The League of Nerds

About the League of Nerds


Once a week Myles Power, James Gurney and, on occasion, Buck Mulligan come together to try and make the world a slightly more rational place. Their podcast, The League of Nerds (TLoNs), is a light-hearted glance into some of the stranger and more serious realms of irrationality that, unlike other similar podcasts, feels more like an informal chat down the pub with friends rather than an unfriendly academic lecture. Each show lasts about an hour and the Nerds are often joined by a special guest who brings their own thoughts, knowledge, and experience to the show, making every episode fresh and unique. These guests range from highly credited scientists to Hollywood actors. A particularly interesting guest was the lead author of a HIV denialist book who tried to convince James (a Dr of microbiology who works on viruses) that viruses do not in fact exist. The Nerds are also big on building an online community and encourage their listeners to submit questions for the show in the hope of giving a platform to people whose voices might otherwise go unheard.


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