Sue Mallender

Fact Checking March Against Monsanto Protesters #2


Myles, once again, talks about one of the speeches he heard whilst attending the March Against Monsanto protest last year. This time he fact-checks a speech given by Sue Mallender who, unlike others, was not only speaking for herself – but on behalf of her political party, The Green Party. Later, he interviews her to ask her some questions about the claims she was making in her speech. ...

Sue Mallender Does Not Live in the Real World


Back in May of this year on a particularly wet day League of Nerds co-host, James, and I attended a March against Monsanto protest in Nottingham. The protest was attended by a relatively large group of people who I presumed were there to protest against the agriculture company Monsanto. Instead it became apparent very early on that they were there to protest against genetically modified ...