James Gurney

The curious case of Dr. Pettenkofer


By: James Gurney I want you to come back in time with me to the end of the 19th century. Science was becoming increasingly important in people’s daily lives and it had a lot to say about almost every aspect of life. Cities had grown massively in the past 100 years thanks to the products of the industrial revolution, which were fueled by the application of science. Cogs and belts whizzed and ...

Herd immunity


By: James Gurney It’s time for a slight confession, I have been at a university of some sort as a student for close to 10 years. During this long time I have seen a number of things! Great things! But what I’d like to write about now is vaccinations. Another confession, I have not been vaccinated for Mumps, Measles or Rubella, which the vaccination is known as MMR. I wasn’t living in the ...

My banter with a pathogen


By: James Gurney There are trillions of bacteria on and in your body right now and they’re talking to each other… about you. A statement that said on a park bench or in the pub might be passed off as madness or at least make you want to switch seats, but in the lab, it is serious research. Life relies on communication. Bird songs, for example, may be pleasurable to our ears but the birds do ...