A Review of Dr. Judy Wood’s Book “Where Did The Towers Go?” – The Jumpers


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In the first two chapters of Dr. Judy Wood’s book, she talks about the collapse rate of the twin towers and how she believed it too be inconsistent with the official story. Although she is blatantly incorrect, she never strayed to far away from the 9/11 conspiracy movement. However, in her third chapter “The Jumpers” we get a glimpse at her quite frankly ludicrous hypothesis, and why the majority of the truther movement wants nothing to do with her.

The chapter revolves around the graphic images of the people who were trapped at the top of the Twin Towers and those who fell to their death. Nothing encapsulates the horror of that day more than seeing these images, however Dr. Wood sees something very different. She believes the people in the images are trying to send us a message. She starts off by talking about Richard Drew’s “The Falling Man” picture - which is believed to be the final moments of Jonathan Briley. She then moves onto other images of people falling to their deaths and begins to say some rather bizarre things indeed.

“Someone choosing to jump to their death would likely choose to carry something special with them, perhaps a photo of their loved one or even a briefcase or backpack”

I don’t know about you but if I were in that situation the last thing on my mind would be ‘oh…where is my briefcase?!’ Also we don’t know that they didn’t fall with a picture of their loved ones. She later says whilst referring to the man in the image below

‘He also appears to have a piece of clothing part way off that is dangling behind him. Why would someone begin to disrobe before jumping?”

The man in the picture Dr. Wood refers to was not disrobing before jumping – he was having his clothes torn off from the shear force of the air as he fell to his death. Dr. Wood would have known this if she had done the most basic of research; or even if she stopped to think about it before she put pen to paper. Heck, the only reason we think Richard Drew’s picture is of Jonathan Briley, who she began the chapter talking about, is that other photographers captured his fall and his shirt was ripped off revealing a bright orange T-shirt that he was known to wear to work.

This ‘disrobing’ theme continues for the rest of the chapter, as Dr. Wood believes it is evidence that something underhanded was happening to these people. She believes that those trapped on the top floors of the twin towers were removing their clothes because they were subjected to some sort of energy field making their damp clothes uncomfortably hot.

She later goes on to say that “such a field might be part of what comprises the Active Denial System (ADS). This particular nasty piece of technology is a non-lethal, directed-energy weapon developed by the American military. It works by firing a high-powered beam at a target heating the water and fat molecules in the skin causing pain. The system was deployed in Afghanistan (and was so large it had to be mounted on the back of a Humvee) but was withdrawn without seeing combat. The system was a public relations nightmare as well as not being practical for the environment. For example it has a sixteen hour boot-up time and its potency significantly decreased when it was raining, snowing, or in dusty conditions.

This is the place Dr. Wood’s hypothesis first fails. The smoke coming from not only the twin towers, but adjacent buildings and fires on the ground, would significantly decrease the effectiveness of any such beam weapon. But let’s say such a weapon existed on such a large scale that it could cut through smoke, could it make damp clothes uncomfortably hot? As evidence that it can, Dr. Wood quotes a Wired article that states that damp clothes actually intensify the effectiveness of the beam. This is the American military spinning one of many flaws in its system. Having wet clothes would actually partially shield you from the radiation (0.4 mm of water absorbs 86% of the power). Eventually the water would boil, which would be more painful in the long run, but in the short it would allow for a greater a exposure time. This does not mean that, as Dr. Wood implied, damp clothes somehow attract the radiation – and remember, this only works for areas covered by damp clothes. Any parts of the target that are exposed would get the full force of the ADS resulting in agonizing pain. If some sort of ADS had been fired at these people, none of them would have been able to withstand the pain long enough for their damp shirts to heat up.

The next problem in her hypothesis is this – why would anyone be directing a beam weapon calibrated to heat water on the top layer of skin at a building in the hopes of destroying it? It is true that metallic objects can absorb the radiation from ADS but a study investigating the technology stated that ordinary household aluminum foil could absorb and reflect the radiation providing protection for people behind it. Are we really meant to believe that this system that can be foiled by……foil can somehow destroy the twin towers!

Again, hypothetically, lets say that it was somehow heating up the structure, is there any evidence that contradicts this? Yes! There were many cameras that day pointed towards the twin towers in lower Manhatten and not all where recording in the visible spectrum. Thermographer Carol Ciemiengo pointed her infrared imager and camcorder at the twin towers and saw no heat spots above the impact zones.

Lets not also forget that these people trapped at the top of the towers were not completely isolated. They had mobiles phones, which many used to contact loved ones and emergency services. Not one of them mentioned that for some bizarre reason their damp clothes were all of a sudden becoming uncomfortably hot.

This chapter is nothing but fantasy, and it’s outstanding that people with a straight face tell me that Dr. Wood’s book is nothing but genius.

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9 Comments on A Review of Dr. Judy Wood’s Book “Where Did The Towers Go?” – The Jumpers

  1. These Wood defenders have to be all a bunch of socks of Andrew Johnson and Jerry Leaphart. I cannot fathom how anybody without a personal–and/or financial–connection to Judy Wood takes her the least bit seriously. Certainly somebody who is only freshly aware of her isn’t going come to her defense with his claws out, who do they think they’re kidding? Remember this is also the woman who stated that trucks and other large debris that get thrown around in a hurricane are not picked up by wind, rather they are being “levitated”. The last time I looked for the video in which she says that it had been made private. Gee, I wonder why….


  2. Duke Rourschach // October 21, 2014 at 8:25 am // Reply

    Dr.Judy Wood is Completely out of her mind! Directed Energy Weapons have not advanced to the point of being able to do much more than make skin uncomfortable or heat soup the amount of power you would need to disintegrate 2 steel building is ASTRONOMICAL there in IMPOSSIBLE and please stop Waisting are time with flights of fantasy or little green men in the real World their are explanations to what happen that day that don’t require quoting science fiction as it’s Main who done it! Dr. Wood is ignoring the reality of Business people being put in a situation NO ONE could fathom and then reacting to not wanting to choke or burn to death and hitting the concrete at terminal velocity or hoping air bags set up by firefighters below is a reasonable way to die quick or maybe be saved but I’m not going to say I would know what to do cause YOU DONT SO DONT SPECULATE! But advanced unknown weaponry is the best she could come up with just because you have Dr. In front of your name doesn’t make you all Knowing and that’s the problem they believe it does and then leads them to the fantasy that people will listen because of that if it sounds like lunacy it most likely is use common sense. She needs sleep and sex both she seems to lack!


  3. Men think I come in peace…

    Saying 16 of the Gospel of Thomas


  4. Wow, how did all the 9/11 conspiracy nuts and all round whack jobs end up on this thread?


  5. Some people are clearly afraid of Dr Wood’s findings and scientific explanations.


    • seems for me that people like you are afraid of science. hence, the truth (or as possibly near to something called “truth”), which is in your case the real joke.


  6. Mark Colquitt // February 14, 2015 at 3:42 pm // Reply


    That should help clear things up for the CT’s slithering around in here.


  7. Dr Wood’s comments regarding the jumpers only demonstrates her total lack of understanding of human psychology


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