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Debunking Chemtrails – Contrail vs. Chemtrail – #2

This might surprise you to hear, but everyone I talked to at Save Our Sky (a protest against chemtrails and geoengeneering) accepts that aircraft can make white lines in the sky called contrails. These contrails are almost identical to chemtrails, apart from one major difference according to the protesters. Contrails only last seconds, whereas chemtrails can persist hour after hour. But is this true? Can contrails only last for a few [...]
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SciShow – How Even the Best Science Communicators Can Still Be Wrong

by Myles Power in Blog

Edited by Peter Over two and a half years ago, SciShow, the YouTube science-related vlogging channel hosted by Hank Green of the VlogBrothers, posted a video titled ‘The Science of Genetically Modified Food’ in which they cast an unfounded shadow on the technology. They did this by cherry picking evidence and citing fraudulent studies; although I believe no malice was intended and they simply took the papers at face value and were unintentionally projecting their own views on the subject. [...]