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Moms Across America Are Selling You All Natural Hydrogen

Moms Across America is a group of mothers who for some unknown reason have decided to publish their ignorance and lack of critical thinking online. Recently the moms have branched out into selling products on their website to support their cause. Unlike other similar websites, they have not limited themselves to the usual t-shirts, stickers, and badges but have started to sell and promote alternative health products. One of these products is called Active H2 and, according to Zen [...]
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The Chemophobic Food Babe

by Myles Power in Blog

One thing I love about having a relatively large subscriber base is that I don’t have to go out of my way to find pseudoscience proponents to shoot down with cold hard logic and indisputable facts. I am constantly sent emails from people telling me about the latest quack online selling a holistic cancer cure, or the latest conspiracy based on Flight MH17, the Boston bombings, Pig-Gate, etc. But there is one name that kept popping up time and [...]



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