Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) and the Fake Clinical Trials

The phrase, “snake-oil salesmen”, conjures up images of seedy moustache-twirling profiteers, exploiting unsuspecting public with their cure-all elixirs. A relic of the past, when modern medicine was still in its infancy, and there was very little in the way of regulations to stop them. The truth, however, is that these con artists are still here to this day peddling the same bogus quackery to the same vulnerable people. The only difference now is that instead of spouting their dubious claims on top of a soap box free of legal consequences, they do it online, hidden behind disclaimers. The industry is becoming so massive and lucrative that it is spawning its own cottage industry made from its own victims. These once duped chumps have now become self-proclaimed health experts and seem to be fighting it out to see who can promote the most bizarre cure-all tonic.

The more outlandish their claims and the more illnesses they claim to cure, the more attention and admiration these second-generation snake-oil salesmen get from those desperate enough to try their lethal concoctions. Thankfully the majority are confined to a very small part of the internet but there are examples of these dangerous tonics been accepted by the mainstream alternative health crowd. One such example is an elixir made from an industrial bleach used in the textile industry, known as chlorine dioxide, but is marketed in the extreme alternative health world as ‘Miracle Mineral Solution’ (MMS). It was the brainchild of a gold prospector who went on to create a phony religion to protect himself from the legal consequences of conning the world’s most vulnerable into drinking this bleach. He gained a small but loyal group of followers who began to see the hazardous chemical as a “gift from God” and its consumption as a sacrament. To prove the divine properties of their corrosive cure-all they started performing large scale unsanctioned human experiments in the developing world. At one point they convinced over 50,000 Ugandans to drink their poison by claiming it was a malaria cure. In Europe they forced children to endure bleach enemas telling their parents it would cure their autism. The chemical would damage the lining of their bowels, often leading the child to pass fibrose material and bits of intestinal mucosal which you would think, along with the nausea and vomiting, would give a clear warning sign. However, those in the “church” told the parents that this was a sign of them becoming well. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the suffering the bleach cult has unleashed on the world.

A Brief History of Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS)

MMS (once known as Miracle Mineral Supplement, but for legal reasons had a name change to Miracle Mineral Solution) is a 28% sodium chlorite solution in distilled water that, when mixed with a food-grade acid (e.g. phosphoric acid, citric acid, or hydrochloric acid), generates  chlorine dioxide – a bleach and powerful disinfectant that has been used in the past as a water purifier. When ingested even in relatively small amounts, it can cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea – whereas larger doses cause renal failure, hemolysis (a rupturing of the red blood cells), and even death. Despite these known effects, the corrosive substance is currently being marketed online as a cure-all by a cult named the Genesis II Church of Health & Healing, who see the consumption of this hazardous chemical as a sacrament.

jim humble mms

Jim Humble, founder of the Genesis II Church

Ex Scientologist, Jim Humble, the leader and self-styled Archbishop of this cult, discusses in his book (or should I say scripture), ‘Breakthrough: The Miracle Mineral Solution of the 21st Century’, how he stumbled upon this panacea. Turns out, whilst prospecting for gold miles away from civilisation in a South American jungle, two of Jim’s colleagues became ill. Jim, despite having no medical background, diagnosed them with malaria, and decided that the best course of action would be to feed them a chemical they had previously used to purify water, because if it can purify water it can……well, to be honest, I am not really sure about his line of thinking here. It’s worth mentioning that, at this point in time, Jim did not know what chemical was in the water purifier, and would not know for several more years. The men apparently made a full recovery, and Jim went on to peddle his new panacea to anyone desperate enough to listen. 

Jim then began performing unsanctioned human experiments in the developing world, where he convinced desperate people not only to drink this industrial bleach, but to also rub it in their eyes. In a particularly horrifying section of his book, Jim tells us that he attempted to cure a woman suffering from Lyme disease by injecting her with a high concentration of MMS. He goes on to say that these injections “burn like the devil”, and caused the woman to become ill and that her face, “which had become very old and wrinkled looking, completely peeled off”. Unbelievably, Jim tries to spin this rather horrific effect of injecting bleach into one’s body as a positive. He says that the “Lyme had apparently infiltrated her skin, and when the MMS killed the Lyme, it killed the skin as well”, but goes on to say that “Lyme was not gone” and that she required extra treatments. 

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A Brief History of MMS

American pastor, Robert Baldwin, financially backed by British former clairvoyant, Sam Little, is running a network that has given up to 50,000 Ugandans a “miracle cure” sent directly from God. The panacea in question is made from an industrial bleach used in the textile industry, known as chlorine dioxide, but is marketed in the […]

The First Fake Clinical Trial 

In 2012, a video was published titled, “LEAKED: Proof the Red Cross Cured 154 Malaria Cases with MMS”, which documented a “clinical trial” organised in cooperation with the Ugandan Red Cross Society and the Water Reference Centre. The video appeared to show Klaas Proesmans, the CEO of the Water Reference Centre, and Leo Koehof, a man who has translated several books by Jim, curing 154 Ugandans using nothing more than MMS. 

Local people first heard about the “trial” on a local radio station. When they arrived, they were registered and received an initial examination to “determine their symptoms” and to “record their diagnosis”. Next, everyone was given an antigen-based rapid diagnostic test. Those who tested positive where given a dose of MMS and told to return the next day. Bafflingly, those who tested negative were told to go for a second medical examination and then, for some unknown reason, were also given MMS! Even the babies were given this bleach for no reason! The people who initially tested positive for malaria returned the next day and were tested again, this time using the blood smear method. Of these 154 people, 11 people still tested positive, however, this (at least according to the video) was because they received too few drops of MMS. 

Ugandan Red Cross MMS 2

MMS being prepared by a Red Cross representative

On the surface this looks convincing, however, there is a fundamental flaw in their methodology that I believe was done purposely to deceive the viewer and the people in Uganda. The antigen-based rapid diagnostic test they originally used should only be used for screening, and can’t be used to diagnose anyone. The specific test used in the “trials” detects malaria histidine-rich protein II (Pf HRP-II), which is expressed by one of the five malaria parasites. The manufacturer claims that it can detect the presence of 50 parasites in 1 micrometer of blood, however, Pf HRP-II secreted by the parasite into the hosts bloodstream can persist in the circulating blood after the parasite has been cleared, or has been greatly reduced. This means that, just because a person tested positive using this method, does not necessarily mean that they are infected at that specific moment in time. This is why these rapid tests are intended to be used for screening, and that any positives must be confirmed with an alternative testing method.

Another problem with relying on antigen-based rapid diagnostic tests is that in malaria-endemic areas, like Uganda, malaria transmission is so intense that a large proportion of the population is infected but not made ill by the parasites. According to Dr Okul Albert Peter, the Malaria Control Programme manager in the Ministry of Health said that about 42% of Ugandans are host to the malaria parasite. Such carriers have developed just enough immunity to protect them from malarial illness, but not from material infection. These malaria infections would be detected by the rapid antigen test, but not by the “gold standard” for laboratory confirmation, a blood smear. This is where a drop of blood is smeared on a glass slide and stained before the number of parasites and leukocytes are physically counted. This is how they faked their results! 

They tried to convince viewers and the Ugandans involved in the “trial” that the positive results obtained from the rapid test screening on the first day were accurate. Then, they retested those who tested positive using the blood smear method on the second day, and discovered, as you would expect in a malaria-endemic area, that the vast majority were false positives as they fell below the threshold. They then purposely miscredited this drop in people testing positive to the MMS given between the testing.

For those who are interested, the video below goes into more detail about how Klaas and Leo designed an experiment to get the results they wanted, and shows more evidence of their deception. 

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What was once known as Miracle Mineral Supplement, but for legal reasons had to change its name to Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS), is a 28% sodium chlorite solution in distilled water. When mixed with a weak acid, it generates chlorine dioxide – an industrial bleach and water purifier. When ingested even in relatively small […]

MMS Uganda Update

Last week I wrote a blogpost documenting my interaction with a man trying to circumvent eBay rules by contacting me directly in order to sell me Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS), an industrial bleach that is currently being marketed online as a panacea. What made this interaction more disturbing was that, when I asked for […]

Klaas Proesmans Responds to My Email

Over the past month, I have been investigating a video of a pseudo-clinical trial held in Uganda investigating MMS’ ability to cure malaria. The video is called “LEAKED Proof the Red Cross Cured 154 Malaria Cases with MMS” and starred Klaas Proesmans, the CEO of the Water Reference Centre, and Leo Koehof, who is […]

How a Video Manipulated You into Thinking MMS Can Cure Malaria

As many of you will know, over the past month I have been investigating a video of a pseudo-clinical trial held in Uganda that claimed to show 154 people being cured of malaria by MMS. My time has mostly been spent trying to contact the people and organisations involved to obtain more information, and […]

No, MMS did not cure 154 people in Uganda!….for a second time!

This is going to be my final blog post on the subject of the unethical “clinical trials” that took place in Uganda back in 2012. I have previously discussed how I came to find out about the “trials”, my attempt to get more information from the people involved, and how exactly they fooled people […]

Since the publication of the original video, both the Ugandan Red Cross and  Water Reference Centre have released statements saying that they played no part in these “trials”, and that they in no way endorse the use of MMS in the fight against malaria.

At end of the day, just as we know that every perpetual motion device is fake without looking into it, we know there is no possible way that MMS can cure malaria. Yes, we might come across incredible discoveries that change the way we look at the world, but we are not going to wake up one day and realise that the Earth is cube-shaped. There is no possible way for MMS to cure malaria and, unlike most other snake oils out there, it poses a real threat because it’s an industrial bleach. With the people involved being reluctant to release any more information about the “trials”, we may well never know what really happened back then 100%, but I think I have clearly shown in the videos above that their experiment was so flawed that it shouldn’t be taken seriously.

The Second Fake Clinical Trial 

A new series of bogus medical trials, in which desperate Ugandans were fed an industrial bleach by cultists after being told it was a “gift from God”, was exposed, due in part to one of the organisers. Sam Little from Arlesey in Bedfordshire, who partially funded the new series of human experiments, gloated about what he had done online in the hopes of getting the same admiration as his counterparts. On questioning, Sam revealed the name of the man in charge; an American Pastor by the name of Robert Baldwin, who out of fear of legal ramifications, calls the toxic fluid “healing water” and instructs his victims that under no circumstances are they to call it a medicine, but instead a “gift from God”. Using purposely flawed methodology, Baldwin and his cohorts have performed unsanctioned human experiments, where they conned thousands of people into consuming relatively large quantities of this bleach.

pastor Robert Baldwin

American Pastor Robert Baldwin

In total, Baldwin’s network gave up to 50,000 Ugandans this bogus cure-all. The reason they were so successful, other than the steps they took to hide their actions from the Ugandan authorities, was down to Baldwin’s genius idea to incorporate MMS into people’s religion. No longer was this toxic substance to be marketed as a powerful drug, it was now a gift from God! Unlike his predecessors, Baldwin did not have to rely on quack misinfomation to sell his panacea, as now he had the authority of God, who personaly told him of MMS’s biblical properties. This is why in many of the photos taken on the training days, you will often find a bleach alter.

When several newspapers ran stories about the trials and the poisoning of up to 50,000 people with MMS, the Ugandan government started to take notice. In an attempt to hide the evidence of his crimes, Baldwin removed posts from his Facebook account and disabled his Global Healing Christian Mission website. When questioned why he did this if he had nothing to hide, he said he was “demonised by people who do not understand the science behind the natural medicines”. Luckily, I just so happened to take copies of most things Baldwin posted to his Facebook before he had time to delete them, which can be found by clicking here.

Sam and two Ugandans, bishop Samuel, and Samula Tadeop, were arrested on suspicion of “intoxicating the public” after raiding a church known as the Global Healing Christian Mission in Kitembe, near Fort Portal. Sam was also found to be in possession of marijuana, which can lead to some significant jail time in Uganda. 

Sam Little Arrested

Picture of Sam, Samuel Albert, and Samula Tadeop on the day of their arrest.

Baldwin, unlike his counterparts, fled to his home in New-Jersey, shying away from limelight and hiding behind the line “I just educate. I don’t treat anybody.” While it may be true that he did not physically hold anyone down and shove bleach down their throats, he did “treat” people with this industrial bleach. He told them that it had magical properties, and that it was a gift from God, capable of not only curing malaria, but cancer, HIV, high blood pressure, blindness, and Hepatitis-B (which according to Baldwin is contracted through the sin of sexual intercourse). 

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Bleach Cult Performing Unsanctioned Human Experiments on Uganda Villages

At the beginning of April, I started to receive messages on Facebook from a man claiming to have proof that the industrial bleach and water purifier, chlorine dioxide (Miracle Mineral Solution – MMS), can not only cure malaria, but can do so in as little as two hours. The messages, which included a link to […]

There is no happy ending to this story. Yes, as a result of attention being brought to the mass poisoning of 50,000 Ugandans, companies like Amazon are no longer allowing MMS material to be sold on their platform. Social media giants like Facebook and Youtube are also cracking down on quacks who use their sites to spread misinformation. A perfect example of this is Danny Glass, whose channel was deleted as a direct result of one of the journalists involved contacting YouTube over his potentially lethal content. And yes, we have brought more awareness to this dangerous cult, which is a good thing, but Baldwin remains a free man. Until the American government steps up and takes action against one of their citizens for conning tens of thousands of vulnerable people into drinking bleach, the message to all quacks out there is that you can do what you want to people in the developing world and get away with it!

The Death Rattle of the Bleach Cult

In 2020, quacks and charlatans of all kinds rubbed their hands with glee, when COVID-19 brought the world to its knees. In an attempt to capitalise on the pandemic, these self-proclaimed experts both rely on, and amplify, the general public’s growing angst, whilst simultaneously shoehorning in their particular flavour of conspiracy and quackery. The spread of misinformation and disinformation by these parasitic profiteers has gotten so out of hand that the World Health Organisation has described it as an ‘infodemic’. For example, long-time disciple and now ‘bishop’ in the Genesis II cult Kerri Rivera was busy telling people online that MMS can treat COVID-19. After platforms like Facebook and YouTube prohibited the promotion of MMS on their platforms, Kerri moved to the app Telegram. There she created several private groups, entry to which must be approved by Kerri or a group administrator, where she spreads disinformation about the viruses and promotes her cult’s sacrament as an autism cure.

Kerri Rivera

In a video uploaded onto her Telegram channel, Kerri Rivera advocates taking chlorine dioxide as a cure for the novel coronavirus.

The bleach cult story took an interesting turn when President Donald Trump stunned the world by embarking on a wild series of speculations about coronavirus cures: 

Mr Trump’s recent off-the-cuff comments about injecting disinfectant might sound ridiculous, but they were used as an endorsement by the bleach pushers who have in the past injected people with their disinfectant. For a world leader at the height of a pandemic to say something so utterly ridiculous is not only irresponsible, it’s also potentially lethal! 

MMS advocates like Jordan Sather jumped on the president’s remarks: 

“Do you realize how freaking cheap and easy it would be to mass produce chlorine dioxide for 100,000’s of people? We could wipe out COVID quick! The biggest hurdle is education, which is difficult with how s**t our media is. Doctors should be learning about this stuff.” – Jordan Sather

Archbishop’ Mark Grenon (the “churches” co-founder), who reportedly wrote to the White House a few weeks earlier, praised the president for speaking the truth:

Trump has got the MMS and all the info!!! Things are happening folks! Lord help others to see the Truth!”-“Archbishop” Mark Grenon

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Capitalising on Corona – MMS and the Bleach Cult – #3

Welcome to the third instalment of Capitalising on Corona, the series in which I point a spotlight on the disinformation distributers who have been exploiting the current pandemic to push their agenda and sell their snake-oil. I can imagine a few of you reading this will be thinking to yourself, “What happened to the second […]

Mark Grenon says that he first learned of the power of MMS a decade ago when his entire family came down with MRSA. He soon invited Jim Humble to come stay with him in the Dominican Republic, and they soon created the Genesis II Church of Health & Healing to promote their toxic tonic. Their reason for structuring the enterprise as a church was because it gave them certain rights and protections under the law as a religious organisation. It also allowed them to dodge the extremely expensive process of getting MMS approved as a new drug and meant that they did not have to provide any proof of MMS’s miracle properties. 

They began to hold conferences at Mark’s compound in the Dominican Republic, where for $1,500, attendees would be instructed over 10 days on how to use MMS. After they finished the course, they would receive a Minister of Health certificate which allowed them to start their own Genesis II chapter, in which they could charge membership fees, as well as distribute MMS two-bottle sets for $25 ‘donations’. According to one of Mark’s books, ‘Imagine, a World Without DIS-EASE Is It Possible’, he and Jim trained over 2,000 “health ministers in over 135 countries. He goes on to say that the church team has “done 57 seminars around the world training people to ‘take control’ of their OWN health!”. Mark began manufacturing MMS along with his son ‘bishop’ Jonathan Grenon, in a makeshift factory set up in their Florida backyardThey averaged $32,000 a month in revenue from the distribution of MMS alone between April and December 2019, which according to documents seized during a recent FDA raid, shot up to $123,000 in March as the pandemic fear spread. 

Mark Grenon

Mark Grenon

The larger the organisation got, the more it came under fire from governments and the medical community. For example, Mark and his followers were banned from distributing MMS as a supplement in many countries. They responded by rebranding Miracle Mineral Supplement as ‘Miracle Mineral Solution’ and began marketing it as a water purifier. They were prevented form hosting conferences in hotels to discuss how to cure autism in children by giving them bleach enemas. They responded by simply moving the discussions of child abuse into private homes. It seemed as if Mark and his children could dodge anything the government threw at them and at this moment in time they truly believed they were being backed by the president of the United States. So when the US Food and Drug Administration recently issued a temporary injunction, preventing them from selling their “unproven and potentially harmful treatment of COVID-19”, they arrogantly believed that they did not have to comply and made sure the FDA knew. 

In one of his weekly podcasts, Mark, along with two of his adult children, lashed out at the government and stated, “Just because the FDA submits a TRO and the DOJ…signs the order it doesn’t mean it has to be obeyed or even given attention.” “You’ve got the 2nd [Amendment]. Right? When Congress does immoral things, passes immoral laws, that’s when you pick up guns, right?” “You want a Waco? Do they want a Waco?”

Soon after, Mark turned his attention to U.S. District Judge Kathleen M. Williams: “You think we’re afraid of some Obama-appointed judge that broke their oath?” “This judge could go to jail.” “You could be taken out, Ms. Williams.” Mark then took it upon himself to contact her in a letter directly: “We are NOT under your authority in regard to your agencies,” “We are doing good, so we have no fear of you AND you still have NO authority in our Church or its practices,” “The FDA/FTC are the criminals here by putting a Church Sacrament under a code that doesn’t apply to a Church Sacrament,” 

In the letter sent directly to Judge Williams, Mark stated that distributing MMS around the world was a conviction which he would be ready to die for. 

“Our G2Sacraments keeps our bodies undefiled from toxins that try to defile or corrupt our bodies, temples! Big Pharma/Medical Industry produces potions to the body and your agencies protect them! We are not allowing this to happen to us! A preference is something you prefer to do. This is a CONVICTION to us. A ‘conviction’ is something you will die for.” – Mark Grenon 

Three months after sending the temporary injunction, the FDA, backed up by Manatee County Sheriffs deputies and hazmat crews, descended on the Grenon family home in Florida. Mark was not home so agents arrested two of his adult sons, Jonathan and Jordan, for conspiring to defraud consumers by manufacturing and distributing a misbranded drug. Agents also seized computers and documents, confiscated raw material used in the production of MMS, and shut down the family bank accounts.

Jonathan Grenon Jordan Grenon,

Jonathan and Jordan Grenon

A month later, at his second home in Colombia, Mark and another one of his sons Joseph were arrested for continuing to ship their corrosive panacea to clients in the United States, Colombia, and Africa. They are currently waiting for extradition to the U.S. 

Grenon arresto

Mark Grenon and his son, Joseph Grenon, arrested in Colombia

I believe we are witnessing the death rattle of the bleach cult, but we can’t celebrate yet. Their corrosive elixir has become the panacea of choice by the extreme alternative health world and has even been endorsed by some governments. Bolivia’s Movimiento al Socialismo party (MAS), who swept into victory in 2020’s delayed presidential election, planed to legalise MMS as a COVID cure despite the pleas from the Bolivian health ministry. The senate leader Eva Copa said she aims for people to be able “to acquire chlorine dioxide from pharmacies and without the need for a prescription”

There have been more than 16,000 cases of MMS poisoning, including approximately 2,500 cases involving children under 12 years old since 2014. Recently, several deaths have been reported across South America resulting from injecting MMS, including a five-year-old boy who was given the bleach as a COVID cure. In August 2020, a Mexican woman suffering from COVID ingested a 1000ml MMS solution and was intravenously given 500ml of a 0.9% saline solution with 28% sodium chlorite. Her condition rapidly deteriorated and she died 5 days later. Irish campaigner against MMS Fiona O’Leary recently uncovered gynaecologist Viviane Brunet using MMS to treat pregnant women and babies with the industrial bleach. On the Facebook group Conciencia De Ser -CDS a video of Viviane injecting her own mother who is suffering from COVID with an MMS. Unfortunately not long after the video was uploaded, her mother passed away. 

The Genesis II cult may be on its death bed, but their deadly tonic shows no sign of going away. We must not become complacent and fool ourselves into believing that this fight is over, or beneath us. 

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