#185 – An Ex-scientologist

October 30, 2017 // 2 Comments   A full complement of nerds this week with a special guest in the form of Chris Shelton. Scientology describes Chris as ‘difficult to find a more unqualified person to speak on the subject… A self-proclaimed arrogant know-it-all, Shelton is really just a fringe figure on the Internet, where he obsessively vents about the religion that expelled him for misconduct.’ Chris spent a large portion of his life [...]

#100 – Scientology Going Clear

October 25, 2015 // 0 Comments

This week Myles and James are joined by Buck to talk through the documentary ‘Going Clear’. Going Clear is made of several accounts of people who have left the ‘Church’ of Scientology. The ‘Church’ has been accused of using several tactics and methods that should make anyone question it legitimacy. From the questionable founding to the alleged modern day practices Scientology has raised a few eye brows in its time, now ex high ranking members of the ‘Church’ speak [...]