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Creationist Cat Vs. Myles

In the words of the Lord’s chosen cat “Hey shodomites! Today I’m joined by one of da premiere leaders within da EVIL world of science: Myles Power! Watch as da forces of Good (me) clash with da world of da totally freaking shtupid (Myles Power) in an epic battle of truth, justice, a little bit of science AND JESUS POWER!!!! [...]
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Colour to Dye For

by Myles Power in Artificial Colours

Edited by Peter There are many people I interact with on a daily basis who I believe have an irrational fear of chemicals. Not a specific chemical, but chemicals in general which, as a chemist, I find utterly ridiculous. The origins of this chemophobia may lie in the past use of chemical weapons and industrial disasters, but it has since moved into the realm of fantasy where specific chemicals are given unfavorable properties they don’t have. [...]

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