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Agent Orange – Part Two – On the Origin of Agent Orange

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The general consensus regarding the inception of Agent Orange, the infamous herbicide used during the Vietnam War, is that its origins lay in a laboratory somewhere back in the mid-twentieth century. However, I would argue that its actual origins lie in the Victorian era. I believe its story starts in 1881 with an English naturalist and the publication of his book ‘The Power of Movement of ...

My Final Review of Liam Scheffs book ‘Official Stories’


Believe it or not I actually enjoyed reading the last few chapters of Liam Scheff’s book Official Stories. I would even go as far as to say that I recommend the book to others because it is an anomaly in the modern age. Quite frankly, it is fascinating. Never before have I seen someone who is so willfully uninformed put pen to paper and publish their failings for the world to see. Never before ...

#046 – Nullius in Verba – Darwin’s Greatest Secret – The Leqgue of Nerds


Dr Mike Sutton sits down with Myles to discuss his book Nullius in Verba – Darwin’s Greatest Secret. Dr Sutton believes that in 1831 Patrick Matthew published a full account of natural selection in his book ‘On Naval Timber and Arboriculture’. Interestingly both Darwin and Wallace claim to have not being influenced by the book and did not know of any other naturalist who ...