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Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) and the Fake Clinical Trials

The phrase, “snake-oil salesmen”, conjures up images of seedy moustache-twirling profiteers, exploiting unsuspecting public with their cure-all elixirs. A relic of the past, when modern medicine was still in its infancy, and there was very little in the way of regulations to stop them. The truth, however, is that these con artists are still here to this day peddling the same bogus quackery to the same vulnerable people. The only difference now is that instead of spouting their dubious claims on top of a soap box free of legal consequences, they do it online, hidden behind disclaimers. The industry is becoming so massive and lucrative that it is spawning its own cottage industry made from its own victims. These once duped chumps have now become self-proclaimed health experts and seem to be fighting it out to see who can promote the most bizarre cure-all tonic.

The Chemophobic Food Babe

I interact with many people, on a daily basis, who I believe have an irrational fear of chemicals. Not a specific chemical, but chemicals in general. As a chemist, I find this utterly ridiculous. The origins of this chemophobia (an aversion to or prejudice against chemicals or chemistry) may lie in the past use of chemical weapons and industrial disasters, but it has since moved into the realm of fantasy, where specific chemicals are given unfavorable properties they don’t have. Fanning the flames of this irrational fear is a torrent of self-proclaimed experts, who reinforce and amplify these irrational fears for their own ends. People who perpetuate the idea that every scientist, corporation, and government has nothing better to do with their time than purposely expose the general public to dangerous chemicals. One of the generals on the front line in this war against chemistry is the American blogger and activist Vani Deva Hari, better known as The Food Babe.

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