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Will GMOs Kill Us All? – Skeptics in the Pub Talk

For decades now, we have been told by organisations like Greenpeace, GM-Freeze, and Friends of the Earth that genetical modified (GM) food is dangerous and has been shown to be harmful to humans.They have done a great job at convincing the population of their dangers by quoting scientific literature that claims GM-food has been shown, among other things, to cause cancer, leukaemia, and stomach inflammation; but is there really any truth to this? What do the papers these organisations are [...]
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Trolling an AIDS Denialist

by Myles Power in AIDS

Edited by Peter In 2013 I started to make a series of videos critical of the AIDS denialist documentary ‘House of Numbers’ because I believed it to be a very real threat to public health. This is because among other things it encourages people to stop taking HIV medication, tells them that HIV tests don’t work, and implied that HIV can’t be transmitted through heterosexual sex. I ended up making a total of 9 videos on the subject, yet [...]