Buck’s Podcasts



What can be said about Buck Mulligan that hasn’t been said a million times before, Buck is often seen with his diaphragm tightened so as to let his lungs expand and oxygen to be inhaled and carbon dioxide to be exhaled. He is carbon based and composed of roughly 70% water. He has never seen the pyramids but would like to but he has seen a kangaroo in the wild, likes Indian food and finds it difficult to describe himself when asked.


Buck is a 30 something political junkie, who was born and raised in Northern Ireland, a place where politics and history matters that bit more to people than most places. He’s not particularly well educated but he’s pretty well read, not that handsome but he’d do. He’s also a part-time adventurer.


He occasionally writes for the science website www.TheLeagueofNerds.com and guests on The League of Nerds podcast to discuss topics such as science, politics, history, religion and whether there are aliens on the moon. He can be contacted on Twitter on @ThatBuckGuy.