Jim Rizoli

Debunking Holocaust Denial – The Fred Leuchter Report – #3


Recently Leuchter appeared back on Rizoli’s internet show where he attempted to counter some of the claims I made against him. Now I realise that this point I am beating a dead horse with a fish I just shot in a barrel but I find their brand of denial so distasteful and bizarre that I can’t stop poking these geriatrics with a stick and watch them ...

Debunking Holocaust Denial – The Fred Leuchter Report – #3


One thing I have always found revealing about those online who like to cosplay as Nazis, but who in reality would be seen as untermensch by their peers is their tendencies to flirt with legal action against those who have publicly embarrassed them. Mike Enoch, Jesse Dunstan, and Alex McNabb of the TDS (formally The Daily Shoah) podcast told their audience that they were investigating legal action ...