Debunking House of Numbers


9 Comments on Debunking House of Numbers

  1. Anonymous // June 3, 2013 at 7:35 am // Reply

    What a fucking idiot.


    • You make the same comment on each and every one of the posts Myles makes on this site. You’re one of the sheep that would be gladly shaved for wool and sold for mutton if it meant you could keep believing the unfounded crap people like the creator of House of Numbers, The Truther ‘movement’ and anti-GMO groups. You are what’s wrong with humanity and a lousy critic at that.

      Do humanity the favor and never, EVER reproduce you faceless, stupid, jackweasel.


    • Oh, give the man a bloody medal!


      • badgerkun is right this is movie make the watcher brain go to bloody mush. you do not need to give this bloody hell of a guy a poop maker a word of support this deprives us of the basic knowledge of aids/hiv so give badgerkun a bloody medal for speaking the truth.


  2. when are you going to upload this then, before or after christmas????


  3. Myles, please, could you do a video responding to Liam Scheff’s response. C’mon, dude, we want to see you doing true science, that is, presenting true facts. Take care, dude, for one day the world’ll remember you for what you are. That is, a prick.


  4. I cannot believe how patient Hans was Brent. I would have yelled at him and shook him violently after the 53rd time he asked “this can’t be an HIV cell though”.


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