Debunking The Holocaust Denial Documentary Judea Declares War on Germany (Part 3)

Debunking The Holocaust Denial Documentary Judea Declares War on Germany (Part 3)

As I have previously said, the documentary, ‘Judea Declares War on Germany’, is so tightly crammed with bulls**t that it runs the risk of collapsing in on itself like a neutron star. This became a problem when it came to deciding what I wanted to rebuttal next as I felt compelled to refute every inaccuracy and point out every example of data manipulation. However, if I were to do this, I would be publishing blogposts on the subject for months to come. I have therefore decided to write only one more blog post on the subject and counter what I consider to be the documentary’s strongest argument, that the Nazis did not systematically murder millions of people in their death camps. So, strap yourself in as we talk about the gas chambers….or the lack thereof.

One of the first times we hear Töben speak in his documentary is whilst he is giving us a tour of Crematorium I, which contains the first gas chamber used to kill people at Auschwitz. He starts by talking about one of the external doors of the building before moving inside the vestibule and towards the gas chamber. There, he then points out that the old wooden door separating the two rooms was not air-tight, and that this is a serious problem for those who believe the room behind it was used to gas people. Later in the documentary, Töben and the unknown Australian narrator go on to say that there never was any gas chambers in the Nazi concentration camps, and that all the so-called gas chambers we see today are fakes. They also claim that Zyklon-B (the cyanide based pesticide used to gas people) was never used to kill, but instead used to save lives by sterilising clothing.

Before I refute the documentary’s claims, we first must discuss how the gas chambers operated. So as not to cause a panic, victims were told they were about to take a shower and undergo delousing. Some were even given soap and a towel. They were then led into a chamber where they undressed before being led into a gas chamber, which was disguised as a shower facility. The doors were then locked and an SS officer dumped  Zyklon-B pellets through vents in the roof or the sides of the gas chamber. The cyanide-based pesticide, Zyklon-B, kills by preventing cells in the victims’ body from using oxygen to make energy. It does this by binding to iron found in an enzyme in the mitochondria of cells called cytochrome C oxidase. It then prevents the binding of oxygen at the active site, preventing the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) resulting in chemical asphyxiation. The victims were dead within 10-20 minutes.

People wearing gas masks then dragged the bodies from the chamber, removed their glasses, artificial limbs, jewellery, and any dental work was extracted so the gold could be removed and melted down. The corpses were burned in the incinerators and ashes were buried, thrown in a river, or used as fertiliser.

Crematorium I

At around the 50-minute mark in the documentary, the subject of Crematorium I gets mentioned again – this time by the unknown Australian narrator, who believes the gas chamber to be a fake.

“The only chamber left still undestroyed is in the Auschwitz main camp. But it too is a comedy of errors. Whereas the prisoners had a swimming pool next to their barracks, the Germans supposedly built this gas chamber only 20 paces from their SS restaurant and hospital.”

This is one of many examples of the documentary trying to convince the viewer that these concentration/death camps were actually really nice places to stay. Even though the presence of this swimming pool at Auschwitz is mentioned multiple times throughout the movie, it ignores the fact that it was originally built as a water reservoir for the purpose of firefighting. It was not until 1943, when the then-commandant at Auschwitz, Arthur Liebehenschel, ordered the construction of diving boards to be constructed. Even then, it was only accessible to SS men and certain privileged Aryan prisoners employed as inmate-functionaries in the camp. This information is easy to find, yet the movie would have you believe that the existence of this swimming pool is being repressed, and tour guides purposefully don’t show it on their tours.

Likewise, Crematorium I did not always contain a gas chamber. Originally it was equipped with two (later three) cremation ovens with a morgue room behind them. It was not until late in 1941 that this morgue room was sealed up and five holes were cut into the roof, allowing Zyklon-B to be dropped in so it could be briefly used as a gas chamber. There were major issues using this retrofitted gas chamber, such as its proximity to other buildings. This is something the narrator of the movie actually gets correct.

“According to the polish tour guide, the only method of getting this poisonous gas out of this large chamber was to open two flimsy unsealed doors and let the wind blow hundreds of cubic meters of poisonous gas out onto the street.”

According to, ‘Anatomy of the Auschwitz Death Camp‘, a large fan was installed to remove the gas after it was used to murder people. However, the proximity of nearby buildings was still a problem. For this reason and more, the gas chamber in Crematorium I was only used for a small amount of time – from February 15, 1942  until sometime in the fall of 1942, when the murder operations moved out to the newly-constructed purposely built gas chambers and crematoriums in Auschwitz II–Birkenau.

“The only evidence we could find on the inside of the chamber was evidence of incompetence. The roof holes have once again been crudely smashed through the concrete. Fixtures that probably belonged to toilets have been removed, but proving this alleged gas chamber once had a toilet. And then there is the door. A flimsy wooden construction with a window and the locking device on the inside. A door that could easily be kicked out.”

Just as Crematorium I did not start its life at Auschwitz as a gas chamber, it did not end its time there as a crematorium. In 1944, the building was converted into an air raid shelter. Its ovens were dismantled, the holes that were once used to drop Zyklon-B into were filled in, toilets were installed, and the gas chamber was subdivided with strong walls to support the ceiling. This is probably one of the reasons why it remained after the war when attempts were made by the Nazis to destroy evidence of these gas chambers.

After the war, the camp was turned into a museum and, using blueprints dated September 25, 1941 and eyewitness testimonies, Chamber 1 was restored. This is why it looks like the holes in the roof of the gas chamber have been smashed – because they have been, just like the originals were.

I know this is painfully obvious, but the flimsy wooden door he is talking about is not the same air-tight door used when the building was used to gas people.

“Back up on the roof, Doctor Töben points out the crematorium chimney. A chimney that is not found on any aerial photos at the time, but we believe it was added later by the Russians. But whoever added it did not bother even attaching it to the building.”

Both the the ovens and the chimney were rebuilt in 1947 by the Soviets, who decided not to attach the two together. Maybe they did not like the idea of making the facility functional again after such a short amount of time… who knows, but what we do know is that this reconstruction took place. Despite this being common knowledge, the documentary is trying to push the idea that this is secret information, despite that fact that there is a plaque outside crematorium I that talks about the history of the building.

Something that I have found both quite interesting and eerie is the blue staining of the walls in some of the surviving gas chambers. This blue colour is a result of the hydrogen cyanide from the Zyklon-B reacting with Iron in the walls to make a dark blue pigment called Prussian Blue. This pigment has been used in many famous artworks such as Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night, or the Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hohusai.

Nearly all of the gas chambers were destroyed by the Nazis towards the end of the war in an attempt to destroy evidence of their atrocities. This exposed these cyanide-based compounds (which only penetrated to a depth of around 10 micrometers) to the elements, eventually leading to the blue colour fading away. However, the gas chamber at the Majdanek concentration camp was captured intact, and is the best example of this blue staining.

When confronted with this glaring evidence, Töben and the unnamed Australian narrator say that there is no evidence of these compounds found in the rooms used to gas humans.

“The tinge of blue you may see here comes from the flashed photos and not any staining from Zyklon-B on the walls – because there isn’t any.”

It also becomes clear at this point that the documentary is hinting at results from the Leuchter report. This report was used to defend the person this movie is dedicated to, Ernst Zundele, who was put on trial for violating Canadian laws against distributing false news when he published the pamphlet, ‘Did Six Million Really Die?’

The report analysed multiple pieces of brick and the remains of the crematoria and gas chambers at Auschwitz (without the camps permission). The report stated that it was unable to find evidence of any cyanide-based compounds in the homicidal gas chambers and, therefore, they could not have been used to kill people. It goes on to say that it was able to find evidence of these compounds in Auschwitz’s delousing chambers.

This is a huge cornerstone of the revisionist (AKA holocaust denialist) conspiracy theory. They believe that Zyklon-B was only used for delousing infested clothing, and that it was not used to murder people. In the documentary, this section is even called “real gas chambers made for saving lives”.

There are multiple crippling errors with the Leuchter report, starting with the fact that the synthesis of these iron-based cyanide compounds is by no means a categorical sign of cyanide exposure. It requires a very high concentration of cyanide and a source of iron.

There was also a problem with sampling in the Leuchter report. Rather than just testing the surface of the gas chambers, entire chunks of brick and mortar were taken and ground up, then analysed. This diluted these cyanaide-based compounds to below the detectable amount for the lab they hired.

The reason why they were able to decide the compounds using the same method in the walls of the delousing chambers was for two reasons. The first is that they were not exposed to the elements, and the second is that Zyklon-B was used in these rooms in a much higher concentration, and for a far longer time, in order to kill the parasites. Because of crackpots like Töben and the unnamed Australian narrator, competent scientist have tested the walls and found, under double-blind conditions, evidence of cyanide-based compounds.

In my opinion the “fake gas chamber” and the lack of cyanide-based compounds detected in the rubble of the gas chambers is the best evidence these “revisionists” have that the holocaust was faked. None of it stands up against even the slightest bit of scrutiny and, most of the time, it takes a massive leap of faith to believe in.

As I said at the beginning, I could spend months correcting every mistake made in this documentary but, quite frankly, that would be a waste of my time. After the publication of my original video on the subject, and seeing the backlash I got – including my content being reported as “hate speech”, I can tell that there is nothing I could say that could change the minds of these people. They want an excuse to explain their bigotry, and pretending the holocaust did not happen gives them the perfect excuse.

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Hello Internet! My name is Myles Power and I am a chemist from the North East of England, who loves to make videos trying to counter pseudoscience and debunk quackery in all of its various forms! From the hype around GMOs through to Atrazine turning the freakin’ frogs gay, I’ll try to cut through the nonsense that’s out there!

4 Comments on Debunking The Holocaust Denial Documentary Judea Declares War on Germany (Part 3)

  1. I think you will find is that the irony is it may not have been the Holocaust Deniers that got your videos pulled. There is a field of thought that holds that ideas like Holocaust Denial are so terrible that they should not be bought up ever, not even to refute them, they must be hidden away from the site of ‘decent people’. Therefore it may not have been your refutations that were the ‘hate speech’ but merely the claims you were showing to be completely without merit.


  2. Let´s debunk this “debunking” which in fact resembles a product of someone who just did a quick google search with the purpose of confirmation of his own belief. To make it easily readable, I will use points.

    1)Zyklon B was used to save lives, that´s a fact no mater if one is an exterminationist or revisionist. Why the author of this “debunking” wonders about it as shown in the video is a mystery.

    2)The only “evidence” for fake showers, towels and soaps is coming from so called witnesses. For instance, according to “witnesses” Jankowski, Broad, Stark (Crematorium I) or Müller (Crematorium IV and V), there were no fake showers and pipes, so how exactly were people led to believe they are in shower rooms is a mystery. Müller in his interview with Claude Lanzmann (Shoa documentary) called giving soap and towels to alleged victims as more or less fiction, which is funny considering that in his memoirs he repeated that fiction. Why don´t you believe those witnesses?

    3)Author deals with Crematorium I alleged gas chamber, unfortunately for him, the blueprint of April 10, 1942 shows that the door (between the morgue and oven room) was a swinging door and thus freely opening to both directions, perfectly suitable for morgue, but an absurdity for alleged gas chamber.

    4)As far as I know, the pool was off limits and not very known years ago, that the situation may be different now is irrelevant in respect to the situation years ago. As the author can see, the sign, which is there now, is not visible in the documentary. Last but not least, the sign is clearly deceptive as it says the pool is a fire brigade reservoir built in the form of swimming pool, hence still not acknowledging it as a swimming pool but pretending its just a reservoir looking like a swimming pool. Here the author thus ignores chronology and facts.

    5)Marc Klein in his memoirs writes, that pool was used by inmates which were well fed and fit and saying nothing about SS and privileged Aryan as the only group allowed to use it. Acc. to him, polo matches and games attracted masses of detainees and drew the liveliest applause from the masses. Why don´t you believe that witness?

    6)Author speaks of five holes, but so called witnesses, the only “evidence” of these holes, speaks of 1,2,3, 6 or like supposed creator of these holes, Czeslaw Sulkowski, cannot even tell such basic thing. Today, the room shows 4 holes, so this author does not even know how the room he writes about looks like.

    7)Documents concerning ventilation speak of a morgue, not of a gas chamber.

    8)Unfortunately for the author, one cannot simply fill in holes in the concrete ceiling and make them disappear, so one can hardly consider it as removed evidence, that´s absurd.

    9)Author refers to the blueprint of Sep 25, 1941, but is silent about the fact, that the blueprint shows no holes and clearly labels the room as a morgue (Leichenkeller), and not as Gaskammer. Another blueprint of April 10, 1942 shows again no holes and marks the room as a morgue. The room was allegedly used for homicidal gassings since Sep 16 acc. to Danuta Czech.

    10)The fact, that the holes are just post war fakes was unintentionally exposed by Soviets/Poles themselves. As can be verified, the positions of the holes were measured from the walls which did not exist in the room in question, i.e. from the wall of the little vestibule/air lock on the right (added during conversion to shelter in 1944) and from the wall of the room wrongly incorporated into the morgue (done during Soviet/Polish reconstruction after the war when they knocked down one more wall).

    Carlo Mattogno pointed that out long time ago and you can see it summarized graphically + measurements:

    That demonstrates, that there were never any “original holes” which were supposedly reopened, the reality is that the holes were created after the war for the first time and their “reopening” is just another lie.

    The fact also is, that Soviets/Poles heavily tampered with the alleged crime scene and produced no documentation how the room looked like after they liberated the camp and before they tampered with the scene. The author of this article conveniently ignored to comment it as if tampering with the alleged crime scene without any documentation was a normal practice.

    11)Painfully obvious, as the author would put it, is a fact the author does not know that the flimsy door was not even part of the alleged gas chamber and that he wants his readers believe, that there was originally some gas tight gas chamber door. The reality is, that this door was incorrectly incorporated into the “reconstructed” gas chamber when Soviets/Poles knocked down one more wall and thus enlarged original room.

    12)That the museum is now more open about the fact, that the “gas chamber” is a post war “reconstruction” and even installed a signs there is irrelevant to the fact, that it was presented as a original before. If the author would bother again, he would see that the signs are missing in the documentary, hence they were not installed yet. Here the author violates again basic principle of chronology and proves again he knows nothing about the topic. This “reconstruction” was indeed a long time hidden fact before revisionists started pointing that out for years and when it was finally officially and publicly acknowledged for even ordinary tourist.

    13)There was no attempt to destroy gas chambers in order to hide evidence as clearly demonstrated by some left intact chambers in other places, left archives including blueprints and invoices for alleged killing installations or thousands of witnesses left behind by retreating Germans. The reason why crematoria at Birkenau were destroyed is much simpler, to prevent Soviets to use that facilities for propaganda purposes like Soviets did in case of Majdanek which after liberation Soviets exploited for propaganda purposes with the photos of the ovens as one of the main tools of their propaganda. In such situation there was no need to demolish former Crematorium I which was converted to shelter and without ovens.

    14)Cyanide is actually able to penetrate very deeply into the walls as clearly demonstrated by the fact, that blue discoloration can be seen also on the outside walls of the delousing chambers. These compounds are extremely stable, weather elements have basically no effect as can be seen again on the outside walls of the still existing delousing chambers. When it comes to tested samples taken from alleged homicidal gas chambers, these were taken also from areas protected against elements and showed the same like other samples, so author´s objection falls apart again. Samples (including control samples from places where nobody claims some homicidal gassing took place) lies around detectable threshold, what speaks volumes. Author thus writes an obvious nonsense. Data can be seen in this link

    15)Toben´s comment refers to Crematorium I, not to Majdanek and he is correct, there is no blue discoloration as everyone can see. Prussian blue in Majdanek is no glaring evidence of homicidal gassings, but glaring evidence of use of cyanide, in this case use of Zyklon B. Author is jumping to conclusions again. The obvious conclusion is, that it was caused by delousing, simple.

    15)The author speaks of huge concentrations of cyanide and presence of iron, although he does not specifies values, both would be present in his alleged homicidal gassing scenario and iron is present naturally.

    16)If author has doubts about Leuchter samples, he can easily read results of other testing to see confirmation Leuchter´s data, i.e. values are so low that can be considered as not detected. If author really wants, he can do own report with tested samples and check it for himself, that´s the nice thing about empirical evidence as opposite to witnesses´ fantasies devoid of any value.

    17)What scientist and double blinded conditions resulting in found cyanide compounds is this author talking about? As far as I know, cyanide was found by all including Leuchter´s samples, the issue is not that they were found, but the quantity found. Hence just the detection of cyanide proves nothing as is logical to expect presence of cyanide compounds where Zyklon B was used for fumigation, a fact not disputed by anybody as even orthodox historians accept that just a fraction of Zyklon B was supposedly used for killings and rest for fumigation. What matters here is thus not qualitative, but quantitative factor, which as we know shows values so low that they are considered not detectable.

    Additional point not present here, but visible in the “debunking” video from this author:

    18)Morgues (alleged homicidal gas chambers) of Crematoria II and III were not heated by heat generated by ovens in order to support evaporation of cyanide as the author claims. The plan to pre-heat morgues did not follow from the necessity to heat morgues (although also morgues needs certain temperature to avoid freezing of corpses) but from the necessity to remove excessive heat generated by three forced draft blowers housed in special rooms behind the ovens. These devices generated too much heat, and Kurt Prüfer from Topf und Sohne proposed to direct that dangerous heat into morgues and utilize it there. Since the three devices were damaged on the occasion of putting them into full service and were removed, the whole plan was cancelled. Backed in documents, had nothing to do with alleged homicidal gassings. That´s something what author should know since he is referring to the book “Anatomy of the Auschwitz Death Camp” where Jean Claude Pressac confirms that the plan was abandoned after they removed damaged forced draft blowers (page 233). Thus the author here is either very poor reader or a liar.

    The rest of the article looks just as an ad hominem and projection.


  3. I adore these they are really so fashion and wonderful. Fully price just about every penny


  4. How come i’ve never met any holocaust deniers who weren’t full of intense hate for people they don’t even know?


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