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Cosmic Cleansing – Myles Reviews

Cosmic Cleansing is is a set of instructions and techniques that will “cleanse the nine opens of the body giving you health, vitality, and longevity” which is exactly what it sounds like. What makes it even worse is that there are multiple photographs of one of the authors Mantak Chia throughout the book preforming the techniques recommended which leave nothing to the imagination. The book heavily promotes several popular alternative treatments including the rather dangers procedure of ear [...]
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How the Video ’10 Worrying Facts About Genetically Modified Food’ Misled Its Viewers

by Myles Power in Blog

The video ’10 Worrying Facts About Genetically Modified Foods’ is a prime example of why we should be ridiculing the vast majority of people opposed to genetic engineering instead of listening to their purposely uneducated and uninformed views on the technology. Most of the “facts” contained in this video are trivial to counter and often are not about the technology at all. For example, one states that a scientist had their family [...]



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