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Debunking The Holocaust Denial Documentary Judea Declares War on Germany – #1

by Myles Power in Holocaust denial

As unpleasant and potentially dangerous a belief in a conspiracy theory can be they do, for the most part, come from a natural human desire to find an explanation for what appears to be unexplainable. However, there are certain conspiracy theories that come from a much darker place. Where people bend reality to back up and justify their dislike or even hatred towards a certain group of people – and there is no better example of this than those who distort or flat-out deny the facts of the [...]


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The League of Nerds  

Once a week Myles Power, James Gurney and, on occasion, Buck Mulligan come together to try and make the world a slightly more rational place. Their podcast, The League of Nerds (TLoNs), is a light-hearted glance into some of the stranger and more serious realms of irrationality that, unlike other similar podcasts, feels more like an informal chat down the pub with friends rather than an unfriendly academic lecture.

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MP Media – March Against Monsanto Nottingham 2014

by Myles Power in MP Media

To ensure full transparency, show that I have nothing to hide and prove that I’m not taking people out of context, I am going to upload all raw footage of the events I have visited onto a second YouTube channel called MP-Media, and here to my website. Below is the raw footage from the March Against Monsanto protest in Nottingham in [...]

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