GM Health Risk Week

10 Reasons Why Joanna Blythman is an Uneducated Fear Monger


By: Myles Power Edited by: Peter I recently became aware of an event that took place at the beginning of September called the GM Health Risk Week. This event was held around the UK, and was apparently an opportunity to allow people to examine the “health risks surrounding GM food”. Speakers at the event included Prof Gilles-Eric Séralini (Lead author of the highly discredited Long ...

The Best ‘GM Health Risk Week’ Can Throw at Us


Edited by: Peter Earlier today, I received an email from one of my subscribers informing me about a seminar he attended organised by GM Free Cymru. The event was part of GM Health Risk Week – a weeklong event held around the UK in which people apparently examined “health risks surrounding GM food”. This is a very strange event to have in the UK considering no GM crops are being ...