Debunking 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists


A sceptical look at claims made by ‘truther’ protestors at ground zero in September 2012 from the viewpoint of a chemist. For those of you who don’t know, a ‘truther’ is a person affiliated with the 9/11 Truth movement, who rejects the official explanation provided for the 9/11 attacks and instead claims that a US government conspiracy was to blame. The videos in this series cover everything from the alleged thermite found in the dust to the collapse of World Trade Centre 7. The videos debunk every claim made by the truthers by looking at the scientific literature and studying real video evidence of the attacks.

Debunking 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists – Full Video

Pictures – New York – 2012

Debunking Where Did The Towers Go?

Interview with Charlie Veitch – the Truther Who Changed His Mind

Project Poster

debunking 911 conspiracy theorists

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16 Comments on Debunking 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists

  1. Patrick Brown // September 11, 2016 at 1:44 pm // Reply

    Excellent and thorough analysis in the face of a veritable tsunami of bullshit.Thank you.


  2. Thoroug and well put together.
    Thank you


  3. What a load of CRAP!
    On the basis of one fact: those Boeing jets CANNOT go that fast at sea level.
    No planes hit those towers! All the media was manipulated. Period!!!


    • Dale, they weren’t at sea level – they were almost 1000 ft up, and on a warm day. Also don’t confuse Knots with MPH.


      • pavlovscat7 // April 18, 2017 at 7:52 am //

        Yeah jayhawk..You must be the little half beardys’ handler and seconder? You know those planes were not at any level at all save for the CGI level. Can you take off your pretend pilots hat and put on your physics hat..and explain to the uninitiated how an alloy air frame can penetrate a steel and concrete skyscraper, like a hot knife through butter? Can you also explain how a multi story “collapse”..mainifests itself on real time film as an upwardly and outwardly cascade of dissociating mater…or is out of context quote-mining your only skill.? Also..who gets paid more for this gig? you or the squirming little pissant?

        kind regards pavlovscat7


    • Also they had been building up speed in the descent.


    • IF what you’re saying were true, then no plane could land at sea level, and consequently, there would not be any airports at sea level, contrary to the fact that 1. planes CAN and DO land at sea level, and 2. the are many airports at/near sea level (e.g., JFK)


  4. Great video. Thanks. I learnt a lot and my concerns have been laid to rest


  5. Bethany Ramsey // September 20, 2016 at 11:37 am // Reply

    Can a debunker explain why Bush said he saw the first plane hit on TV before it was broadcast? And why he said he thought it was just a bad pilot…
    I’m not going after an argument, I just cant find any debunkers who explain this. If he had of seen what we all saw, as he said he did, he a) couldn’t of seen it before he walked into the children’s classroom as he claimed and b) he can’t have seriously thought no one was killed in the impact as he claimed because there was a huge fireball when the plane hit. I would really love to hear a debunkers theory on this, because I cant get my head around this. It’s one thing to make a mistake on the time of day, but he said he saw it before he went into the classroom, well before the footage was broadcast. He claimed to have seen it on the news, but that couldn’t of been the case. I’d really love it if a debunker will try to answer this, as I can’t seem to find any. I’ve seen almost all the other theory’s attempted to be debunked, just not this one. And I guess another is Bush’s claim that the american government hadn’t ever considered the use of planes in buildings before as terrorist activity, but there is evidence to show that only months before they had been looking into just that activity, and making drills out of the idea too. Why would he say they hadn’t thought of it before when they clearly had done? Again, not looking for an argument. Just asking debunkers to answer these questions, as, as I said, I’ve not seen them explained by debunkers before.


    • Bush was reading a book to kindergartners when the first plane hit. And, since he’s not a great reader, he was still reading the book when the second plane hit. He was getting the info in the classroom from an aide and it was broadcast on TV.

      I’m sure the conspiracy theorist in you wants to tell me that was all staged and that Bush was in on it. Because that is the only road you can go down, which happens to be a common one in other lame brain conspiracies.


  6. Excellent work Myles….. Nevertheless, I doubt if this will alter the thinking and attitude of Dumb & Co. Listen to the silence when you ask 9/11 truthers to explain in detail and with evidence their alternative version of the 9/11 attacks.


  7. Finally some factual and sensible reasoning – outstanding website


  8. pavlovscat7 // April 18, 2017 at 4:00 am // Reply

    Excellent shilling Myles. Never mind the fact you are facilitated by the loose and firm associations of the murderous agents that concocted this 9/11 false flag..never mind the fact that anyone with a modicom of intuition left can see through your statement-confirmation methodology..never mind the fact you are that little coward in the schoolyard that crawls up the bullys arse..never mind any of the amorality that you and your kind need when any twinge of conscience repents in your thoughts..never mind any of that. Just take comfort in the fact that guttless cowardice is as valid an identity as any other in the world of tooth and claw. Take comfort in the fact your cowardice will never have you engaged in your facetious interrogatories with real men that would tear your little grub head off. You are and will for life be, the little pissant with an opus of pissant art. Your mother I’m sure must be very proud of you..even though you must hate her and your father for your degenerate, cowards, DNA.
    Please excuse my fawning hagiography of your saintly concern for the truth and for humanity Myles… when I become a little more mature I will treat your art with a little more objectivity…you stinking irrelevant turd.xxxx

    AND as an afterthough truthers..this pissant shill is a primers’ intro to astroturfing and disinfoing…if you want to see and read the motherload….the breeding ground of limited hangouts..go to Off Guardian website. Amongst the tribe of limited hangouts there (99.9%) There is a dog there that calls itself Norman Pilon..he makes this Myles of Lies pissant look like a rank amateur. Be Lucky these grubs for what they are..

    kind regards, pavlovscat7


  9. your either an idiot or are complicit.


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