The Death Rattle of the Bleach Cult

In March of this year I started my Capitalising on Corona series, in which I pointed a spotlight on the disinformation distributors who have been exploiting the ongoing pandemic to push their agenda and sell their snake-oil. In my third instalment I once again covered old ground and talked about the Genesis II cult and their bleach sacrament (Miracle Mineral Supplement, MMS) after president Donald Trump stunned the world with his comments about injecting. Naturally, the bleach pushers, who have in the past actually injected people with bleach, saw the presidents off-the-cuff remarks as an endorsement and went into PR overdrive. However, unbeknown to the cultists like Mark Grenon and his sons, Trump’s ramble would mark the beginning of the end for them, as for the first time they had gained the attention of the general public, who were not happy with what they saw. 

Mark Grenon

In the past I have talked a lot about ex-Scientologist and leader of the Genesis II cult Jim Humble, but I have rarely talked about the “churches” co-founder Mark Grenon. In a promotional film titled Quantum Leap: The Global Healing Revolution (which had the tag line A way to reverse cancer, AIDS,  diabetes, and the majority of humanity’s diseases), Mark says that he first learned of the power of MMS a decade ago when his entire family came down with MRSA. At the time he was working as a pilot in the Dominican Republic, flying doctors from the United States to care for the island’s poor. Unfortunately for the Grenon family, the doctors were unable to treat their infection so Mark began searching the internet for a cure and stumbled upon one of Jim’s books. According to the promotional film he and his 8 children ingested a concentrated solution MMS which rid them of their MRSA infection. 

Mark invited Jim to come stay with him in the Dominican Republic and they soon created the Genesis II Church of Health & Healing to promote their toxic tonic. Their reason for structuring the enterprise as a church was because it gave them certain rights and protections under the law as a religious organisation. It also allowed them to dodge the extremely expensive process of getting MMS approved as a new drug and meant that they did not have to provide any proof of MMS’s miracle properties. 

They began to hold conferences at Mark’s compound in the Dominican Republic, where for $1,500 attendees would be instructed over 10 days on how to use MMS. After they finished the course they would receive a Minister of Health certificate which allowed them to start their own Genesis II chapter, in which they could charge membership fees, as well as distribute MMS two-bottle sets for $25 ‘donations’. According to one of Mark’s books, ‘Imagine, a World Without DIS-EASE Is It Possible’, he and Jim trained over 2,000 “health ministers in over 135 countries. He goes on to say that the church team has “done 57 seminars around the world training people to ‘take control’ of their OWN health!”. Mark, who self-styled himself as an ‘Archbishop’ of the church, began manufacturing MMS along with his son ‘bishop’ Jonathan Grenon, in a makeshift factory set up in their Florida backyard. They averaged $32,000 a month in revenue from the distribution of MMS alone between April and December 2019, which according to documents seized during a recent FDA raid, shot up to $123,000 in March as the pandemic fear spread. 

The larger the organisation got, the more it came under fire from governments and the medical community. For example, Mark and his followers were banned from distributing MMS as a supplement in many countries. They responded by rebranding Miracle Mineral Supplement as ‘Miracle Mineral Solution’ and began marketing it as a water purifier. They were prevented form hosting conferences in hotels to discuss how to cure autism in children by giving them bleach enemas. They responded by simply moving the discussions of child abuse into private homes. It seemed as if Mark and his children could dodge anything the government threw at them and at this moment in time they truly believed they were being backed by the president of the United States. So when the US Food and Drug Administration recently issued a temporary injunction, preventing them from selling their “unproven and potentially harmful treatment of COVID-19”, they arrogantly believed that they did not have to comply and made sure the FDA knew. 

In one of his weekly podcasts, Mark, along with two of his adult children, lashed out at the government and stated, “Just because the FDA submits a TRO and the DOJ…signs the order it doesn’t mean it has to be obeyed or even given attention.” “You’ve got the 2nd [Amendment]. Right? When Congress does immoral things, passes immoral laws, that’s when you pick up guns, right?” “You want a Waco? Do they want a Waco?”

Soon after, Mark turned his attention to U.S. District Judge Kathleen M. Williams: “You think we’re afraid of some Obama-appointed judge that broke their oath?” “This judge could go to jail.” “You could be taken out, Ms. Williams.” Mark then took it upon himself to contact her in a letter directly: “We are NOT under your authority in regard to your agencies,” “We are doing good, so we have no fear of you AND you still have NO authority in our Church or its practices,” “The FDA/FTC are the criminals here by putting a Church Sacrament under a code that doesn’t apply to a Church Sacrament,” 

In the letter sent directly to Judge Williams, Mark stated that distributing MMS around the world was a conviction which he would be ready to die for. 

“Our G2Sacraments keeps our bodies undefiled from toxins that try to defile or corrupt our bodies, temples! Big Pharma/Medical Industry produces potions to the body and your agencies protect them! We are not allowing this to happen to us! A preference is something you prefer to do. This is a CONVICTION to us. A ‘conviction’ is something you will die for.” – Mark Grenon 

Three months after sending the temporary injunction, the FDA, backed up by Manatee County Sheriffs deputies and hazmat crews, descended on the Grenon family home in Florida. Mark was not home so agents arrested two of his adult sons, Jonathan and Jordan, for conspiring to defraud consumers by manufacturing and distributing a misbranded drug. Agents also seized computers and documents, confiscated raw material used in the production of MMS, and shut down the family bank accounts.

Jonathan and Jordan Grenon

Mark’s sons were arrested as part of the FDA’s Operation Quack Hack, a programme aimed at combatting the “extremely concerning actions by companies and individuals that are exploiting or taking advantage of widespread fear among consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic.” Soon after his Florida home was raided, Mark’s bravado began to dissipate when one of his incarcerated sons started suffering from an attack of high blood pressure. In an email to Judge Williams Mark wrote, “The Doctor told his wife a few minutes ago that Jonathan’s blood pressure is at a dangerous level!”, followed by, “He also told Jonathan that he might have a heart attack! He might die! His health is in your hands. Please release my sons today. They are being effected physically, mentally and Spiritually.” Personally I find it very telling that Mark wanted his son to be released rather than requesting a bottle of MMS to be given to him.  

A month later, at his second home in Colombia, Mark and another one of his sons Joseph were arrested for continuing to ship their corrosive panacea to clients in the United States, Colombia, and Africa. They are currently waiting extradition to the U.S. 

Mark Grenon and his son, Joseph Grenon, arrested in Colombian

From his jail in Bogota, Mark recorded an audio message in which he implied that he had convinced the guards of MMS’s magical properties:

I believe we are witnessing the death rattle of the bleach cult, but we can’t celebrate yet. Their corrosive elixir has become the panacea of choice by the extreme alternative health world and has even been endorsed by some governments. Bolivia’s Movimiento al Socialismo party (MAS), who swept into victory in last month’s delayed presidential election, plans to legalise MMS as a COVID cure despite the pleas from the Bolivian health ministry. The senate leader Eva Copa said she aims for people to be able “to acquire chlorine dioxide from pharmacies and without the need for a prescription”. 

There have been more than 16,000 cases of MMS poisoning, including approximately 2,500 cases involving children under 12 years old since 2014. Recently, several deaths have been reported across South America resulting from injecting MMS, including a five-year-old boy who was given the bleach as a COVID cure. In August, a Mexican woman suffering from COVID ingested a 1000ml MMS solution and was intravenously given 500ml of a 0.9% saline solution with 28% sodium chlorite. Her condition rapidly deteriorated and she died 5 days later. Irish campaigner against MMS Fiona O’Leary recently uncovered gynaecologist Viviane Brunet using MMS to treat pregnant women and babies with the industrial bleach. On the Facebook group Conciencia De Ser -CDS a video of Viviane injecting her own mother who is suffering from COVID with an MMS. Unfortunately not long after the video was uploaded, her mother passed away. 

The Genesis II cult may be on its death bed but their deadly tonic shows no sign of going away. We must not become complacent and fool ourselves into believing that this fight is over, or beneath us. 

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  1. I think that you and Drs. Alex Berezow and Chuck Dinerstein of the American Council of Science and Health would get along well. As for the bleach as a cure, that is one major reason why I have no respect for the higher-ups on the conspiracy totem pole. Finally, I want to know your thoughts on Dr. Knut Wittkowski?

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