#087 – Who’s afraid of BT Cotton with Fred Perlak from Monsanto


This week Myles and James are joined by Fred Perlak from Monsanto co. Fred was part of the original team that developed and later launched Bt cotton. Fred went on to be VP of Monsanto co in Hawaii and became a distinguished science fellow. We were lucky enough to get an hour of Fred’s time to ask him what ever we liked. A nice review written by Fred on the topic of BT Fred can be found here ...

#051- GMO OMG Featuring Buck

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This week Myles and James are joined by Buck for a discussion of the movie GMO OMG. Aside from the sound track this movie suffers from the typical anti GMO movie of having no ...

More Nonsense from March Against Monsanto Protestors


Edited by Peter I have previously written articles critical of Sue Mallender and Tracey Lloyd, who gave speeches at the March Against Monsanto protest in Nottingham earlier this year. As well as being factually incorrect and misleading, their speeches were about as interesting as a wet fart. There was no passion behind anything these women said; nor were they able to get the crowd worked up on ...