About Myles

For those of you who are just tuning in, my name is Myles Power and I run the educational YouTube channel powerm1985. I am originally from a small town in the North East of England called Middlesbrough, but have spent a large potion of my adult life living in Manchester. I am a chemist who is is currently working in industry, but what little free time I have I spend sharing my love of SCIENCE! through home experiments, visiting sites of scientific interest and angry rants at pseudoscience proponents. I have many years of experience working in a research lab, which has given me the skills I need to research and debunk various psuedoscience theories. Some of the theories I have discussed on my YouTube channel includes AIDS denialists, 911 truthers, the anti-vaccination movement and homeopathy to name a few. I also am one of the founding members of the podcast The League of Nerds, which I co-host with James from The History of Infection.

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