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Black Salve – Bad Advice… Bad product

Last month I brought attention to a particularly nasty product currently promoted online to vulnerable people as a cancer cure. Black salve is a paste made from a mixture of Bloodroot extract and zinc chloride that, when applied directly to the skin, will cause the cells to die. It does this by physically burning the skin with zinc chloride and inhibiting sodium-potassium pumps on the surface of the cells with compounds found in the Bloodroot extract. This creates a thick black dry clump of [...]
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Interesting Comments Left on my Video Critical of “Dr” Young’s Book ‘The pH Miracle’

by Myles Power in Blog

When you make videos on subjects critical of 9/11 conspiracy theorists, fact checking March Against Monsanto protesters, or anything about circumcision, you can expect a fair amount of negative comments. Whilst some of these will be constructive – letting you know if you have made mistakes – the majority will be flat-out insulting or bizarre. It has got to the point now where I can pretty much predict which of my videos will have the [...]



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