Psychic Sally

My Experiences With Psychic Sally

December 10, 2015 // 2 Comments

In May of 2014, I went to to see the ‘psychic to the stars’ Sally Morgan at Middlesbrough town hall, and if there was one word I could use to describe my night it would be ‘boring’. First off, I feel I have to say that I personally don’t believe that psychics exist so, as you can imagine, I find people like Sally distasteful. This, however, was not the reason why I found the night boring as I do love this kind of thing and was genuinely excited – not only to [...]

Apparently I am not the only one who was disappointed with Psychic Sally

May 22, 2014 // 6 Comments

Below are some comments left on my article documenting Psychic Sally’s embarrassing performance at Middlesbrough Town Hall. I went to the Cardiff show last night, waste of money and my time. From what has been wrote here the same stories came up last night with the boy with a baby and the boy that had hang himself. The first 15 minutes you could hear a pin drop because no one could relate to anything. Will never go again!!! I was at Sunderland empire a month or so again at her show. I’m [...]