Baldwin posted to his Facebook before he had time to delete them, which can be found by clicking here here.

At the moment, Baldwin, unlike his counterparts, is back home in New-Jersey, shying away from limelight hiding behind the line “I just educate. I don’t treat anybody.” While it may be true that he did not physically hold anyone down and shove bleach down their throats, he did “treat” people with this industrial bleach. He told them that it had magical properties, and that it was a gift from God, capable of not only curing malaria, but cancer, HIV, high blood pressure, blindness, and Hepatitis-B (which according to Baldwin is contracted through the sin of sexual intercourse). He treated these people and, like the snake that he is, he is lying through his teeth.

There is no happy ending to this story. Yes, as a result of attention being brought to the mass poisoning of 50,000 Ugandans, companies like Amazon are no longer allowing MMS material to be sold on their platform. Social media giants like Facebook and Youtube are also cracking down on quacks who use their sites to spread misinformation. A perfect example of this is Danny Glass, whose channel was deleted as a direct result of one of the journalists involved contacting YouTube over his potentially lethal content. And yes, we have brought more awareness to this dangerous cult, which is a good thing, but Baldwin remains a free man. Until the American government steps up and takes action against one of their citizens for conning tens of thousands of vulnerable people into drinking bleach, the message to all quacks out there is that you can do what you want to people in the developing world and get away with it! 

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  2. Bryan Southern // July 23, 2020 at 9:06 pm // Reply

    You’re an evil fucker aren’t you. You’ve twisted the truth about MMS either because you’re in bed with big pharma or maybe, you’re just a really bad person.
    MMS is a godsend. A godsend. Anyone that actively lies about it is evil in my books.
    I’ve cured prostatitus, arthritis, black widow spider bite, kidney diseaes, colds, flus’, ect. ect.
    You probably haven’t even tried it.
    You will burn in hell.


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