# 018 – Homeopathy, What’s The Harm?


Homeopathy has consistently found to be an inneffective pre-scientific belief system of placebo pills. However it survives all over the World in a multi-million dollar Alternative Medicine business. But if there is no active ingredient in homeopathy there are therefore no side-effects so if the “worried-well” want to spend their money and use it then where”s the ...

Homeopathic First Aid Kit


I got his hands on, if you can believe it, a Homeopathic first aid kit. The kit clams to cure stroke, heart attacks, poisoning, drowning, etc. This video was a response to everyone who has told me that homeopathy is not dangerous. Yep I have this sat in front of me! I know I have said in the past that I was not going to make another homoeopathy vid but when I saw this I could not stop myself. In ...

Myles Vs Hoefkens – Homeopathy


Can Homeopathy cure Chlamydia, Migraines, Infertility School phobia, etc? In short NO, in long NOOOOOOOO! Meet Gemma Hoefkens who became a registered homoeopath after she was diagnosed with cancer, tumours in her brain and down her spine. She clames that Homeopthy and Homeopthy alone cured her and not the Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy or the medication she was put on. Hoefkens Original ...