A Review of Dr. Judy Wood’s Book “Where Did The Towers Go?” – The Twin Towers Collapse

Edited by Peter

Part 1

DR Judy Wood Just over two years ago, I found myself stranded an extra day in New York because my flight home had been cancelled. This was after I had spent three exhausting months in America working and travelling, so I was about ready to go home. I did not know what to do with myself on this extra day, and was thinking about spending it sat in Central Park waiting for my flight. This was until a friend of mine suggested that I take my camera down to ground zero and interview 9/11 truthers about their interesting theories about the September 11th attacks. You see it happened to be the eleventh anniversary of the attacks - which almost guaranteed that there would be a relatively large crowd around the area.

These interviews, recorded on my little cannon point-and-click, were eventually published over the course of four months in a seven-part miniseries, which aimed to tackle and debunk from a scientific perspective, some of the more prevalent theories. The miniseries is still, to this day, quite popular and is often commented on. One name that kept popping up in the comments section is a Dr. Judy Wood. At the time of making the series, I did a quick Google search, and when I discovered her and her cringe worthy hypotheses on how the towers collapsed I laughed, shrugged it off, and continued with my miniseries. The reason I did this was because Wood’s hypotheses are at the very fringe of the truther community and don’t represent what the vast majority of them believe. I also thought that she was low hanging fruit and that I would be accused of not covering the main theories that make up the conspiracy.

Since then, two years have passed and people still bring up Wood’s name in the comments section. What’s worse is that I am often accused of being too much of a coward to address her hypotheses contained in her 2010, 544-paged book ‘Where Did The Towers Go? Evidence of Directed Free-energy Technology on 9/11’ But no longer!!! I have bought myself a copy of her book, which at first glance, I would describe as an adult picture book and have decided to review and critique the drivel contained within.

Before we dive into the book, it’s important to know who Judy Wood is. Dr. Wood is a graduate and former professor of mechanical engineering at Virginia Tech. Her PH.D. was Materials Engineering Science, Masters in Engineering Mechanics, and her bachelors degree was in Civil Engineering. She is also an advocate of “fair use” which means that she will have no problem with my review of her book. Presumably, the reason why she is such an advocate is that she does not own the copyright or have permission to use the many images contained within her book. Without a doubt, she is highly qualified to talk about the collapse of the twin towers, but you would not think it after reading her book. In the first chapter alone, she makes basic mistakes that are inexcusable of somebody with her qualifications.

Right off the bat, the first chapter paints a very bad picture of Dr. Wood – not only as an incompetent engineer, but also as an unpleasant person. She discusses where she was on the morning of September 11th and her first reaction to seeing the plane-shaped holes in the towers. Unbelievably she found the whole thing comical. “When I saw the airplane-shaped hole in one of the buildings, I began to laugh, in spite of the tragedy of the event, because I was reminded of watching a Roadrunner cartoon” If this was not in bad taste enough, she felt it necessary to include the following pictures.

Dr Judy Wood Wike E Coyote Dr Judy Wood Roadrunner

The book then abruptly changes direction and begins to talk about the time the towers collapsed. It works out that an object falling from the height of the twin towers in a vacuum would take around 9.2 seconds to hit the floor. Then using seismic data collected by Columbia University Dr Wood concluded that both towers collapsed within 10 seconds and therefore fell at free fall. However, this is contradicted by the many videos of the collapse which Dr. Wood ignores because the “collapse is hidden in the immense dust clouds” and because videos can be affect by time distortions. Whilst this is true, it does not change the fact that they all show debris detached from the towers falling below the point of collapse. If indeed the towers did collapse at free fall, then the point of collapse should be at the same point or below free falling debris. Unbelievably, Dr. Wood even has a quote on the same page from NIST that practically spells this out for her, “NIST estimated the elapsed times for the first exterior panels to strike the ground after the collapse initiated in each of the towers to be approximately 11 seconds for WTC1 and approximately 9 seconds for WTC2”.

She also makes an embarrassing mistake when it comes to interpreting the seismic data. She clearly believes that the large signal collected by Columbia University, that lasts for 10 and 8 seconds for WTC 1 and WTC 2 respectively, corresponds to the total collapse time of the towers – when they in fact correspond to rubble hitting the ground. For example, the North Tower started to collapse at 10:28:23±1 but Dr. Wood misinterprets the peak at 10:28:31±1 as the start time. We then see the largest signal at 10:28:36±1 – when the heaviest rubble hits the ground until 10:28:39±1 by which time the majority of the debris has fallen. This is where she gets 8 seconds from and it would take very little effort to look at the raw data and discover this mistake.

Dr Judy Wood 911

Seismograms recorded by LCSN Station PAL (Palisades, NY) of the noth towers collapse


These are all very basic mistakes that someone with Dr. Wood’s credentials should not be making. What’s worse is that they are the cornerstones of her bizarre (even in the truther community) hypotheses on the September 11th attacks, but more on that later.

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Hello Internet! My name is Myles Power and I am a chemist from the North East of England, who loves to make videos trying to counter pseudoscience and debunk quackery in all of its various forms! From the hype around GMOs through to Atrazine turning the freakin’ frogs gay, I’ll try to cut through the nonsense that’s out there!

13 Comments on A Review of Dr. Judy Wood’s Book “Where Did The Towers Go?” – The Twin Towers Collapse

  1. In order to clarify matters of fact and help to determine in advance what facts may be presented at any trial, I affirm under penalty of law that the following is the whole truth and nothing but the truth:

    1.) The plane-shaped cartoon hole was drawn by request by a guy in England, just for Dr. Judy Wood’s book.

    2.) The kitty silhouette is Dr. Wood’s own work.

    3.) Dr. Wood has never stated that she got these images off the Internet.

    4.) The individual who posted the images scanned them in from Dr. Wood’s book.

    5.) The individual who posted the images did not get these images off the Internet.

    6.) Since the individual who posted the images was not critiquing Dr. Wood’s artwork, “fair use” for criticism does not apply.

    7.) Neither does “educational purposes” apply. Now use your cornucopia of acquired knowledge and think about how ignorant that belief is. Does that mean a professor can xerox his book and give copies to everyone in the class so they don’t need to buy the book? “It’s for educational purposes.” That doesn’t protect someone from being taken to court for copying college text books. Someone could argue that all books are “educational” so are free to copy. I think we know that’s not what the law is saying.

    8.) And most importantly, if the individual who posted the images truly believed that this is not Dr. Wood’s work and that it came from “the Internet,” why would he claim to be critiquing it on his blog and claiming to be critiquing Dr. Wood’s work? He isn’t even supported for one of those reasons, much less both at the same time. LOL :-)

    9.) BTW, Unlike Jeremy Rys, I’m not a two-time convicted felon.



    • It’s very difficult to take this rubbish seriously. Even the most strident truther must be embarrassed by this kind of subterfuge. I found the following point particularly comical.

      [Emmanuel Goldstein] “8.) And most importantly, if the individual who posted the images truly believed that this is not Dr. Wood’s work and that it came from “the Internet,” why would he claim to be critiquing it on his blog and claiming to be critiquing Dr. Wood’s work?”

      This is an absolutely ridiculous comment, whether Wood has the right to includes the hundreds of images in her book or not. It should be patently obvious to anyone that Wood included the images because she believes they support her frivolous claims. Therefore, if one desires to critique her picture book, it may be of use to include some of those images. And Myles clearly made that determination. The fact that those cartoon images are in her book is telling enough, but to find out she actually commissioned people to produce them, is even more disturbing.

      In case it was missed in my prior comment, here’s the Jenkins/Wood discussion again. I don’t think I could find a more incriminating video than to let Wood speak for herself. I’d want those images taken down too if I was fool-hearty enough to include them in my book.

      Keep up the noble work, Myles!


    • 1. Drawing over an image does not give you copyright over it.
      2. If it is Dr. Wood’s own work then yes she has copyright, but fare use still applies.
      3. Were Dr. Wood’s got the images from makes no difference to copyright.
      4. Were a 3rd part got the images from make not difference to copyright.
      5. See 4.
      6. Debatable, which is a job for courts and lawyers.
      7. See 7
      8. What a 3rd part believes is true does not effect copyright.
      9. Good for you.

      One point you failed to make is that only the person who actual owns the copyright has the legal right to claim copyright violations to enact DMCA take downs. If the person who file the take down notice is not the copyright holder they have committed a criminal offence.


  2. Did you miss this Chuck?

    Jim Fetzer* arranged for Greg Jenkins to d
    o this “interview” almost 7 years ago! (January 10, 2007) Now, years later after Mr. Jenkins recorded and manipulated that video, it has become more widely known that the towers did indeed mostly turn to dust. So time has shown Mr. Jenkins to be wrong and Dr. Wood to be right. As for Mr. Jenkins, it seems he was “reassigned” to a desk job after this interview. Apparently he isn’t cut out for field work.

    Compare the interviewing skills of of Mr. Jenkins with Mr. Chalmers. Is this why we’ve not seen Mr. Jenkins again? Why hasn’t Mr. Jenkins interviewed Richard Gage, Steven Jones, Jim Fetzer, Niels Harrit, Dimitri Khalezov, or Kevin Ryan??? Why has no one interviewed Mr. Jenkins? Oh, that’s right. He went into hiding after that “interview” with Dr. Wood because he can’t handle questions. If you would like to ask Mr. Jenkins where did the building go?, here is the contact information:

    Dr. Gregory S. Jenkins


    (BTW, he studies rustification and magnetic fluctuations.)

    9/11 The EVIDENCE Theo Chalmers Interviews Dr Judy Wood


    *1. Fetzering
    1. The act of making an unfounded or unsubstantiated claim.
    2. In philosophy, a method of debate or discussion based of the premise of: I think, therefore I am. I think you’re wrong. therefore you are.
    3. The act of disagreeing by employing rancor, name calling, ad hominem attacks or straw man argument.

    Etymology: Fetzering began in earnest in the late 1960’s, being implemented by a JFK conspiracy theorist and has since expanded it’s use in the 9/11 debate arena.
    1. Without evidence your claim is simple fetzering.

    2. He should rely on his data instead of fetzering.



  3. ” If the person who file the take down notice is not the copyright holder they have committed a criminal offence. (offense)” Not a true statement. I am authorized to act on the copyright owner’s behalf.


    The actions of the individual using the screen name Myles Power (and those like him) are one of the biggest causes of the destruction of our civilization, if not the biggest. How does it profit a man to destroy the value of Dr. Wood’s book by lowering the level of discussion?

    “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You’re on your own, and you know what you know. And you are the guy who’ll decide where to go.” -Dr. Seuss


    Conspiracy theorists begin with conspiracy theories and storytelling. Forensic scientists begin with evidence. If you want to know what happened on 9/11, you need to begin with evidence, not theories. The evidence will tell you what happened. Beliefs won’t tell you what happened but will confuse you. Read Dr. Wood’s book and no one will have to tell you what to know because you will know what you know.

    Here is a letter I wrote to Frontline Executive Producer David E Fanning just over a year ago on October 10th, 2013.

    RE: League of Denial: The NFL’s Concussion Crisis

    David E Fanning
    Frontline Executive Producer
    Front Street Productions Inc

    Dear Mr. Fanning,

    While watching the FRONTLINE program “League of Denial: The NFL’s Concussion Crisis” this week I couldn’t help but notice that the NFL used the exact same techniques to cover-up Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) in football players as the so called “9/11 Truther” movement has done to the research of forensic scientist Dr. Judy Wood. Taken in its literal sense, it has become painfully obvious that the objective of the “9/11 Truther” movement is to move the truth around and cover it up. One of the most widely-used techniques to cover up facts and empirical evidence is to refer to empirical evidence as “a theory” or “a premise.” As your program has clearly demonstrated, this activity inserts doubt and causes the unsuspecting audience to view “evidence” presented as “a guess” that has no proof or as “an opinion” that can be dismissed due to lack of popularity. That is, to cover up such monumental evidence (facts), the handlers only need to refer to it as “a premise” or “a theory” and then create the impression that it is not a popular “idea.” Like the NFL, many “handlers” of public perception even conduct “science by vote” to create the perception that a certain piece of evidence is not popular so is therefore wrong. They may even misrepresent what is presented in order to sway the vote (e.g. referring to Dr. Wood’s presentation of evidence as “a spacebeam theory”). Making what seems to be “minor mistakes” to direct public opinion is very powerful. It comes down to the fact that most people prefer to believe what they are told over what they observe. I have read Dr. Wood’s book. The truth is a very powerful force. If you have not done so, I encourage you to take the time to read her book.

    “WHERE DID THE TOWERS GO?” is not about a conspiracy theory or a theory at all. It is a 540 page book about factual evidence, empirical evidence that reveals the truth in a way that is undeniable to anyone who reads it. Dr. Wood’s book has not been refuted by anyone, nor can it be. Those that choose to focus on hearsay, speculation, conspiracy theories, or unqualified opinions while ignoring irrefutable factual evidence by avoiding it is what keeps a cover-up in place. Diverting the public to arguing between the two false choices of “9/11 Truthers” verses “The Official 9/11 Conspiracy Theory” while ignoring the facts is classic perception management designed to hide and obscure the evidence.

    It wasn’t poor construction, jet fuel, demolition charges of any type, missiles or planes, mini-nukes, or super-duper-micro-mini-nano-thermite that turned two quarter mile high buildings with a combined weight of over a million tons into microscopic dust particles in mid-air taking less than 10 seconds each. There were over 100 floors in each tower. Try clapping your hands 100 times in 10 seconds.

    The truth does not depend on who supports it. Truth is not a club or a matter of “opinion” or “belief”. Neither is truth a political or economic objective. Truth doesn’t have sides. The truth is singular and the truth is unifying. By reading Dr. Wood’s research and collection of evidence as compiled in her book the truth is known, so there is no need to “Re-investigate 9/11” or “call for a new investigation” unless the objective is to divert everyone away from the truth. If you want unity, then seek the truth by reading her book. If you were assigned to do a book report, would you read the book or rely on rumors, conjecture, and uninformed opinions from other people? This isn’t about beliefs, it is about evidence.

    Now those that have read her book know the truth. Those covering it up should be held accountable. After all, it is the cover up that has enabled what has transpired since 9/11, not what happened on 9/11. So the cover up of 9/11 has been a far worse crime than 9/11 itself. Remember, the truth is known and is knowable. What should be done about those covering it up?

    Hardcover: 540 pages
    Publisher: The New Investigation (September 11, 2010)
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 0615412564
    ISBN-13: 978-0-615-41256-6
    LCCN: 2090916516
    Images and Diagrams: over 860 full color
    Shipping Weight: 3.5 pounds
    Product Dimensions: 10.25 x 7.25 x 1.4 inches

    On 9/11 over a half mile of vertical building height, containing nearly 150 football fields of floor space, was reduced to a near-level field of dust and debris, where rescue workers walked horizontally or rappelled into empty caverns to look for survivors. How was this possible given the standard laws of engineering and physics? The 9/11 Commission Report bypassed this central issue, as did the report of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Contrary to its stated objective of determining ‘why and how WTC 1 and WTC 2 collapsed,’ the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) made the stunning admission that it did not investigate how the towers fell. Neither the standard view that the Twin Towers collapsed from fire nor the standard opposition view that they were intentionally detonated by thermite explosives explains the evidence, nor do they follow the laws of engineering and physics. Dr. Wood left Clemson to research the 9/11 conundrum full time, and she has focused her research strictly on physical evidence and scientific principles. WHERE DID THE TOWERS GO? provides an understandable, credible, and photo-enhanced summary of Dr. Wood’s disturbing findings, which resulted in her lawsuit against the contractors of the NIST report.

    Dr. Judy Wood earned a Ph.D. Degree from Virginia Tech and is a former professor of mechanical engineering. She has research expertise in experimental stress analysis, structural mechanics, deformation analysis, materials characterization and materials engineering science. Her research has involved testing materials, including complex-material systems, in the area of photomechanics, or the use of optical and image-analysis methods to determine physical properties of materials and measure how materials respond to forces placed on them. Her area of expertise involves interferometry.

    She taught graduate and undergraduate engineering classes and has authored or co-authored over 60 peer-reviewed papers in her areas of expertise.

    In the time since 9/11/01, she has applied her expertise in materials science, image analysis and interferometry, to a forensic study of over 40,000 images, hundreds of video clips and a large volume of witness testimony pertaining to the destruction of the WTC complex. Dr. Wood has conducted a comprehensive forensic investigation of what physically happened to the World Trade Center site on 9/11. And, based on her analysis of the evidence she gathered, in 2007, she filed a federal qui tam case for science fraud against the contractors who contributed to the official NIST report about the destruction of the WTC. This case was filed in the US Supreme Court in Dec 2009. To this day, Dr. Wood’s investigation is the only comprehensive forensic investigation in the public domain.


  4. Joseph Moore // October 13, 2014 at 4:00 am // Reply

    “Lives of great ones all remind us
    Greatness takes no easy way,
    All the heroes of tomorrow
    Are the heretics of today.
    JUDY WOOD and Galileo,
    John Brown, Thoreau, Christ and Debs
    Heard the night cry ‘Down with traitors!’
    And the dawn shout ‘Up the rebs!’
    Nothing ever seems to bust them—
    Gallows, crosses, prison bars;
    Tho’ we try to readjust them
    There they are among the stars.
    Lives of great ones all remind us
    We can write our names on high
    and departing leave behind us
    Thumbprints in the FBI.” ~E.Y. Harburg

    You, dear Myles Powers, or whoever you are behind the curtain, have performed a great disservice to your country, and planet.


  5. lol Myles, they’re like moths to a flame.


  6. The comically longwinded buffoon who calls himself “Emmanuel Goldstein” is the deranged Judy Wood’s zany lawyer Jerry Leaphart.

    He really, really doesn’t like to be reminded that his goddess falsified her weather data when she pretended that all three NYC-area airports reported thunder and rain on 9/11. The source listed on Judy’s chart is the National Climatic Data Center. A quick visit to that site will show that the data given in her book was for September TENTH.

    Well, although Hurricane Erin never got within 470 miles of the city, Judy figured out a way to blow smoke at that inconvenient fact: she published a graph purporting to show some sort of lunacy, but deliberately provided no UNITS for the distances involved.


    • Dr Judy Wood is clearly the one they’re all afraid of. I’ve read her book, and I’d describe the contents as being approx. 90% indisputable evidence. The other 10% is allocated to providing scientific explanations in respect of the indisputable evidence. Only a fool or a liar can claim that the towers ‘collapsed’ based upon the evidence.


      • About Judy’s “indisputable evidence”–the ACTUAL EVIDENCE of 1.6 MILLION TONS of rubble and debris on the ground disputes her very successfully.


      • “1.6 million tonnes of rubble and debris”…photographed being dwarfed by a ground level parked ambulance and the WTC first floor walkway towering high over it L☺L!


  7. is this myles power and relation to that rabid disinfo and 7/7 fraud peter power..the guy that blames muslims for 7/7 when he knows it was mi5 and mossad that did it


  8. Andy Johnson // March 19, 2015 at 7:56 am // Reply

    I have a CARAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY explaination for 9/11….you ready? yeah?



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